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20120709 weekly bulletin

  1. 1. The Rotary Club of the Hills-Kellyville Mon 09 July 2012 Issue 4. No. 02 Weekly Bulletin Monday, 09 July 2012 Program: Club Plan Presentation Last Meeting: Duty Roster tonight: 02 July 2012 Door PP Keith Stapley Program: Minutes PP Wilf Van Emmerik Rotary Grace PP Ray Campbell Club Plan Presentation Birthdays: 10-Jul Robyn Mackay Apologies: 13-Jul Michael Richardson Alan Jones 18-Jul Kelly Cann Ian Pearce Alan Walker Anniversaries: 9-Jul PP Suresh & Sheila Prasad Bob Low 13-Jul Michael & Cherry Richardson Thomas Cann 14-Jul PP Rod & Toni Tilden Toasts: Loyal PP Graeme Rohan Overseas Club Rtn. Michael Gristci What Am I Up To Now PP Bob Low Rotaractors help paint a flood- damaged school outside of Bangkok, Thailand, as a service project during the 2012 RI Convention 6 May. Rotary Images/Alyce HensonNext Meeting: Monday, 09 July 2012Program Water source at Mayamaya Primary ADOPT A SCHOOL ! State Member for the Hills School. Imagine drinking this? Wasrag is collaborating with Africare,WHAT AM I UP TO NOW In this Issue Procter & Gamble, and H2O for Life to provide clean water, sanitation and hygiene education to 30 schools - 15 in PP Allan Walker Presidents Message Page 2 Tanzania and 15 in Malawi. Summary of Last Meeting Page 2 Total program budget is $837,000. ForDuty Roster International Toast Page 3 each school in the program the budget National Skills Week Page 5 is $27,900:. Polio Plus News Page 6Door Foundation Thought Page 7 PP Wilf Van EmmerikMinutes Rotary Four-Way Test: PP Graeme Rohan Rotary Grace: Is it the TRUTH? Is it FAIR to all concerned? “O Lord our giver of all good Will it build GOODWILL and BETTERRotary Grace We thank You for our daily food, May Rotary friends and Rotary ways, FRIENDSHIPS? PP Bob Low Help us to serve you all our days”. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?
  2. 2. Page 2 PRESIDENTS MESSAGE Hello Everyone, I hope you are all having a good week – at least we have seen some sunshine. It was great to see such good attendance at the Club’s first meeting for 2012 – 2013, last Monday. It was here that the new Club Plan was launched and I hope you all agree that there are some exciting and ambitious plans for the year ahead. The Director’s have put a lot of work into preparing each of their plans and are to be commended on the effort and creativity that has gone into their work. I am certain that you will be righ t behind the Board, because we all know that this is what will make the Club really successful. It can never be about the efforts of just a few. On Monday night our guest speaker is Dominic Perrottet who was elected as the State Member for Castle Hill in March 2011 and is currently the Chair of the NSW Legislative Assembly Legal Affairs Committee. He is also Joint -Chair of the Sri Lankan Ministerial Consultative Committee. Dominic maintains a close relationship with the various community organisations in the Hills District. He is the founder and co -ordinator of the Hills St Vincent De Paul Young Adults Program, Patron to Community Foundation of North Western Sydney, Patron of the Castle Hill RSL Club, member of the Glenhaven Lions Club and serves on The Hills Australia Day Committee. We look forward to hearing from Dominic. Warm regards, President Bobby Redman Summary of Last Meeting – PP Gordon Scoble PRESIDENT 1. Thanks to Penny for her service as President last year. 2. Thanks to those who helped to make the Changeover as successful as it was. 3. Four members will be attending the official opening of the new Castle Hill Bunnings warehouse. 4. Volunteers are still needed to take the family visiting Sydney as part of the ROMAC program out for trips. 5. The Interaction Disability Dinner and Show night is on 20 July. Members welcome to attend. 6. A Victory Ball to raise funds for Prostate Cancer research will be held in Victoria Barracks on 21 September. Rotarian of the Year 2011 – 2012 President Penny Presented Secretary Wild Van Emmerik with the Rotarian of the Year Award as Wilf was unable to attend our Changeover Night on 23rd June. The Rotary Club of the Hills-Kellyville meets Monday Night at the Castle Hill Tavern 6.15pm for 6.45pm start. Postal address: P O Box 6502, Baulkham Hills Business Centre 2153
  3. 3. Page 3 Interaction Disability’s Umbrella Project Treasurer Keith Stapley advised that the Board had approved a donation of $1,000 to this cause and asked for expressions of interest in attending the Dinner and Show (featuring the stars and band of The Major Oak Theatre Restaurant) fundraiser to be held at Blacktown Worker’s Club on 20th July at 6.30 pm. We have one table of 6 available @ $70 p.p. Club Plan The remainder of the meeting was given over to our Club Plan for 2012 – 13, copies of which were distributed to all present. Weekly Toast - Overseas Club T his we ek we wo u l d l i k e to t o as t t h e P an am a C i t y B e ac h R ot ar y – Dis tr ic t 69 4 0. W e c ong ra tu l at e th em n am ed to p c l ub in d is tr ic t . T he Ro ta r y Cl u b of T o ot i ng was c h ar te d i n 19 3 0. Panama City Beach Rotary Wins Club Of The Year! Ro tar y R o tar y D is tr ic t 69 4 0 c o ns is t in g of 5 1 c l ubs in N or th F lo ri d a he l d i ts a nn u al D is tr ic t Co nf er e nc e t h e we ek e nd of A pr i l 2 7 - 28- 2 9 at t he Ed g e wat er Be ac h Res ort in P an am a C i t y B eac h. G u es t s p e ak er s inc l u d ed A lis o n T h om ps o n, au t hor a n d d is as t er v o l un te er i n N e w Yo rk Ci t y o n 9/ 1 1/ 0 1, t he T s un am i i n Sr i L a nk a, 2 00 4 a n d E art h qu ak e i n H a it i, 20 1 0 as we l l as Ram es h F err is , a 32 year ol d Po l i o S ur v i vor , a ut h or a nd at h le te … bo t h pro v i d i ng u n i qu e an d i ns p ira t io n a l s tor i es of t h e ir l if e, work , a nd ef f orts to m ak e t he wor l d a b et t er p lac e! Ma n y of th e vis i t in g R ot ar ia ns a n d In t ern at i o na l Ex c h a ng e S t ud e nt s a ls o p art ic i pa te d i n a M irac l e L ea g u e B as e b a ll G am e wh er e R am es h F err is wa lk ed o ut t o th e p i tc h er ’s m ou n d to thr o w t h e 1s t pi tc h of t he gam e… a m ov i n g e x per i e nc e an d i ns pi ra t i on t o us a l l! In t h e an n ua l a wa r ds c er em o ni es , T h e P an a m a Ci t y B e ac h R ot ar y Cl u b was a war de d s e ver a l pr es t i g io us a w ar ds inc l u d in g B es t Cl ub D is p la y, t he Pres i d en t ia l C i ta t io n, t h e Ro tar y I n ter n at i on a l P r es id e nts C h an g em ak er A war d , D i s tr ic t G o v ern or J e a nn i e Q u a v e ’s K in g O f T he J un g le A war d, an d t he hi g hes t a war d of d is t inc t io n , T he C l u b O f T h e Ye a r! ! Cl u b pr es id e nt , Da v e J oh ns on , s a i d he c ou l dn ’ t h a ve b e en m ore p rou d of o ur ac c om p l is hm en ts a nd ne w a dd i t io ns t his ye a r i nc l ud i n g our M ir ac l e L e ag u e V et er ans G am e a n d W ild Ho g J og 5k Ru n f or P o li o Er ad ic at i o n. W e ha v e d o ne s o m an y gr e at t h in gs th is ye ar … we s ho u ld a ll be pr o u d! Dis tr ic t G o ver n or , J ea nn i e Q u a v e, a m em ber of th e P a nam a C it y B eac h C l ub c o u l dn ’ t agr e e m or e bu t a dd e d her r egr e t s f or m is s i n g m uc h of t h e f u n as s h e s p en t m uc h of h er ye ar t ra v e l in g f r om c lu b to c lu b . It wa s a gr e at c o nf er e nc e an d is q u it e a n ac h i e v em ent f o r our PC B C l u b! The Rotary Club of the Hills-Kellyville meets Monday Night at the Castle Hill Tavern 6.15pm for 6.45pm start. Postal address: P O Box 6502, Baulkham Hills Business Centre 2153
  4. 4. Page 4 PCB Rotary named top club in district July 05, 2012 08:02:59 PM / JESSICA McCARTHY / News Herald Writer @PCNHJessica PANAMA CITY BEACH — The Panama City Beach Rotary Club has been named district club of the year, based on the many service projects it undertakes in the community. Dave Johnson, past president, said earning the award was a group effort. “It’s a compilation of three benchmarks within the Rotary that narrowed it down to two clubs in the district,” Johnson said. “As president, I’m most proud of the Veterans Miracle League Game; that probably gave us an edge as well, based on how incredible and meaningful the event was.” Rotary International is known as the service club aimed at eradicating polio, but there is much more to each local club. The PCB Rotary is also involved in projects such as hosting Grills Gone Wild, supporting the Miracle League and supporting the Backpack Blessings program. Grills Gone Wild, brainchild of PCB Rotary member Alan Graham, raised money for several local charities. During the June 28 meeting, he said there may be an ice cream themed event in the works as another service project. Miracle League involvement includes announcing for games, creating a Miracle League Veterans Game and assisting players through their games. The Backpack Blessings program, started by Joe and Stacy Thomas, is one of the ways the PCB club supports efforts to end hunger of school children in the area and the founders were recognized as the non- Rotarian family of the year. Working to better their community in various ways is part of why the club earned the club of they year award in a district with 51 clubs. During her speech as incoming president of the PCB club, Erica Spivey said Rotary’s scope has evolved. “Rotary has already done much to change the world,” Spivey said. “Polio is nearly gone; we are very close. Thousands of projects serving millions of people around the world have improved so many different aspects of people’s lives, from simply providing clean water or vaccinations to providing money for special scholarships to send the best and the brightest to graduate school in foreign countries.” Spivey started her Rotary service in the Rotaract Club at what is now Gulf Coast State College. “I came to understand what getting things done really looks like, what real fellowship means, and that the Rotary Clubs that are spread throughout the world can accomplish more than any other organization because of this fellowship,” Spivey said. Something else that sets PCB Rotary apart is the way the club approaches service. Rotary Clubs have a four- way test that projects and actions must pass to be part of their service. The test asks “Of the things we think, say or do, is it the truth, is it fair to all concerned, will it build goodwill and better friendships and will it be beneficial to all concerned. The PCB Rotary has added a fifth question to their test: they ask if it is fun. “It means being fun in spirit; although we deal with serious issues, we try to be lighthearted as well,” Johnson said. “We also try to make our meetings fun. We try not to be too straight-laced.” The Rotary Club of the Hills-Kellyville meets Monday Night at the Castle Hill Tavern 6.15pm for 6.45pm start. Postal address: P O Box 6502, Baulkham Hills Business Centre 2153
  5. 5. Page 5 National Skills Week National Skills Week is a new initiative, a collaborative approach dedicated to raising the status of practical and vocational learning, enabling all Australians to gain a greater understanding of the opportunities, their potential and how they contribute to a successful, modern economy. Learning by doing is as important as academic learning- there are many paths to success. In 2011 the International WorldSkills Competition, often referred to as the Skills Olympics takes place in London (October 5th – 8th). Over 50 nations will be competing including Australia who will be sending a team of 30 of Australia’s elite skilled champions (The Skillaroos). The team will train tirelessly for the next 10 months, refining their skills in preparation to compete against other competitors from around the world in their quest for gold at the 41st WorldSkills International Competition in London. The Skillaroos will be representing 27 different skill categories such as Restaurant Service, Fashion Technology, Car Painting and Landscape Gardening etc. The 41st WorldSkills International Competition will be a showcase of the global skills standards displayed by competitors from over 50 countries representing 45 skill areas. The competition is expected to draw crowds of over 150,000 people. The Skillaroos will not only face the pressures of excelling in their skill categories, but also defending Australia’s current 5th place ranking in the world- a great legacy from the preceding Australian Team at the 2009 Competition in Calgary, Canada and an outstanding achievement that demonstrates Australia’s commitment and quality relating to VET outcomes. The concept of National Skills Week is to use the success and focus of the Skills Olympics in London by linking to a National Skills Week in Australia. Recently WorldSkills Australia held a Youth Forum involving past competitors who displayed their commitment and vision to get more youth involved in trades and skills. They represent a formidable and enthusiastic group from every state and territory. They believe in Vocational Education. Its anticipated that these past competitors, could be used to coordinate and implement activities across the country. Activities that would raise the profile of trades and skills. Additionally, past winners of the National Training Awards could also contribute and participate. Importantly, News Limited have agreed to support National Skills Week as the official media partner (News Ltd are sponsors of WorldSkills Australia). This will provide considerable media opportunity and leverage for VET generally. SkillsOne Television would also add programming for the week to be aired via Foxtel & Austar nationally, with promotion and content via Sky News Business Channel. Other countries have a National Skills Week; notably European Commission, E-Skills week across 20 countries, VQ Day (Vocational Qualifications Day) UK, and National Apprenticeship Week in the UK. What being a Rotarian means Being a rotarian is more of a blessing to me, my family and my community. Rotary is good. - rtn. otite kevwe Im proud to be a rotarian.At rotary club of Umungasi,were reaching out to helping d needy by provision of wheel chairs,sinking of borehole,Financing of micro businesses to keeping d youths busy and productive, conduction of free eye check which is upcomg & Rotarians are God choosen ones to show rehabilitation of destitute home and Gods love to the needy ones in society. distribution of exercise books to selected This was clearly shown during the Sinai public schools.More are yet t come in this fire tragedy in Nairobi –Kenya - ATUTI rotary year - Rotn. Uka OKERO The Rotary Club of the Hills-Kellyville meets Monday Night at the Castle Hill Tavern 6.15pm for 6.45pm start. Postal address: P O Box 6502, Baulkham Hills Business Centre 2153
  6. 6. Page 6 Invitation to Attend National Skills Week 2012 Rotary clubs around the globe have many things in common, including a commitment to service. All year long, clubs are taking action to make a difference in their communities. Here’s a roundup of recent club activities worldwide: Australia In a cross between a treasure hunt and The Amazing Race reality competition, teams participating in the Rotary Club of Mill Point’s BHP Billiton Ramble in October set out with maps, clue sheets, and cell phones to figure out challenges at 40 locations across Perth. During the four-hour event, teams earned points by texting their answers to the problems, and some won prizes for their costumes, which included Smurfs, fairies, and cartoon characters. The 4,000 participants raised more than US$20,000 for the club’s projects, Australian Rotary Health, and the Channel 7 Telethon Trust. The Rotary Club of the Hills-Kellyville meets Monday Night at the Castle Hill Tavern 6.15pm for 6.45pm start. Postal address: P O Box 6502, Baulkham Hills Business Centre 2153
  7. 7. Page 7 Rotary Foundation Thought for the Week History of The Rotary Foundation O ur m is si on. ―D o in g G o od in t h e W orld is m ore th a n a m ot to . It is ou r go a l, our m is s i o n, a n d o ur rem in d er. I t ex pr es s es i n t he c le ar es t t er m s h y we ha v e a F o un d at i o n, a n d it c ha l l en g es us t o r e ac h as f ar as we c a n to d o th e m os t go o d p os s i b le wi t h e ver yt h i n g we ha v e. O ur F o un d at i on ex is ts t o s u p por t th e g o o d th at we c a n d o thr o u g h Ro t ar y. I t ex p a n ds o ur r e ac h , i nc r eas es o u r s tre n gt h, a n d m ak es o ur s er v ic e m or e p o wer f ul a n d m ore ef f ec ti v e . B ec a us e of o ur F ou n d at i on we c a n, v er y s im p l y, d o m or e of o ur R o tar y work . ‖ — 2 00 4- 05 R I Pr es id e nt G le n n E . Es tes s Sr. Arch C. Klumph, founder of The Rotary Foundation, Po lio . P as t D is tr ic t G o v er n or J o h n J ac ob Z uc k er G ar d in er s a ys t h at circa 1916 ―t h e ex p er i enc e of g i v i ng p o l io v ac c i n e t o l i tt l e c h il dr e n i n Et h i op i a Courtesy of Rotary was tr a ns f orm at io n a l. T he c h il dr e n‘s f ac es w ere op e n a nd j o yf u l Images ( m os tl y), an d I r e a l i ze d th a t wh i l e th e ir f ut ur es wer e n ot as br ig h t as th e ir f ac es , at le as t po l io wo u ld n o t be par t o f th e ir d a ys to c om e. Ro tar y b r in gs h op e . Ro tar y‘ s work is ne v er d o ne .‖ P ea c e. T hro u gh t h e R ot ar y P e ac e C e nt ers p rog ram , T h e Ro ta r y F o un d at i on an d R o t ar ia n s c an inc r e as e th e ir ef f e c ti v e nes s in pr om ot i n g gr e at er t ol er a nc e a n d c o o per at i o n am on g pe o p les , l ea d i ng t o wo r l d un d er s t a nd i n g a nd pe ac e. Arc h b is ho p Em er it us a nd N o be l P eac e Pr i ze l a ur e a te Des m on d T ut u has s ai d: ― R ot ar y P e ac e F e ll o ws b e l ie v e , an d I be l i e ve , i t is p os s ib l e t o h a ve a wor l d wi t ho u t war. I t is p os s ib l e t o ha v e a wor l d wi t ho ut hu n ge r. ‖ G iv ing to th e F ound a t ion . ― Som e th i nk t ha t t h er e is c om pe t it i on i n Ro t ar y be t we e n s up p ort i n g l oc a l pr oj e c ts an d g i v i ng t o T h e Ro tar y F o un d at i on . In f ac t, t he m ore we em phas i ze wh a t R ot ar y d o e s f or p e o pl e t hro ug h T he R ot ar y F ou n d at i on , t he m ore i t i nc re as es o ur o ve r a l l s p ir i t of g i vi n g. W hen a c l ub em phas i ze s g i v i ng t o T he R ot ar y Fo un d at i on , m os t of t e n th e c l u b wi l l d is c o v e r i nc r e as es in g i v i n g t o l oc a l s c h o l ars h i p f ou nd at i o ns , c o nt r i b ut i ons t o l oc a l c om m uni t y s er v ic e, a n d gr ea t er par t ic ip a ti o n i n l oc a l ha n ds - on pr oj ec ts b ec aus e a c lu b t ha t g ets i nt o t he h a b it of g i v in g wi l l g i v e m ore t o a l l c aus es .‖ — R o tar i a n Ro n n K er r TRF / Wasrag Announce PEP Pilot Program: In March The Rotary Foundation Trustees approved a one year pilot of the Project Enhancement Process (PEP) to begin on 1 July 2012. The purpose of PEP is to strategically utilize Rotarys volunteer and staff resources (utilizing Wasrags Start with Water program) to sharpen Rotarys focus, enhance the technical quality of projects, support sound project design, make effective grants, and measure impact in the areas of focus. The pilot will concentrate on achieving these objectives within the water and sanitation area of focus. Ten pilot future vision districts have been selected. The Rotary Club of the Hills-Kellyville meets Monday Night at the Castle Hill Tavern 6.15pm for 6.45pm start. Postal address: P O Box 6502, Baulkham Hills Business Centre 2153
  8. 8. Page 8 Club Members Name Classification Dan Murphy Roster Ray Campbell PP,PHF Education - Secondary Thomas Cann PHF Landscape Supplies Col Davis Accounting Taxation - Russ Henry Evans Grech PP,PHF PP Finance Legal Practice Saturday 14 July 12 Michael Griscti PHF Lighting Technician PP Graeme Rohan Penny Hill PP, PHF Customer Service Manager PP Jim Sifonios Alan Jones PP,PHF Marketing Consultancy Bob Robert Low Mackey PHF PP,PHF Electrical Distribution Construction Services Saturday 21 July 12 PP Greg Rieper Ian Pearce PP,PHF Industrial Consultancy PP Wilf Van Emmerik Bruce Pike Nursery Retail Suresh Prasad PP Sugar Research Haran Ramachandran PP,PHF Computer Support WHAT AM I UP TO NOW Bobby Redman Psychology Michael Richardson Honorary Member July Greg Rieper PP,PHF Consultancy 23rd Alex Traill Graeme Rohan PP,PHF Petroleum Distribution 30th Alan Jones Gordon Scoble PP,PHF Education Primary Jim Sifonios PP,PHF Product Development Keith Stapley PP,PHF Photogrammetry Rod Tilden PP,PHF Window Furnishing Sales Many aspects of human sexuality are puzzling Alex Traill PP,PHF Building & Maintenance Take celibacy for example. Wilf Van Emmerik PP,PHF Specialised Transport Allan Walker PP Funeral Direction This can be a choice in life, or a condition imposed by environmental factors. Glenn Willcox PP Project Estimating P – President PP - Past President PHF - Paul Harris Fellow While attending a Marriage Encounter Weekend, Tony and Julie listened to the instructor declare, It is essential that husbands and wives know the things that are important to each other. He addressed the men. Can you each name and describe yourClub Calendar wifes favourite flower? Tony leaned over, touched Julies arm gently and whispered, White Wings Self-raising, isnt it luv? Thus began Tonys life of celibacy. Note: Apologies must be in to PP Graeme Rohan by 12pm on Mondays so numbers can be confirmed for dinner. The Capitol of Puerto Rico shines with an End Polio Now message, part of an integrated public relations campaign that included billboards, radio, and media interviews. Photo by Manolo Diaz The Rotary Club of the Hills-Kellyville meets Monday Night at the Castle Hill Tavern 6.15pm for 6.45pm start. Postal address: P O Box 6502, Baulkham Hills Business Centre 2153