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Rcbks bulletin vol 19 no 4

  1. 1. Vol 19 Number 4 SELAMAT PAGI 31 July 2010 Rotary Information Eligibility Criteria Author’s Comments To be eligible, the following conditions In my view, this is a significant honour What is the Four Avenues of must be met: for any Rotarian as the requirements Service Citation? are quite demanding to fulfill. From • The nominee must have what I recall, in the history of RCBKS, Why The Need For The Citation consistently demonstrated we have not seen any Rotarian support of the Object of Rotary conferred this Citation yet; probably The strength of the Rotary ideal is through participation in service nobody has examined this matter founded on the service carried out by activities in each of the four closely, as to whether it can apply to club members worldwide. Hence this Avenues of Service: Club, members in the Club. citation programme provides a means Vocational, Community, and for Rotary clubs to personally International. I agree that the motivation to do good recognize a member of the club for and bring benefit the needy is not for outstanding efforts in all the four • An individual may only receive this earning recognition. Notwithstanding Avenues of Service. The citation award once. that, I see no harm in motivating and commends the service carried out by encouraging our deserving Rotarians an individual Rotarian in the club, • The nominee must be an active with the due recognition he/she has thereby reinforcing the importance Rotarian in good standing. earned in our fulfilling our motto of which Rotary places on the personal Service Above Self to the community. involvement of each club member in • The following Rotarians who are not Rotary service activities. eligible: As a mature and stable Rotary Club - current club presidents with multiple achievements to show, Submission Process - current, incoming, and imme- where it warrants, I wish to encourage diate past district governors future leaders to be on the lookout to Nomination for an eligible Rotarian is - current, incoming, and past RI give due personal recognition to submitted by the club president to directors members who are eligible. Rotary International, with an information copy to the district • Only one nominee is eligible per Contributed by: Frances Governor. club per Rotary year. Member's Contribution TRIP TO DUSUN IN KUALA KUBU BARU wait for what we came for. Glad to say By Teng Yoong we were not disappointed at all as we were treated to various high-yield Folks! It is the Durians season now, species of durians that were seeded and our taste buds are all keyed up from the range of 101, D23, D24 and for the King of fruits, come what may. the likes. We all had our fill until we Hence, it was right on cue when we could not eat anymore, and had received James Cheong’s invitation whatever balance left over to take for eat-as-much-as-you-want-durian- home as well – an average taking of for-free at his Dusun in KKB on two durians for each of us. 25.07.2010, and believe me, no right mind persons amongst us minutes trip to the said 10-acres After the durian feast, we took a walk Malaysians would want to miss the Dusun which was nestled in the around the dusun with the intention of good offer. vicinity of Kuala Kubu town. When we collecting more durians, if any. Except arrived, we had to park our cars along for some of us, we came away empty Twelve of us (James, James’ friend the narrow outer road before crossing handed in affirmation with what was Mun, CY, Frances, Fang Keong, the hanging bridge (that reminded me pointed out earlier by the keeper that Siew Hwa and hubby, Angie, Susan, of the canopy bridge in Mulu Caves) the harvest in the said dusun was Cecelia, my son-Ching Hwa and me) towards the keeper’s hut. We were lesser this year than before. in a convoy of four cars made the 45 happy to see the keeper and could not .... continue on next page
  2. 2. ATTENDANCE Member's Contribution Visiting Rotarians: The 2010 National Interact Quiz Martin & Jenni Wilke RC HillarysWA 25th July 2010, a beautiful Sunday where most of our sunrisers were busy Guests: tasting the king of fruit that “tastes like heaven and smells like hell”, Sunny Elke Wollschon, guest of Elsie and myself were busy chaperoning the Interactors and gaining knowledge. Julia Lai, guest of Kong Rahman Bakran, guest of Kong The Quiz was organized by RC Bandar Sunway and co - sponsored by Richard Hoi, volunteer mentor Sunway University College who hosted the event. RCBKS sponsored 2 Richard John, guest of club teams from the Interact Club SMK Sri Hartamas. The Quizmaster was PP Interactor Sarah, SMK Sri Hartamas Movin Miranda who conducted the entire quiz very professionally. All were general knowledge based questions. Attendance: 67% Fines: $300.00 During the Preliminary Round, 30 questions were asked and each team had (Fines today was donated to Interact to write their answers on a sheet of paper. Rotarians and Teacher Advisors Club, SMK Sri Hartamas towards their were also encouraged to participate. After a mind-boggling hour, the fundraising project for the National participants submitted their answers and this was followed by refreshments. Cancer Soceity) Out of 60 teams, 16 teams received certificates, and the top 6 teams qualified for the Finals. Unfortunately our Interactors did not qualify for the Announcements Finals. The RCBKS’ team comprising of Sunny, my daughter Shiva Ruppeni, my husband and I won 2nd place in the Rotarians/Teacher Advisors Category. We are proudly announcing that we scored 28 rights out of 30 questions. We - There will be a Group 7 Intercity lost 2 marks by cancelling out two right answers. meeting on 18 August'10. More details next meeting. In the Finals, there were 5 written questions, followed by 50 verbal questions. SMK Seafield came out top and received Sunway University Scholarship - The Interact club, SMK Sri Hartamas worth RM72,000 for the three participants and a Challenge Trophy. will be having their Installation/IU Day next Saturday 31 July'10. Although our Interactors did not win, we certainly gained a lot of knowledge. Our interactors were given a certificate and they were proud of their - Members are encouraged to attend participation and planning for a come back next year. the TRF Seminar on 1 August'10 . Reaching home with great knowledge, we enjoyed the great taste of DURIAN - Graham reported on the Membership that you great Sunrisers delivered. SO THOUGHTFUL .....by Ghaurry Development seminar held last week in Penang. SPONSOR A STUDENT - Visit to James' durian orchard, all to CONTROL SHEET OF PLEDGES @ 27 JULY 2010 meet at Bukit Kiara Club at 12pm. Amount Contact LAST WEEK’S SPEAKER Name of Sponsor Pledged (RM) Rotarian Ms Freda Liu works at BFM, the only Sponsor Team 1 Alvin Tan 500 business radio station in Malaysia. Angie Ng 500 She’s also been in the corporate Sunny Khoo 500 scene with IBM. Previously, she was Frances Po 500 with TV2 as an English newsreading. She has also gotten herself certified 2,000 as as coach with International Coaching Federation, focusing on Sponsor Team 2 Ng Ann Ann 500 communication. S. Nagalingam 500 James Cheong 500 Dr Sanjay Doshi 500 2,000 President Sponsor Chia Tong Saik 2,000 Poay Lim Sponsors for 3 Mr & Mrs Yeoh Keng President students Joon & Ms Yeoh 6,000 Poay Lim Ms Lindy Ong & Ms President Sponsor Faeza Sirajuddin 2,000 Poay Lim Total Pledged 14,000
  3. 3. Today's Programme NEXT CHANGE Business meeting 7 August (Sat) 7.30am Speaker: Jolene Tan Topic: One Solution to All Pollution CLUB News 14 August(Sat) 7.30am Speaker: James Brooks The 100% Club Topic; Unique Activity One of the requirements in Rotary is Attendance. Some diehard Rotarians I have met in my journey have proudly informed me that they have been able CALENDER of EVENTS to keep their attendance records clean at 100% year on year. How does one achieve 100% on a sustained basis? Interact Club Installation/IU Day Date: 31 July 2010 From my past observation, it is not a difficult task if you put your mind to it. Venue: KDU, Bandar Utama Apart from attending the weekly club meetings, you can also count attendance through the following participation: 2nd Board Meeting Date: 5 August 2010 · Club organized Projects such as fellowships, outings for Community Service, visits to the Interact Club, visiting sister clubs, taking part in Math Marathon @ HELP University vocational visits etc Date: 10 August 2010 · Board Meetings or sanctioned Committee meetings Group 7 Intercity Meeting Date: 18 August 2010 @ 7.30pm · REF Working Committee meetings Venue: Sunway Lagoon Hotel · Participating in a District event such as the Rotary Foundation Seminar, Membership Development Seminar, District Conference or 2nd Mentor Support Group Meeting District Assembly are also valid. Date: 21 August 2010 If you missed any of the above, you can try to do a make-up at the regular District Governor's Official Visit meetings of any of the numerous Rotary clubs around the Klang Valley. We Date: 28 August 2010 are fortunate as there are som many to pick from, on any of the weekdays. Some of our RCBKS Rotarians have even gone to the extent of doing an e- DISTRICT EVENTS make up (ask Sunny and Poay Lim). The Rotary Foundation Seminar I am proud to present to you the 100% for the Rotary Year 2009-2010 Date: 1 August 2010 Venue: De Villa Residence, Ampang - Rtn Angie Ng - PP Sunny Khoo Public Relations Workshop - PP Dr Kong VS - PP Dr Yee Yoke Leong Date: 14 August 2010 - PP Karen Chong - President Tan Poay Lim Duty Roster Yours in Rotary IPP Frances (another 100%) 31 July (International Service) Sargeant-at-arms Frankie Member's Contribution Desk Duty Ee Lay Introducer - ..... continue Thank Speaker - We took time for some group photos, Fines Kong and before long, we said our good- byes to the keeper, and proceeded 7 August (New Generation) home. Sargeant-at-arms Ghaurry It was an enjoyable outing, and more Desk Duty Sunny so for me as it brought back reminis- Introducer Susan cence of my (together with my Thank Speaker Graham siblings and cousins) happy visits to Fines Susanne my father’s orchard in Balakong during my younger days. My father’s orchard has long been sold. Visit our Blog @ I would like to say a big THANK YOU to James for his generosity and http:// rotaryclubbks. kindness of heart for the durians. blogspot.com
  4. 4. Around the Board of Directors 2010/11 Rotary World President Tan Poay Lim Cafeteria provides brain food 77277127(O) in Peru President Elect In Peru, many elementary schools don’t Steve Robinson serve lunch. Instead, children go home +66818336310 (BK) to eat in the middle of the day. But children whose families live in poverty Immediate Past President often return to school hungry. Frances Po 21731618(O) The Rotary Club of Independencia- Huaraz, Peru, built this comedor, or Vice President cafeteria, to serve those children, most Alvin Tan of whom eat their only full meal of the day here. A Group Study Exchange 77275822(O) team from District 5960 (parts of Minnesota and Wisconsin, USA) was in Huaraz for the grand opening of the cafeteria, and team member Sarah Honorary Secretary Hale, an art teacher from Northfield, Minn., caught this student in a quiet Ghaurry moment during the celebration. Most people in Huaraz, in the Cordillera 23003757(O) Blanca range of the Andes, are members of the indigenous Quechua group. Honorary Treasurer 31 Days the team spent in Peru “Through the Foundation, PP Sunny Khoo we can take on challenges 22849089(O) that no one else has the 9 Hours by bus from Lima to Huaraz ability or the inclination or Club Administration the organizational resources PP Karen Chong 10,011 Altitute, in feet, of the city of Huaraz to tackle. Because we share 012-2893380 our resources, and our skills, in a way that no one Service Projects 33 Rotary clubs the team visited else does — with love, PP Graham Bennett with kindness, and with 012-2918619 3,085 Rotarians in Peru's 1`46 rotary clubs simple generosity.” The Rotary Foundation — Glenn E. Estess Sr., PP Jeremy Ng Rotary Foundation 012-2186660 Membership Development District 3300 Sister Clubs James Cheong 78803333(O) District Governor K B Lim RC Bugis Junction [D 3310] 03-21630292(O) Saturday, 08:00 am New Generation limakbmy@gmail.com Hotel Inter-Continental Ghaurry 80 Middle Road, Singapore 23003757(O) Assistant Governor Mani Raja 03-79805529(0) 03-79813514(Fax) RC ChiangmaiThinthaingam[D 3360] REF Chairman Thursday, 12.00 noon PP Dr Yee Yoke Leong International Center 22824602(O) Rotary Clubs in Group 7 Chiangmai University, Thailand Bandar Sunway Bernam Valley Bulletin Committee Bukit Kiara Sunrise RC Chungli Chung Shing [D 3500] Thursday, 12.00 noon Kong (Editor) Karen (Production) Danau Desa No 4, Ln 10, Gwo-Ti Street Abdul/Kong (Speakers Programme) Petaling Jaya Chungli, Taiwan