Godrej Industries - August 2012


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Godrej Industries - August 2012

  2. 2. THE GODREJ GROUP• Evolution from a lock making company in 1897 to a present day conglomerate of 3 bn USD+• GILAC is a group of four major businesses – FMCG, chemicals, real estate and agro products, supported by a strong Corporate Center• Presence in 60+ countries• 11,000+ employees• 500 million people use one or another Godrej product everyday• Strong focus on ‘Good & Green’, the Group wide shared value initiative2 I Godrej I Title of Presentation I Date
  3. 3. THE GODREJ GROUP• Rebranding exercise in 2008 with the objective of positioning the brand as contemporary• Today, at a point in history where Godrej’s amazing past is meeting up with its ambitious future• Godrej is learning and relishing being young again3 I Godrej I Title of Presentation I Date
  4. 4. OUR IMPERATIVES AS A GROUP Our 2020 Vision has 4 Imperatives HR Imperatives • Provide strong leadership and global talent from within GodrejGrow 10 times in the next 10 years • Cost efficiency • Integrate acquisitionsBe the most trusted and innovative Indian Have an authentic and edgy employer brandbrandFoster an inspiring place to work Build the culture around our capability factorsCreate shared value through ‘Godrej Goodand Green’
  5. 5. MAKING THE TRANSITION HAPPEN• Focused on three key words: simple, authentic and edgy• Key initiatives undertaken: • Introduction of the HR philosophy and Godrej Capability Factors (GCF) • Aligning HR processes to GCF • Hiring for culture fit and values • Leadership Development • Competitive Remuneration • Employee Engagement • Upgrade technology5 I Godrej I Title of Presentation I Date
  6. 6. ARTICULATING THE HR PHILOSOPHYThe bar rises as you move to higher rolesExcellence is the only optionYou are responsible for your own development and that of your teamNever hoard talent; rotate people toughPromotions are based on performance and potential, never on tenure or for retentionTeams must be diverse and whole brained in make up and thought What is sacrosanct: our values and always treating people with respect Coach, guide and provide honest feedback love Talent will get focused attention and support for career development Rewards in line with performance and contribution to the business Space, opportunities and resources to develop6 I Godrej I Title of Presentation I Date
  7. 7. INTRODUCTION OF THE GCF• Set of key capabilities that will help in building a brighter and future- ready Godrej• 3 pillars that define leadership capabilities at Godrej • Leading Self: being self aware and self driven • Leading Others: collaborating with and developing people • Leading Business: acting strategically to deliver results• Defines the critical capabilities and expected behaviors for each level in the organization and plays a key role in people processes• Used to hire and identify talent, review performance, provide feedback and structure development efforts for growth7 I Godrej I Title of Presentation I Date
  8. 8. PILLAR CAPABILITY FACTORS DESIRABLE BEHAVIORS Drive Initiative Ownership Tenacity Humility Leading Hunger to Learn and Improve Growth Mindset Self Committed to change Maturity Emotional and Social Awareness Self Awareness InfluenceThe 3 Pillars Creates a high performance team Leading Team Adaptivehave 10 MotivatorGodrej Nurtures talent Leading Developing Others FeedbackCapability Others MentoringFactors, Godrej First Fostering Collaboration Collaborateswith Builds bridgesdesirable Insightful Customer Centricity Innovatesbehaviors Delightsattributed to Envision Acting Strategically Frames issuesthem Action orientation Leading Business Commercial acumen Delivering Results Execution excellence Agility Role model Institution Building Knowledge sharing 8 I Godrej I Title of Presentation I Date Shapes culture
  9. 9. HIRING FOR CULTURE FIT AND VALUES• Introduction of the GCF in the selection process• Multi-level engagement during the selection process• Bright Start and Bright Week – to drive a common introduction to the Group9 I Godrej I Title of Presentation I Date
  10. 10. STRENGTHENING OUR LEADERSHIPPIPELINE BY BUILDING OUR EMPLOYER BRAND• Focus on hiring Management Trainees through the summer route – 90% of new joinees this year did their summers with us last year, 50 interns in the Gurukul batch for next year, as compared to 27 in 2011• The application process was very creative, with the option to write in with a movie clip, song, advertisement, poem or even a comic strip. The selection process used simulated games instead of standard group discussions.• Godrej LOUD is a platform for students to live our their unfulfilled personal dreams. Godrej will sponsor the dreams and also make offers into the summer programme.10 I Godrej I Title of Presentation I Date
  11. 11. !11 I Godrej I Title of Presentation I Date !
  12. 12. LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENTEmployees are mapped on the ‘9 Box Performance – Potential Model’ Reassign or Rescope Top Talent• Evaluate if in right role • Structured career conversations• Identify development priority • Stretch projects/ assignments• Support with direction and guidance on • Coaching improving performance • Job Rotation• Identify corrective actions in the role • Premium Training environment, if required Watch list Core Contributors• Time bound performance improvement plan • Structured development planning• Frequent reviews to monitor performance • Supervisor mentoring• Improve or disengage • Cross functional projects/ assignments12 I Godrej I Title of Presentation I Date • Training for skill and GCF development
  13. 13. DEVELOPING TALENT• Leadership Series – Top 100 employees participate in this world class programme, led by Bharat Anand (Harvard Business School) and Hitendra Wadhwa (Columbia Business School)• Godrej Fellows Programme – Brings together ten of the brightest young people, under the age of 30, to work on change oriented projects across the Group13 I Godrej I Title of Presentation I Date
  14. 14. COMPETITIVE REMUNERATION• Aim to be in the 75th percentile for employees meeting expected performance levels• Differentiated remuneration through an EVA based bonus scheme• Scheme has an individual and collective component• Payouts without cap14 I Godrej I Title of Presentation I Date
  15. 15. EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT• In tune – soliciting frequent feedback• Brighter Banks to drive Values• Policy changes • Sick Leave is now trust-based • Fexi-time, work from home and part time work options • Maternity benefits strengthened • Introduction of Paternity and Adoption benefits15 I Godrej I Title of Presentation I Date
  16. 16. LEVERAGING TECHNOLOGY• Integrated technology base• Globally scalable• Intuitive and simple to use• Outsource non value adding activities16 I Godrej I Title of Presentation I Date
  17. 17. QUICK WINS FROM THESE INITIATIVES• Successfully integrated 8 acquisitions in the last 2 years• Growth of 30% in FY12, ahead of the targeted 2020 growth rate of 26%• Spike in engagement scores• Turnaround of businesses e.g. Godrej Agrovet• Attracting brighter talent17 I Godrej I Title of Presentation I Date
  18. 18. KEY LEARNING• Create a common language• Take constant feedback and adapt – evaluate portfolio of HR toolkit constantly• Make things simple to use• Drive through line management and walk the talk• Culture shift takes long – we need to persevere• HR fraternity should build expertise – act as a coach and not the water-boy18 I Godrej I Title of Presentation I Date
  19. 19. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME AND CONSIDERATION19 I Godrej I Title of Presentation I Date