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Social Media For business e-book


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This Social Media for Business ebook, will give you the basics around Social Media to help you with you small business.

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Social Media For business e-book

  4. 4. THE INTERNET STORYWhat is social media all about and how did it start?It all started when Tim Berners-Lee invented the World-Wide Web in 1989,while at CERN, in Switzerland. The WWW is NOT the same thing as theInternet; it RIDES on the Internet (the Internet was started after the 2nd WorldWar, the first project was called ARPANET). This was known as Web 1.0 where investors got involved and experiments were put into action.Mosaic web browser launched on April 1993 which was the first browser torun on the Windows Operating system. Microsoft Hotmail launched on July1996 and Googleʼs first office opened in September 1998 in a garage. Weʼve really gone archaic here, and I think itʼs important to share this with you as youʼll be able to put into context, this amazing technology that is here for YOU to take advantage of – mostly for FREE! Keep reading and digesting.."Web 2.0" refers to the second generation of web development and webdesign. It is characterised as facilitating communication, information sharing,user-centred design and collaboration on the World Wide Web. It has led tothe development and evolution of web-based communities, hosted services,and web applications. Examples include social-networking and video-sharingsites like Facebook and Youtube.The term is now closely associated with Tim OReilly because of the OReillyMedia Web 2.0 conference in 2004. Although the term suggests a newversion of the World Wide Web, it does not refer to an update to any technicalspecifications, but rather to cumulative changes in the ways softwaredevelopers and end-users utilise the Web. Thank you WikipediaOne of the most influential socialisation projects to date, Web 2.0 brings localand global together in a relationship of information. People will have moreinteractions but with less control.So now we are at web 2.5 and we have arrived on the final frontier. Serviceslike now take the experience of blogging to the next step. It tries tojoin up the messaging capability of mobile phones with the web, and InstantMessages such as AIM. Add to this, services like, and whatyou arrive at is a 24 hours daily kaleidoscope of events as they happen.Admittedly, most mobile phones are still limited in their messagingcapabilities, so Twitter is a text oriented service for the time being. Howeverpeople do understand the power of linking to events, and live bookmarkingwith services like is a great way forward.ISSUE ONE: 08/09 4
  5. 5. Add to that the capability of RSS, or maybe a follow-up protocol that willenable pushing syndicated live content to browsers (which would be a logicalnext step, I am sure is in the making somewhere), we will arrive at Web 3.0 -Everything, everywhere, live and real time.So as you can see, social media is not really new anymore, but many peoplestill struggle with the subtle things that might help or hurt success within thetop social communities.To put things into perspective, it took 89 years for 150 million homes to haveTV, it took Steve Jobs from Apple 7 years to sell 150 Million Ipods and itʼs onlytaken Facebook 5 years to have 150 million subscribers.The first question business owners often ask: Why should you use socialnetworking?Because the best online marketing techniques are the ones that help youreach your target market.Even though social networking has been around for years, itʼs only over thepast few years that itʼs become a buzz phrase with over 250 million peoplenow on Facebook! Ashton Kutcher has nearly 3 million followers on Twitter –so the power of connection is undeniable! With over 350 social networkingsites available for you to join and connect, the potential target market isforever widening, whilst you search for the next best platform via which tocommunicate.What this means is your target market is jumping in and starting to useFacebook and Twitter etc and since the current global economy is not at itsstrongest, people are more mindful of what they spend their money on.In this ebook you will learn how to build your profile, achieve brandawareness, connect with your target market, build your database andultimately make sales that are measurable in terms of your ROI (return oninvestment) for both for your time and money.• First of all the customer must learn about YOU. If they donʼt know your business exists how can they buy?• Next your task is to convince them - by providing enough information - to subscribe to your newsletter or by offering them a free report in return for leaving their details with you.• And then you aim to keep them interested and provide an opportunity for them to invest in your product or service.Simple huh? Read on and see just how logical this all is.ISSUE ONE: 08/09 5
  6. 6. YOUR WEBSITESo, are you ready?Letʼs just briefly talk about your website and how you can get your marketingright - from the beginning - by creating a website that has the potential tomaximise your time and efforts, and build your database of target customers.The whole purpose of a business website, if you want to make money, is toconvert visitors into sales.Its advisable to have a Squeeze Page or an Opt-in lightbox to capture thevisitorʼs name and email address - this is called permission marketing - inexchange for a free report or ebook. They are then added to an Auto-Responder, before directing them to your Sales Page. The better the salespage, the higher the conversion rate.If you are selling an affiliate product, then you will often be given a website orsales page link you can point people to, saving you lots of time. Sometimes asimple, targeted one page site is often more effective at making you moneythan a huge, confusing site.A great backend website is and this allows yousell products from your website. Using Paypal, it also offers an affiliateprogram linked to your products so other companies can promote you andyour products and get paid for it. That also works both ways. It allows you tosend Newsletters, Broadcasts, auto-responders to anybody who signs up toyour newsletters and opts in to your free ebook.Why are e-books the perfect information product to sell on the Internet? • 100% profit margin. • No printing costs. • No inventory to store. • Quick and easy to update. • No shipping costs or delays. • Higher perceived value than regular books. • Quick, simple, and inexpensive to produce.If you have not set it up already, Google offer a great analytical Google Analytics is the enterprise-class webanalytics solution that gives you rich insights into your website traffic andmarketing effectiveness.ISSUE ONE: 08/09 6
  7. 7. Here are my top 10 tips to marketing online: 1. Build a website that positions you as an expert or guru in your field (see steps 2 and 3 below). This is the “base of operations” for your online marketing campaign. 2. This website should include a home page, an “About the Company” page, your bio, and a page with brief descriptions of your products and services (each product or service description can link to a longer document on the individual item). 3. You should also have an “Articles Page” where you post articles you have written on your area of specialty, and where visitors can read and download these articles for free. 4. Write a short special report or white paper on your area of expertise, and make this available to people who visit your site. They can download it for free as a PDF, but in exchange, they have to register and give you their email address (and any other information you want to capture). 5. Consider also offering a monthly online newsletter, or “Ezine.” People who visit your site can subscribe free if they register and give you their email address. You may want to give the visitor the option of checking a box that reads: “I give you and other companies you select, permission to send me email about products, services, news, and offers that may be of interest to me.” 6. The more “content” (useful information) on your site, the better. More people will be attracted to your site, and they will spend more time on it. They will also tell others about your site. You can even add a feature that allows your visitors to email your articles to their friends – a good idea since it spreads the word about you and your site. 7. The model is to drive traffic to your site where you get them to sign up for either your free report or free ezine. Once they register, you have their email address and can now market to them via email as often as you like at no extra cost. 8. The bulk of your online leads, sales, and profits will come from repeat email marketing to this “house” elist of prospects. Therefore your goal is to build a large elist of qualified prospects as quickly and inexpensively as you can. 9. There are a number of online marketing options, which can drive traffic to your site. These include: free publicity; email marketing; banner advertising; co-registrations; affiliate marketing; search engine optimization; direct mail; and ezine advertising.ISSUE ONE: 08/09 7
  8. 8. 10. The key to success is to try a lot of different tactics in small and inexpensive tests, throw out the ones that donʼt work, and do more of the ones that are effective.BUILDING YOUR STORYHave a clear message that you want to get across – Be a personality leadbrand like Richard Branson is for Virgin or Anita Roddick for the Body shop.You can do this by keeping your business and personal identities separateand positioning yourself as an expert in your niche area.So where do you start?When you establish a brand that is emotionally stimulating in a positive way,you have a very powerful advantage. Small business branding is not a goodlogo, special font or catchy tag line itʼs the owner.So create a profile for your business by being true to yourself.Here are 7 steps to create your desired profile: 1. Choose a name, image and have strong profile visibility: Developing Brand Recognition 2. Active Participation: Maintaining a Continuous Presence 3. Share information by practising reciprocity: Seek Win-Win Outcomes 4. Effective Communication: Conversations are Important but becareful who you link to 5. Support the Community: Putting the Collective Before yourself and donʼt be too friendly 6. Provide Value Above All: Gaining Trust and Attention and be a good user statistically 7. Be natural and always demonstrate IntegrityAND......To help you with the 1st step.........a little guidance;So what makes a good name? Here are 6 main characteristics: 1. Its easy to remember. 2. Its easy to spell. 3. It requires no explanation. 4. It describes your business category. 5. It describes your benefit. 6. It describes your difference.ISSUE ONE: 08/09 8
  9. 9. Once you have built your profile and you are ready take your first steps,having a strategy before you start your campaign is very important.Social Media Strategy• Set it to build the social media foundation for all other social media efforts, so what tools are going to be used and how are you going to use them?• Set a short and medium term goals for your campaign, so you grow and learn and then analyse and target.• Include specific objectives, strategies, tactics, and metrics i.e. social media for pr/marketing/sales/product development• Integrate into existing marketing efforts for your company• Clear analysis of your target audience• Seeking to solve client/customer pain• Map and plan out your allocation for resources through research• Provide and creating content as instead of looking for immediate results from a community• Focused more on longer term ROI/impact, not just a financial metric but building and strengthening a brandOnce you have the Strategy in place you can now start your campaignSocial Media Campaign • Shorter term: • run your campaign before your product or service is launched • promote products/events/services which usually takes around 1-3 months (can be longer)• Build upon audience research with data collected from the strategy• Build upon the tools being used for the strategy• Promote the campaign through channels identified in the strategy• Looking to drive a specific targeted response? • Increase page views • Increase sales for a new product• Look at shorter term ROI (Return on Investment) and impact • Looking at the financial return and the short term impact • Not looking at the brand as a wholeISSUE ONE: 08/09 9
  10. 10. SOCIAL NETWORKING SITESSo letʼs take a look at just a few of the 100ʼs of networking sites, go throughsome simple set-up procedures and how they these sites can both work forand against has over 43 million members in over 200 countries andterritories around the world and executives from all Fortune 500 companiesare LinkedIn members.LinkedIn is an interconnected network of experienced professionals fromaround the world, representing 170 industries and 200 countries. You canfind, be introduced to, and collaborate with qualified professionals that youneed to work with to accomplish your is a Business Social Network founded in 1998 now withmillions of users of the site each year worldwide.Ecademy enables business people to connect through online networkingusing social media tools, at business networking events and 1-2-1 meetings -a community that advocates, connects and helps one another.Using the tools and resources that Ecademy has developed, a small businesscan quickly and effectively find the right kind of people it needs to grow.Ecademy allows you to search and attract the exact people you would like tomeet 24 hours a day from your office or home.www.Facebook.comBuild your profile based on the true person or persona you want for yourbusiness, for example, if you are displaying photos of you that indicatedrunkenness or a wild character, this may not build confidence in the potentialcustomer. It depends on your service!You can also get yourself a Facebook user name, which will give you aspecial Vanity url (web address) for people find it easier connect with a Group and invite your network to join. Groups help to further promotebrand presence, share news/events with their community and stimulaterelevant discussion all in one spot. A prime example of an organisationleveraging Facebook Groups is Contiki - through their group they sharebrochures, the trip/video of the week, contests, and polls to their 37,000+members. Note that a group is only visible to Facebook subscribers andallows you to send bulk messages.Set up a Fan Page and get all your friends and friends of friends to join.Pages are generally better for long-term relationships with your fans, readersor customers and can grow quicker. Coca Cola now has over 3,500,000 fansISSUE ONE: 08/09 10
  11. 11. and believe it or not this was not set up by Coca cola but by a fan. Wow thepower of Social media just gave Coca Cola their cheapest ever marketingcampaign …FREEFacebook new ads platform teaches you how to advertise on Facebook. Sowhat is the advantage of advertising on Facebook?Your ads are more targeted. For example you can target 30-50 year olds in aparticular city who are engaged. This makes your ads to be more targeted andyou will probably get a better ROI.I have included an in depth how-to guide at Appendix A for your convenience.Here are a few comes in a close second. Mostly because theyre so bigthat they have a lot to offer. The MySpace music and MySpace video sectionsare my favourite MySpace options.Like Facebook, MySpace has a new MyAds service, anyone can launch an adcampaign on News Corps social network for as little as $25.MySpace Music lets you add music to your MySpace profile of artists from allaround the world. Add your own music to this large collection of music and letother people add your music to their MySpace offers a lot of options for a social networking site that doesntget a lot of mention.Like MySpace, Hi5 also has a large database of videos you can add to yourprofile. Add your own videos to the database and show them off on your Hi5profile. If you have your own music you can add that too and share it If you have things you need to get done, but need socialhelp getting it done, then 43 Things just may be what you need. Need to loseweight? Find a date? Learn a language? Create a budget? Anything you needto do, other people need to do too.At 43 Things youll get support from other people just like you who also needto do the same things you need to do. Just sign up to join a group, or createyour own (Microblogging)Create an account, it only takes minutes and itʼs free to join. Simply completea profile, including uploading a picture. Link the newly created account to yourweb page, or instant messenger program, which allows the user to receiveISSUE ONE: 08/09 11
  12. 12. and send messages to and from others. An update that is sent to friends iscalled a “tweet."The concept of Twitter relies on messaging services, it allows the user to sendmessages to a potential target market quickly and easily. Twitter only asksone question, “What are you doing?” As long as an answer is 140 charactersor less, it is possible for thousands of people to see the answer immediately.To give your profile and brand a better presence, here are a few websites thatwill help your profile look and feel more professional, build targeted followersand allow you to connect with your target market.Dell have achieved great financial success making $3 Millions but on the flipside Habitat got it so wrong and instead of talking about furniture, they usedthe Iranian Election as a way to grow followers using #Hastags and wereforced to publicly apologise.Here are some Twitter- focused allows you to add a picture, have a coolbackground, add a more extensive profile including your web allows you to send a direct personal message to anyindividual wanting to follow you allows you to follow your target audience by what they aretalking about and then automatically follows is a great application as it allows you to see yourtwitter account and your Facebook account and who is saying what at thesame time can update both accounts at once instead of you having to write allows you to upload and play videos in your accountThere are over 100 Twitter related companies that offer you anylatics,applications, widgets, plug-ins, multi-manage accounts, fun, mobile phoneupdates. Please contact me if wish to receive them are a few more Microblogging recently launched a micro-blogging platform with addedfunctionality. On top of messaging, users can quickly and easily share links,files, or events with any or all of his/her is a very clean, slick micro-blogging platform. Its focus ison simplicity and elegance. Similar to Pownce, users can share a variety ofthings, including text, photos, quotes, links, chats, or even videos.ISSUE ONE: 08/09 12
  13. 13. is considered by many to be Twitters closest competitor.Most features and functions are similar. It will be interesting to see how thecompany plans to emerge from the shadow of its main rival.Do you know what blogging is? For the best platform, try is a free, open-source publishing platform, which isused by hundreds of thousands of people around the world to create blogs.Traditionally, and most often, WordPress is used as the foundation on whichto build, and publish a blog to display to the world. Some of the most infamousblogs on the planet use WordPress to convey their message, such as TheNew York Times and CNN.It allows you to easily create a complex blog, or web-log, on your site andoffers administrative tools along with sophisticated design features that makeit easy to develop and integrate a personal or professional blog on your site.Members can customize their page with the use of free themes and latestfeatures, making it modern and individual.Having a blog can prove beneficial to your business, as you are consistentlyproviding fresh content for potential customers to find in search engines. Italso demonstrates that your company is passionate about what it does andreassures visitors that real people are backing the business. Publishingthoughts in a blog will not only help to earn a business customers but give it acompetitive edge in your industry of expertise.Have a good reason to blog, is it to build traffic to your website, become anexpert and let the world know, earn money or talk about your niche is a tool created by Daniel Turnerand Marc Lindsay. Based on the age old concept of article marketing but witha new twist, what Article Marketing Automation does is simple: You write anarticle and it submits the articles to blogs. The blogs are in general focused ona topic or niche: say travel or security systems. So your travel article becomesa blog post a on a blog which is all about: travel.A major player in aiding you to publish videos and promote them on othersites like Facebook and Twitter, is YouTube:www.YouTube.comYouTube has had over 5 Billion views and is a video sharing website on whichyou can upload and share videos. Three former PayPal employees createdYouTube in February 2005. In November 2006, YouTube, LLC was bought byGoogle Inc. for $1.65 billion, and is now operated as a subsidiary of Google.ISSUE ONE: 08/09 13
  14. 14. Will It Blend? is a viral marketing campaign consisting of a series ofinfomercials demonstrating the Blendtec line of blenders, especially the TotalBlender. In the show, Tom Dickson, the Blendtec founder, attempts to blendvarious items in order to show off the power of his blender. Dickson startedthis marketing campaign after attempting a blending exercise with a box ofmatches. One of the most famous is an iphone. As of June 21, 2009, theBlendtec series of videos had collected a total of 83,238,033 views (anaverage of 967,884 views per video), so you can image what it has done forhis business.Here are a few statistics and other video sharing * 62 million monthly unique * 48 million monthly unique * 27 million monthly unique * 21 million monthly unique is an online video analytics and distribution companyserving publishers large and small who need independent information aboutvideo performance on the Internet and automated upload to the Webs topvideo sharing sites.This just about covers the top 3 strategies that are working for smallbusinesses, that are in the public domain, and being discussed thousands oftimes everyday. 1. Social Media, 2. Video Marketing 3. BloggingNOW however, there is a new medium that has exploded on the internet overthe last few years; Social Bookmarking.Social bookmarking is a way for Internet users to rank and store websites,blogs, articles, videos and other types of website content. It is also a way forpeople who make money from websites, blogs, and affiliate marketingprograms to increase their visibility and earnings.Social bookmarking sites are particularly popular among people with affiliatemarketing programs because such sites are a free and effective way to getbacklinks and drive traffic to websites and blogs.If you have been thinking about promoting your websites, blogs or affiliatemarketing programs through social bookmarking sites, this guide will help youget started.ISSUE ONE: 08/09 14
  15. 15. How to Use Social Bookmarking SitesFirst off, you need to find a social bookmarking site and register as a user. Ifyou participate in affiliate marketing programs, your best bet is to choose oneof the more popular sites, such as Digg,, Reddit orStumbleUpon. These social bookmarking sites have the most traffic andallow you to submit and bookmark websites and blogs.The next step is to get used to the site. To make the most of socialbookmarking, you need to make sure that there are other users besidesyourself who will be interested in your website content. Different socialbookmarking sites have different types of users. Finding a site that works withyour niche rather than against it is a must.Finally, pay special attention to the blogs, websites, and articles that arebookmarked the most and ranked the highest. This will give you an idea ofwhat people like to see. Knowing your audience is essential, particularly if youare promoting affiliate marketing programs or niche-specific blogs.Here are a few of the top Social Bookmarking sites to use:www.Digg.comDigg is the most popular and notable of the social bookmarking sites.Quantcast estimates that that Digg has about 25 million unique visitors amonth. The audience is predominantly male (65%), between 25-34 years ofage, with a household income between 30k and 100k. Diggʼs demographicshave changed as it has become more popular (mainstream). Not too long agothe Digg profile was male, under 25 who made less than 30k a year. Socialmedia topics that do well on Digg include interesting photos, anything anti-Microsoft and lists (top 10, etc).www.Propeller.comPropeller (formerly Netscape) is comfortably the second biggest socialbookmarking site behind Digg with over 5.8 million monthly uniques, of which3.6 million (62%) are in the U.S. Netscape also attracts a male biasedaudience (54) , that is slightly older (45-54 is biggest age group), and 55% visitors have an household income over $ reports over 4.5 million members and Quantcast classifiesit as a top 5,000 site that has about 1.5 million unique visitors a month fromthe U.S. The audience is male biased (56%) and between the ages of 45-54(22% of visitors). The older demographic also skews the household incomewith 51% of visitors having a household income of over $60k.www.Reddit.comReddit is becoming a very popular social bookmarking site with about 1.2million unique visitors in the U.S., making it slightly larger than ONE: 08/09 15
  16. 16. Reddit attracts a predominantly male (57%) audience that is between theages of 35-44 (25%). With 65% of the audience having a household income ofbetween $30 and $100k, Reddit is a mainstream social networking site. As aresult, political, environmental, business and entertainment news does wellwith this is the oldest social bookmarking site and Quantcast classifies it asa top 5,000 site that gets about 1.1 million unique visitors a month from theU.S. The audience is male (53%) and about 47% of them are over 45. Similarto StumbleUpon, 51% of visitors having a household income of over $60k.I hope now you have a better understanding about Social Media websites andhow they can be used to enhance your business.Now letʼs put all this information into practise but before we do this, youmust ask yourself; “How ready am I to convert all of this informationinto qualified paying customers?”While Iʼm on the subject of adding value and giving information, one of thetechniques that I will be discussing shortly is to conduct Webinars. Webconferencing is used to conduct live meetings or presentations via theInternet. In a web conference, each participant sits at his or her own computerand is connected to other participants via the internet. This can be either adownloaded application on each of the attendees computers or a web-basedapplication where the attendees may enter a URL (website address) to enterthe and are 2 companies,which offer a quick set-up and are very cost effective. RSS Feed - (most commonly translated as "Really Simple Syndication"but sometimes "Rich Site Summary") is a family of web feed formats used topublish frequently updated works—such as blog entries, news headlines,audio, and video—in a standardised format.This is a great way to gather information for you to share with your targetaudience by finding companies and individualsʼ information that you feel willadd value to your target audience. By clicking on this image on their website,you can decide how you then want to view this information on a daily basis.ISSUE ONE: 08/09 16
  17. 17. THE JOURNEYSo you now have clarity around your profile, youʼve decided upon yourstrategy and campaign. Youʼve signed up to all of the relevant social mediawebsites, after doing your research for your target market (based on yourniche) and so itʼs time to begin.Connecting with the audience.Deliver great content and always be creative by understanding your audienceand by being consistent. Consistency is the key to people wanting to knowmore, so make a decision around when and for how long you are going togive time to each social media website and how many times you send out anewsletter, broadcasts etc even if its once a month …be consistent.Feedback can be a great source of information for you, on both a positive andnegative level. I often test my audience by making mistakes to get interactionand to let them know Iʼm only human. It also helps me to know that what Iʼmdoing is right and to find out how much they are enjoying my content.Webinars are a great source of information for you to learn, and for you toeducate, deliver great content and offer your services or product, and by JV“Joint Venturing” and setting up “Affiliates” with other experts and products inyour field. You can add greater value and gain an excellent source of newfollowers that you can turn into subscribers by obtaining their contact detailsand once these details have been captured, they are then in your salesfunnel.Recording a quick 4 to 5 minute video, and embedding it into your blog, thentalking about it through your chosen social media websites is an excellentmethod of informing people about your webinar and allows your community toshare the link with their community. Donʼt try to be an expert on everything, bea reporter and at the end of the short video, drive them to the place wherethey can see the expert. The “Webinar” can be promoted via an affiliate link.By naming the video the same as your blog, 9 times out of 10 your blog postwill get indexed by Google on the same day.Support your community by sharing their information within your owncommunity and put them before yourself. This way they reciprocate andbecome your voice. This is a great way of gaining trust and loyalty and bygaining their attention, you build their interest, which gets their desire to knowmore, and then you can take action.The aim is to convert your followers to people on your database via opting into free reports or ebooks or signing up to your newsletters.ISSUE ONE: 08/09 17
  18. 18. Make sure you track and measure all of your various methods ofcommunicating and that way if something is not working, you can change it. Ifit is working, simply keep going and celebrate!A big mistake many individuals make is by offering information in largequantities. We are all very busy and the more quality you can add in a shortperiod of time, the more chance you have of people wanting to listen.TEST CASESI would like to share with you 2 test cases, so you get a better understandingof how 2 products using the same techniques to very different audiences, bothachieved great success. Luxury swimwear for D-J cup. Target audience? Well I will leave that up to your imagination. Setting up a profile, fan page and group on Facebook is a great idea, as you can offer special loyalty discount codes for them to purchase from your website. Twitter is OK but a better use of time has been spent connecting with the high end social media sites, like ʻA Small Worldʼ, ʻDecayenneʼ, ʻQubeʼ (by Quintessentially), along with ʻNikki Beachʼ who have their own online community where you can start discussion. ʻKnickers Weeklyʼ also offer this. So as you can see by doing your homework, understanding your target audience you can connect with the right person at the right time to buy. The Fulvic Acid Company provides human, plant and animal health products based around organic ingredients called Fulvic Acid. Setting up a profile, fan page and group on Facebook is a great idea, as you can offer special loyalty discount codes for them to purchase from your website. YouTube has been a great method for Video testimonials and TV appearances for people talking about how taking this product has made a difference to them, their pets, garden what ever it may be. Twitter has been an excellent source of information sharing, community building and ultimately sales globally. Peter Gouge an expert nutritionist and co- founder, blogs and gets into conversations on forums inISSUE ONE: 08/09 18
  19. 19. various communities by adding value and sharing his knowledge. He can also be seen doing talks up and down the country sharing his passion for a chemical free environment. Having a profile on LinkedIn,, BT Tradespace has also been a real benefit.Thank you for purchasing this ebook and I would like to give you 5 last tips tohelp you on your Social Media for Business journeyTop 5 Social Media tips 1. When writing/compiling your tips, ask yourself this question: “Why should I care?” When you ask this question you will find that it will help you come up with tips that are different, of interest and valuable. 2. The best top tips are based on an angle or advice that none of your competitors can come close to matching or knowing, what do you know about your industry or market that they donʼt? 3. Avoid general tips and general titles- ex: Top Five Steps to Create a Business Plan (boring) OR Top Five Ways to Create a Business Plan in 1 Hour or Less! 4. Keep the subject line or the title short and catchy. Ask yourself this question - “Would I read or open this?” 5. Keep your tips down to one page, no more than 2 sentences per tip, the shorter, the better, you can always elaborate for the media and turn it into an article. 6. BONUS TIP- Publish these tips on your blog and link back from your postings on social networking sites to your blog. You never know who will read them! It never fails, every time that I post top five tips, I get a media outlet or blog that wants to pick it up, share or publish.The appendices that now follow are additional tips to promote your profile orbusiness on each of the 3 top social media platforms, on a step by step basis.FacebookTwitterLinkedInISSUE ONE: 08/09 19
  20. 20. APPENDIX ABuild your Profile on Facebook1. Know your audienceToo many people are sharing information with the wrong audiences. Yourmanager doesnʼt want to know if you just went to the bathroom and, althoughyour parents would love to eavesdrop on your relationship with your girlfriendor boyfriend, you might not want to share those details. Since our lives arestarting to converge more and more every day, you need to decide whataudiences you want to connect with on Facebook.Do you want to use Facebook as a communication stream to your family andfriends? Are you looking to network with professionals that could help you geta job? These are questions you need to start asking yourself before you add“friends” to your Facebook profile. If you decide to open it up to the masses,then you need to be mindful of what you share and how that could impactpeopleʼs perception of you. Remember, you can limit what select users cansee on your profile, just by changing your settings, which weʼll discuss morebelow.2. Decide on your branding strategyEveryone should have a Facebook branding strategy and it should be basednot only on the audience youʼre targeting, but your overall life goals.Depending on who you are, where you are in your career, what youʼrepassionate about and an expert in, youʼll want to brand yourself differently.If you havenʼt signed up for Facebook, then you have a great opportunity tostart fresh and to build your Facebook profile to best represent you. If youʼre acurrent Facebook user, then start analysing how your brand is being portrayedand take steps to customise it to reflect your branding strategy.If you donʼt want to build a branding empire, a strategy should still beextremely important to you; youʼre already branded and that brand can helpshape perceptions online to portray you in a positive light and help you securea good reputation. This means choosing what links and media you share inyour news stream to add value to your brand and those youʼre friends with.3. Set your privacy settingsDepending on your Facebook goals, you may set your entire account toprivate or grant certain individuals permission to view sections of your profile.You can also make your entire profile public for the world to see, which couldbe beneficial to you if youʼre looking to become more visible in your industryand will result in your profile ranking high for your name in search.ISSUE ONE: 08/09 20
  21. 21. I recommend turning tagging settings off for both photos and pictures so thatyou can take control of your Facebook wall. You wouldnʼt want your friendstagging you in a picture of you doing something stupid, would you?4. Fill out your profile completelyFacebook is a great platform where you can paint a picture of who you are.When filling out the information fields, be sure to focus on the education andwork section, where you can reconnect with fellow alumni from college, orpast colleagues that might be able to help you get a job.Also, in the contact information field, be sure to list your blog, any websitesyou might own and links to your profiles on other social networks. Since hiringmanagerʼs use Facebookʼs search engine to find candidates, it pays to loadup your profile with keywords that they can search against. Depending onyour Facebook brand strategy, youʼll want to promote more information incertain fields like your contact information and less in other fields.5. Import contacts and grow your networkEach month, you should go through the process of importing your contactsfrom your email accounts and your instant messenger screen name accounts.This will help you continue to grow your Facebook network as youʼre meetingnew people through your other channels. If you have a blog, itʼs also a smartidea to use Facebook Connect. By having Facebook Connect on your blog,you can bring your friends with you and promote your content through socialinteractions that start on your blog and end up on Facebook.6. Update your statusUpdating your status on Facebook allows you to project a single message to alarge audience. Your status is a reflection of who you are and what you do.You can update your status with press mentions, your latest blog entry, a newproject youʼre working on or your interest in a particular job. Based on yourbranding strategy, youʼll want to update your status to either keep peopleinformed about what youʼre up to, push them to your content or both.7. Start a group or a pageFacebook groups have fewer features than Facebook pages, but they are stillimportant. Use a Facebook group to bring people together in your industry,become a valuable contributor to that community and market your blog, yourproduct, or yourself! Facebook groups let you share links, videos, photos, andstart discussions.Facebook pages are for brands, ranging from Coca Cola to Barack Obamaand even you. These pages resemble your Facebook profiles, so only useone if you have a large number of Facebook friends. By having a Facebookpage, your brand can go viral, holding a spot on other peopleʼs profiles. TheISSUE ONE: 08/09 21
  22. 22. other main advantage is that your page will rank high for your name in Google(Google) and you can use it for your professional career, while keeping yourpersonal profile private.8. Join or start an event in your areaOne of the best aspects of Facebook is that you can get involved in yourcommunity by joining or starting an event in your industry. By opening up yourevent to everyone, you can meet new people and discover other people whohave shared interest and can support your career. Events can also becatalogued on your Facebook page.If youʼre looking to start a weekly or monthly event and want to keep acalendar, logging it on a page is a good strategy. By starting an event, youʼrepositioning yourself as a leader and an expert, which is great for your personalbrand.9. Link out to your Facebook profileYou might already have a blog and accounts on other social networks,including Twitter (Twitter), LinkedIn (LinkedIn), FriendFeed (FriendFeed),Technorati, etc. If you do and your Facebook strategy is to promote yourselfand remain public, then placing a link (and possibly a Facebook icon) onthese other sites to your Facebook profile is a great idea.As the chief marketing officer for your personal brand, you want to build yourfriend list, so that you have more people to market to now and in the future.Think of your Facebook profile as a digital asset and grow the equity in thatasset over the rest of your life.10. Feed your social networksSimply RSS your image by using (Ping.Fm), you can update yourstatus on Facebook, as well as many other social networks in an instant,without duplicating your efforts. Also, you can import your blog titles inFacebook using notes or by using an application called Simple RSS.Not only does this make you more productive, but it appears as though youʼrecontributing to your community, without you having to think about it. SinceFacebook is all about sharing, those that share more will be rememberedmore, which is great for personal branding.ISSUE ONE: 08/09 22
  23. 23. APPENDIX BBuild your Profile on Twitter1. Claim your Twitter handlePrime domain names, especially those ending in “.com,” have long beendesirable, hard to find and extremely expensive. By not reserving your domainname, your business or personal brand is at risk and you may never be ableto reclaim it once youʼve lost it. With Twitter continuing its meteoric rise inpopularity, itʼs no surprise that Twitter account names are starting to betreated like domain names.What happens when you donʼt claim your Twitter handle? • Jack Canfield, founder and CEO of Chicken Soup for the Soul Enterprises, had to take a different user name because he didnʼt act quickly enough to secure his full name (he has @J_Canfield, not @JackCanfield).Stop what youʼre doing right now and claim the Twitter handle for your fullname, as well as any products and/or companies that you currently own oryou have plans to create in the future. You canʼt truly own your personal brandif you donʼt even own your Twitter handle.2. Decide how you want to brand yourselfBefore you start actively using Twitter, you need a strategy, and the first stepin developing that strategy is to completely fill out your user profile. One of thegoals of having a Twitter account is to gain followers and few people want tofollow an account that doesnʼt look legitimate (i.e. the profile hasnʼt been filledout and thereʼs no avatar).Take a good look at your other websites and profiles and draft a Twitter bio tomatch the rest of your online branding. This is how people will find you andrecognise you now and in the future, so be honest. Donʼt brand yourself as anexpert unless you already are one. Do brand yourself based on your passionsand skill set.Twitter imageOnce you have everything filled out, you should spend some time focusing onyour Twitter background, which gives you an opportunity to extend your brandimage onto Twitter and create a more cohesive experience for your followers.There are many sites that you can use to help you develop a custombackground, such as Twitpaper (Twitpaper) and Twitterimage.ISSUE ONE: 08/09 23
  24. 24. I recommend creating a Twitter background that resemble the colours, formatand logo from your personal or corporate website. When you create yourbackground, add in additional information that isnʼt covered in your Twitterprofile, such as pointers to more websites, contact information, or informationabout products or services you sell.Three techniques for branding yourself on Twitter: 1. Lead with your company: Pete Cashmore puts his company (Mashable(Mashable)) ahead of himself on Twitter by using @Mashable as the accountname, but uses his personal avatar and bio. This is a smart approach for Petebecause he wants to build his companyʼs brand, while associating his ownname with this successful property. This also gives Mashable a face and apersonality to go with it. 2. Mutual branding: More and more companies are realising that theiremployees are on Twitter and that they can be tapped to help promote theirinitiatives. Some of these Twitter accounts are mutually branded, so that theavatar has the personʼs picture and the corporate logo. Two examples areKodakʼs Jennifer Cisney (@kodakCB) and Allison and Mike fromCareerBuilderʼs PR team (@CareerBuilderPR). 3. 100% personal branding: If youʼre trying to build a strong personal brand,then focus your Twitter handle, avatar and bio information 100% on you,instead of your company.3. Become known as an expert or resourceEssentially, Twitter is a shorter and more viral form of blogging, so the samerules actually still apply, and by constantly writing or tweeting about yourexpertise on a specific topic, youʼll become known for it and people willgravitate to you and follow you. If you already have a blog, and then Irecommend using Twitterfeed, so you can syndicate your posts on Twitterautomatically.Google alert imageFor many people, Twitter has become a filter. Trusted experts are relied uponto send their followers interesting and relevant links. You can subscribe toblogs and keywords using, and then act as an arbiter foryour topic, constantly pushing out the best content. Do you want to becomeknown as a personal finance enthusiast? What about a search enginemarketing consultant? The best thing you can do for your brand on Twitter isto take your current interests and activities and establish a feed on Twitter todeliver that content to your audience again and again.ISSUE ONE: 08/09 24
  25. 25. If you are an expert in your field, then have Q & sessions, where you answerquestions from your followers. The more you tweet about the topic you want tobe known for, the more people will remember you and when they need yourexpertise, they will contact you. Itʼs that simple!4. Establish a Twitter marketing planJust like with any other website or blog, just because you build it, doesnʼtnecessarily mean people will come. You should have a marketing plan inplace to acquire new followers.Elements of Twitter marketing plan: • Email signature: You probably already place your blog or website URLand contact information in your email signature so why not add your Twitterhandle? Itʼs free promotion and every email you send can turn into a newfollower. • Personal/corporate website: If you already have a website for you and/oryour company, then you have a platform on which you can promote yourTwitter address to people who will probably be interested in following you. • Blog homepage + posts: Your blog is a great place to promote yourTwitter account because most people who read blogs know what Twitter is.You should take a two pronged approach. First, put your Twitter addresses inone of your sidebars and second, promote it discretely in posts every once ina while. • Email newsletter: If you have an email newsletter, you can write aboutTwitter and link to your profile or put it at the bottom of your template, so thateach email has a link to your account. • Presentations: Do you do any public speaking? Why not include yourTwitter account on the last slide of your presentation and tell people that theycan follow you on Twitter? • Business Card: Try including your Twitter handle on your business card.Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos, did this with his card. • Article writing / guest blog posting: Whenever you write an article for amagazine, news website or guest post on a blog, try to include your Twitterhandle in your byline. • Networking on Twitter: By using the “@” symbol and either retweeting orcommunicating with other people, youʼll have some of them responding toyou, thus promoting your Twitter account to many of their followers.ISSUE ONE: 08/09 25
  26. 26. • Promotional products: Some people take Twitter promotion to the nextlevel: Ted Murphy, for example, created custom Twitter shirts that have yourTwitter handle.Just like with any social network or blog, the more people who follow you, theeasier it is to grow your already existing community. Retweets and followingother people are two essential ways to get new followers. However, content isking on Twitter, so it is vital to make sure you produce consistent, qualitytweets.5. Utilise third-party applicationsThere are literally thousands of Twitter applications out there, but only a fewthat can really help you build your personal brand. The apps below will helpyou stay in touch with your industry; find people you can network with, saveyou precious time, and push out your content.Note: If you have additional Twitter applications that aid in personal brandbuilding to recommend, please tell us about them in the comment section.Twellow image • Twellow (Twellow): Find people in your industry to follow and connect withusing this Twitter yellow pages guide. You can find more Twitter directorieshere. • Tweetbeep: Keep track of your brand reputation by getting alerts throughemail when your brand is mentioned on Twitter. • Tweetmeme: Put a button on your blog that allows your readers to moreeasily retweet your posts. • Hashdictionary: Keep track of conversations that include hashtags onTwitter. • (Ping.Fm): Save time by sending messages to all of your socialnetworks at once. • Twitter Grader: A site that ranks your influence in the Twitter world basedon an algorithm. You can see where you stand in your town, city, state orcountry, as well. • Tweetlater: Schedule tweets so that they are published automatically inthe future. Itʼs a real time saver.ISSUE ONE: 08/09 26
  27. 27. 6. Form a Twitter “Mastermind Group”As you may suspect, certain groups of people on Twitter constantly promoteand retweet each other. Some of them are in what are called “mastermindgroups” — groups of individuals who are committed to helping each other andsharing knowledge amongst themselves. They are communities of supportivecolleagues who seek to mutually help each other become more successful.On Twitter, by finding people who share your interests, youʼre able to helpeach other out and cross-promote. There are a few Twitter applications thathelp you form these special interest groups.Group applications:Grouptweet image • Grouptweet: This app lets users create groups and broadcast messagesto each other via direct messages sent to the groupʼs Twitter account. • Twitter Groups: This site allows you to tag your followers and place theminto different groups. You can then send messages to those groups withoutneeding to send them to each person individually.ISSUE ONE: 08/09 27
  28. 28. APPENDIX CBuild Your Personal Brand on LinkedInWhether youʼre a job seeker, consultant, entrepreneur or happily employed,LinkedIn can be an incredible asset for your career. You can connect to over43 million professionals in over 200 countries around the world. LinkedIn isnot just a virtual resume that should be tucked away for a rainy day. Instead itacts as a resume, cover letter, references document, database of yourcontacts throughout your life and a place where you can learn, share andinteract in a professional manner. The following four steps, will help you builda powerful brand on LinkedIn so that you attract jobs youʼre passionate about,while fostering a network that can support your career moving forward.1. Brand your profileYour LinkedIn profile needs to be absolutely flawless, since youʼll be judgedharshly by recruiters who are analysing you to see if you fit their corporateneeds. That means no spelling or grammatical errors and it should becompletely filled out, leaving no experience or details out. Think of your profileas an asset and as a portrait of you as a professional who someone wouldwant to possibly hire for a newly available job.How to brand your profileCustom URL: Your LinkedIn URL should appear as“” If it doesnʼt, youʼre missing a vitalopportunity to have your profile rank higher in Google (Google) and to make iteasier for people to find you. To do this, go to your profile and click “edit” andthen next to where it says “public profile,” click “edit” again. At the top, youʼllwant to click “edit” one more time next to “your public profile URL,” and thentype in your full name, without spacing, and click “set address.” If the uniqueURL is taken, then try using a period between your first and last name or useyour middle initial.Headline: Your headline will automatically be displayed as the last job youʼvehad, unless you change it manually. I recommend that you brand yourself forthe job you want, not the one you have! This means that you should reviseyour headline so instead of “Marketing Specialist for Toyota,” it could be“Internet Marketing Expert for Fortune 500 Companies.” This way, youʼrepositioning yourself for a future potential job, while leaving your current jobwithin your LinkedIn profile.Summary: Your summary should include a brief paragraph summarising yourwork experience, especially work experience that is relevant for the job youwant. Feel free to spice this section up with your unique abilities anddifferentiates, such as industry awards and honours. In the secondparagraph, you should define your career aspirations.ISSUE ONE: 08/09 28
  29. 29. Experience: Donʼt just list the past few jobs youʼve had. I recommend that youput every single job youʼve had that is still related to either your currentposition or the job you are searching for. The easiest way to complete thissection is to copy and paste the bullets from your traditional resume.Keywords: You should flood your entire LinkedIn profile with keywordsbecause recruiters and other individuals will be using LinkedIn as a talentsearch engine. By selecting a few keywords that are also found in yourheadline, and sprinkling them throughout your profile, you will rank higher forthose terms when someone conducts a LinkedIn “people search.” If you showup first or second, then you may get the opportunity over everyone else.Wordpress LinkedIn appApplications: If you have a blog, then you should definitely use either the“WordPress (WordPress)” or “Blog Link” (Typepad (TypePad).com)applications. With this integration, youʼre able to show people your thoughts,feelings and emotions on top of a more traditional resume format. List onlyyour past two or three blog posts so you donʼt overwhelm the reader. Anotherapplication that you may want to try is the “Slideshare Presentations”application to showcase how you compile information, your formatting andcreative skills to employers who may glance at it. Finally, the “ Files”application can be leveraged to allow employers to download your portfolio ofwork.Websites: LinkedIn gives you the ability to list up to three website links. Iwould recommend that you select your blog, any web pages you own, yourcompany and possibly your Twitter profile link. Instead of leaving each title(for each link) as “My Website,” you should change them to the actual title ofeach of your links, so that the link can be associated with the URL. This willhelp optimise your profile and drive Google PageRank to your other webproperties.Recommendations: Many people argue if LinkedIn recommendations arelegitimate, especially because they typically come from your trusted networkof friends and colleagues. The truth is that they are very significant becausewhen a recruiter searches for talent, they will view and identify profiles thathave the “thumbs up” graphic next to them. If you donʼt have a “thumbs up”graphic, that means that you havenʼt been recommended and if you do andyouʼve been recommended several times, there will be a number next to it. Iftwo candidates for the same job had the same background and skills, yet onehad twenty recommendations, whom would you choose? Exactly!Recommendations can come from colleagues, teachers, managers and evencelebrities.ISSUE ONE: 08/09 29
  30. 30. 2. Develop your networkNow that you have a compelling and immaculate profile, itʼs time to startdeveloping your network. A LinkedIn network is all about your professionalnetwork graph. That means that your first, second and third degree contactsare visible and can help you with career opportunities. The more first degreecontacts you have, the more second and third you will gain, which is why Irecommend that you accept everyone as a contact. You never know whensomeone can help you!How to develop your networkLinkedIn import contactsImport your contacts: If youʼre brand new to LinkedIn or you want to startbuilding your network, without having to search for people, you should use theimport function. LinkedIn allows you to important contacts from WindowsLive, Hotmail, Gmail (Gmail), Yahoo! and AOL. You can also search throughyour college or workplace and add people youʼve worked with or have gone toschool with.Be open and available: A huge part of LinkedIn is itʼs messaging system andby being available and open to accepting contact requests and continuingconversations, it will help you build relationships.Leave your email address: People cannot add you to their network withoutyour email address, so you should either leave your email address at the endof the summary area or put it in the contact field and label it public.Promote your URL: Take your distinct URL and put it in your email signature,on your traditional resume, on your blog (with an optional icon graphic), yourwebsite, your presentations, and possibly on your business card.Update your status: Donʼt worry, you donʼt have to update “yet another” statusbar with a message. Try using (Ping.Fm) or to push yourstatus to all of your social networks at once. Make sure that your LinkedInstatus message is extremely professional because the audience is morecareer minded people and hiring managers.3. Position yourself as a leaderNow that you have a remarkable profile and youʼve developed a sizeablenetwork, itʼs time for you to become a leader on LinkedIn. This professionalnetwork allows you to do a few key things that will help you gain followers,attention and, possibly, a new job.ISSUE ONE: 08/09 30
  31. 31. How to position yourself as a leaderLinkedIn groups imageStart a group: Groups are extremely powerful assets for your brand. Insteadof starting a group based around your company, if you have one, do it aroundthe topic you want to “own.” Decide whether you want to localise it (GroupName, Boston) or make it international, allowing anyone to join. By starting agroup on LinkedIn, youʼre automatically portraying yourself as a leader. Youshould invite your current contacts to your group, especially after analysingtheir profiles to see if they would be interested. You should also promote thegroup on Facebook, Twitter and your blog to gain an initial base of members.After a few months of delivering news content, helpful articles and seeding itwith discussions, you will see (just like any other community) that it will growbased on member activity. Another important strategy is to syndicate yourblog through LinkedIn; youʼd be surprised how much traffic you can get fromit. I still am!Start an event: LinkedIn events are strictly for professional interests or forconferences. By starting your own networking event, you can easily promoteit to your current LinkedIn audience, as well as your second and third degreecontacts. Itʼs a great way to become a known connector and leader in yourniche.LinkedIn questions imageAsk and answer questions: If someone in your network asks a questionpertaining to an area that you have knowledge in, you should answer it. Byparticipating in these types of discussions, whether youʼre asking oranswering them, you are perceived as a valuable contributor to your networkand someone to go to if people need help.4. Leverage LinkedIn as part of your unified brand strategyWhen it comes to your personal brand, LinkedIn is only one piece of thepuzzle. Youʼll want to supplement LinkedIn with profiles on Facebook andTwitter, in addition to your own blog or website and profiles on industryspecific social networks. Your LinkedIn profile should be consistent with youronline presence, which means you, should be using the same avatar, your fullname and your personal branding statement. As you grow your brand overtime, make sure that your LinkedIn profile is updated with your latest jobinformation and experience. If youʼre looking for a job right now, toss awayyour traditional resume, click on “PDF” on your LinkedIn profile and print it outfor your interview. This, in effect, displays more of who you are in a differentformat than recruiters are used to, so you stand out.Decide how much time you want to invest in LinkedIn, as opposed to yourother online assets. LinkedIn requires less upkeep, but to leverage it to theISSUE ONE: 08/09 31
  32. 32. best of your ability, you will have to put your time in. By building your personalbrand on LinkedIn, youʼll be where people are searching and youʼll haveaccess to those who can help build your brand now and in the future.ACKNOWLEDGEMENTSTo all the Internet guruʼs that have been so kind, to share their expert opinionand to Mashable for being a real time source of information.The content of this e-book has been constructed by using the tools andtechniques of 2 individuals who have learned their formula for successthrough study and experience. We learned our trade through many otherteachers and individuals and we have included some of their work for you toappreciate. They have been duly recognised at each point.Thank you for choosing this document, which we hope, will bring you muchsuccess.WHO ARE THE AUTHORS?Warren Knight, with nearly 2 decades of selling in to over 40 countries andhaving consulted for the likes of Disney and Nickelodeon products sellingglobally, achieving sales of $1 Million in 1 month.I designed this ebook with you in mind to offer you the best opportunity tobeing a success when navigating your way through your business growth withSocial Media. For more information about me, please visitwww.WarrenKnight.comAndrea N Smart, has injected some interesting research into this project,and has brought forth over 10 years of specialist knowledge and experiencein Marketing the companies she has worked for, as well as now, her own.In addition to Marketing, Andrea is an accomplished Writer, Copywriter,Newsletter Editor and Proofreader. The flow has been created by Andrea whohas a particular warmth and style that we hope you have found enjoyable andeasy to read and digest. The typeset and content of this e-book aims to createa worthy and exciting strategy for everyone.ISSUE ONE: 08/09 32
  33. 33. CONTACT DETAILSReach Warren Knight at: Andrea Smart at: andrea@howtogrowglobally.comFurther information on additional business guides is available PRODUCTSFurther information on additional business guides is available to Purchase:• Business Start Up (ebook Guide)• Open to Close - Proven sales strategy (ebook Guide)• Sales - Strategies, Training and Seminars• Mentoring Program (Telephone or Face to Face options available)• Consultancy - A process tailored to your needsISSUE ONE: 08/09 33