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US Tech


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US Tech

  1. 1. 2016 Plan
  2. 2.  Circulation and web traffic data  Audience Breakdown  Editorial Calendar  Pricing for full pages and spreads  E-Blast Pricing  Pricing for educational and sponsored events – ie: Webinars, Advertorials, Published Interviews, Sponsored Content, Continuing Education Sponsorship  Description of Lead Generation Capability
  3. 3. Who Reads U.S. Tech? Primary Areas of Interest Demographics
  4. 4. • 2015 Average Page Views/Month: 155695 • 2015 Average Unique Visitors/Month: • 127086
  5. 5. Full Tab Page (9.5” x 13.25”) Mill-Max The above are per time rates. We know this wouldn’t be considered value added to you for this situation, but regularly offer frequency discounts off of these numbers with one or two free insertions. We will give you color for free also!
  6. 6. Bleed Tab Spread (22” wide x 14.5” deep) (Prepare to 23” wide x 15.5” deep The double truck or full spread is going to be 10% off of each per time rate on the previous slide multiplied by two. For example a 1x Spread would $6985.80.
  7. 7. This is a new product with US Tech. Scoop Communications is a three person team of interviewers of those who are in the electronics manufacturing industry. They are industry veterans when it comes to interviewing. They would be setting up the Webinar. Our job would be helping with the promotions for the day of the actual webinar. Scoop Communications would help get this set up.
  8. 8. E-Blast Example This includes: 350 words with two hi-res images and two links and a link to the landing page. A logo header is above the regular header (see below). You can forget about the “E-Blast from US Tech” part. A subject line would need to be provided as well.
  9. 9. White Papers White papers are the only written piece that isn’t published in print. There is a place on our website to upload them and upon doing so, you need to notify us so that we can make it go live. The White Paper must be a PDF Format and cannot be larger than 2MB. When someone downloads your whitepaper, both US Tech and yourself would receive an email notification showing the name of the person, company, and e-mail address. This is all free.
  10. 10. In addition to publishing articles, press releases and white papers, we like to retweet and repost links to articles and press releases on our Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn pages. Our tradeshow interview media partner, Scoop Communications records interviews, posts them on their YouTube page and many of those interviews we repost on our YouTube Page. All of this is free. Save. Share. Connect.
  11. 11. More Value-Added Points – • We have a mobile site, a downloadable pdf version of the digital edition a digital flip book and we send an extra 40000 copies to trade shows throughout the year. • All content is archived and searchable on our website. All content is duplicated in our page-turning digital edition and downloadable pdf version. • We are accessible and treat all of our advertisers fairly and with the courtesy and respect they deserve. We make sure that customer service is second to none. • We are very generous with offering editorial space for publishing.
  12. 12. • Anytime we publish an article, press release or ad, we send you courtesy letter letting you know what page it is on before you even open up the issue. • If they advertise in an issue where they are also exhibiting at a trade show we will be attending during that issue, we include at the bottom of the ad the show and booth number. • After about two business weeks of running an e-blast, we are able to receive from the number of emails that received it after opt-out, the number of recipients that actually opened it and the number of recipients that clicked on the link(s) in the e- blast. We e-mail this to our clients. • Our website is completely free and doesn’t require any registering to view content. Print subscription is free as well.
  13. 13. Lead Generation Capability – is going to be strengthened by your print ads call to action, your ability to have a landing page for viewers of your e-blast to go to capture their information and your ability to write consistently with press releases and educationally/informationally with your well written technical articles. ROI will happen in time as we are the beginning of the sales funnel and help get the conversation started. Our efforts to help push the paper in print to our subscribers and at trade shows as well as online through social media and our website, mobile-site, downloadable pdf and digital flipbook are all platforms that amplify your message.