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Triune Global provides Leadership Coaching, Consultative Sales, and Soft Skills Training including Outbound learning sessions. Our mission is to Nurture employee aspirations for growth through enhanced skills, Grow employee confidence for superior client servicing, and Strengthen employee commitment for organizational excellence.

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Triune Global, Corporate Presentation

  1. 1. Corporate PresentationTRIUNE GLOBALJune 17, 2012 Corporate Presentation | Triune Global 1
  2. 2. Triune Global Our Mission ➔ Inspiring You, forms the basic fiber of all our learning interventions. This is reflected “Experiential learning (Role- across all role-plays, content Plays) and interactive design, and one-on-one sessions help participants interactions with participants. apply theoretical knowledge to practical situations.” Our Goal is to ➔ Nurture, employee aspirations for growth through improved skills ➔ Grow, employee confidence for superior client servicing ➔ Strengthen, employee commitment for organizational excellenceJune 17, 2012 Corporate Presentation | Triune Global 2
  3. 3. Triune Global Customization for Effectiveness • Training Need Analysis Analysis • Performance Metrics Design • Training Curriculum Framework • Training Manual, On-Job-Training Manual Development • Training Assessments • Train-the-Trainer, Training Sessions Implementation • Assess training Effectiveness • Feedback on Training Curriculum Evaluation • Implement ChangesJune 17, 2012 Corporate Presentation | Triune Global 3
  4. 4. Leadership Series Public Workshops➔ Highly effective leaders guide, assist and coach team members. Successful leaders learn to trust each other & spend time developing people. ➔ Is there any difference between Management & Leadership? ➔ What is the impact of your leadership style on team performance? ➔ Is your team committed to a common goal? ➔ Does your team trust you? ➔ Do you mentor & coach your team?June 17, 2012 Corporate Presentation | Triune Global 4
  5. 5. Consultative Selling Skills➔ How often does your sales team struggle to position Consultative Selling ‘Value’ to your customers? Training Module➔ Does your sales team behave like ‘Salesmen’ or Duration: 2-Days ‘Consultants’? Target AudienceBenefits Sales Managers, Sales➔ Faster Sales Cycle; More Executives, Tele-Sales & professional sales team Customer Service➔ Higher Profits; Position Value➔ Handle objections professionallyJune 17, 2012 Corporate Presentation | Triune Global 5
  6. 6. Soft Skills➔ Job related skills are a must, however ‘Soft Skills’ are Recommended Modules required to execute them ➔ Interpersonal Skills➔ Soft Skills enable employees ➔ Negotiation Skills to be proactive and to ➔ Time Management communicate effectively ➔ Stress Management ➔ Effective Business CommunicationBenefits ➔ Presentation Skills➔ Accountability & Responsibility➔ Self Management➔ Integrity & Honesty Target Audience Managers and Team MembersJune 17, 2012 Corporate Presentation | Triune Global 6
  7. 7. Outdoor Training Combining Fun & Learning!➔ Use outdoor activities to challenge your team’s creative thinking and ability to work together in informal settings.➔ Uncover hidden talents and leadership skills in every individual.➔ Push individuals to the limit and help them discover themselves.June 17, 2012 Corporate Presentation | Triune Global 7
  8. 8. Hardy Alexander Founder & Director | Triune Global Bangalore – 560077 Contact: +91 96864 48698 Email: My Blog: dayscore.wordpress.comTHANK YOU June 17, 2012 Corporate Presentation | Triune Global 8