Innovation Manager Certification Basic


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An Innovation workshop, facilitated by Langdon Morris.
Shanghai April 19,20
For Innvoation Managers.

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Innovation Manager Certification Basic

  2. 2. Innovation Manager Certification Basic The Innovation Master Plan Intercontinental Hotel, Shanghai Pudong INTRODUCTION Innovation Manager Certification-Basic Workshop To succeed at innovation you must know how to … • How to integrate company strategy with the innovation targets … • How to create and manage all four types of innovation … • How to use all nine steps of the innovation process … • How to design and manage a balanced innovation portfolio … and • How to nurture the innovation culture throughout your organization. This dynamic and interactive workshop covers all these critical innovation topics in complete detail. Workshop participants will master the all-important success factors for Innovation Managers. You Will Learn Award of Certificate Innovation Master Plan; Certificates will be awarded by China Institute for Innovation and Innovation and Strategy; Antai College of Economics and Management, Shanghai Jiao Business Model Innovation; Tong University to participants who complete the following: The Innovation Process; • Complete the Innovation Manager Certification - Basic The Innovation Portfolio; Workshop Innovation Culture; • Read a selection of articles and books from the CII list Innovation Action Plan. • Write a 3 page article about innovation in your own organization. • Prepare a systematic innovation action plan used in your work. • Pass an examination. Training Methodology 1. This workshop is highly interactive, with many working discussions and activities. 2. All participants use a 300 page workbook, which include more than 45 interactive worksheets and 5 important white papers. 3. Packed with important case studies. 4. Participants will engage in evaluation of their own company’s journey towards permanent innovation culture. 5. The workshop leader will guide each participant to create detailed action plans. 6. The meeting room is arranged using round tables for high quality discussion and interaction among the participants. 7. Examples are provided based on the experiences of dozens of companies around the world. 8. All participants will receive a signed copy of Langdon's latest book, Permanent Innovation. Who Should Attend: Anyone who wishes to further their career in innovation, and There was a marked improvement in our staff performance learn directly from one the world’s leading innovation thinkers is after the workshop. In 2006, about 10% of the ideas that our welcome to attend! staff generated got past Gate 1 of our assessment model. In 2008, after the workshop, about 90% get past Gate 1. That's •Business Unit Managers a huge improvement, and the value to the organization is •General Managers significant. We’ve also changed the language and concepts •R&D Managers we use, how we work, our time allocations, and perhaps most •Innovation Managers importantly the attitude about innovation is completely different •Strategic Planners now. •Human Resources •Organization Development Dr. Daniel Auriel, Bayer Shanghai •Business Development •Marketing Tel:400-628-8980 Fax:86-21-55663190
  3. 3. Innovation Manager Certification Basic The Innovation Master Plan Intercontinental Hotel, Shanghai Pudong TRAINER: Langdon Morris Langdon Morris is recognized globally as an expert on innovation. He is a co-founder and senior partner of InnovationLabs LLC, one of the worlds leading innovation consultancies. He is also a co-founder of China Institute for Innovation. Langdon and his colleagues work around the world to help companies, non-profit organizations, and governments to improve their innovation methods and enhance their innovation results. He helps its clients through services such as: Innovation Audits, to help companies assess their innovation capabilities and target high leverage improvements; Innovation Workshops on a wide range of topics for very effective staff development, and, High Performance Collaboration to solve complex problems. Langdon is author or co-author of 4 notable business books, including 4th Generation R&D: Managing Knowledge, Technology, and Innovation, considered a classic in the R&D management field, and Permanent Innovation, recognized as one of the most important innovation titles of the last decade. He is now working on his next book, The Innovation Master Plan, which will be published in Q4 2010. Langdon is also Senior Practice Scholar, Ackoff Center at the University of Pennsylvania; Senior Fellow, Economic Opportunities Program, Aspen Institute; a member of the Innovation Advisory Board of CFED in Washington D.C.; and a member of the Scientific Committee of Business Digest, Paris. Many white papers and articles authored by Langdon and his colleagues can be downloaded at their web site, where you will also find their highly-regarded innovation blog. www. Feedback: Langdon has recently led very successful innovation workshops The workshop was one of the most successful for these organizations: workshops I have ever seen in my long history of conducting and participating in workshops. The Alcatel-Lucent Qingdao; Alcatel Shanghai Bell; Bayer Shanghai; management was outstanding and generated a BNP Paribas; Boeing; CFED; China Steel; DuPont; Endesa; wonderful creative energy that built an extraordinary Gemalto; General Electric Shanghai; GlobalSpec; Johnson & momentum. Johnson; L’Oréal; NASA; NCB; SAP; Saudi Aramco; Tata Group; Total Oil. Lynn Harper, Lead Scientist, Astrobiology, NASA Tel:400-628-8980 Fax:86-21-55663190
  4. 4. Innovation Manager Certification Basic The Innovation Master Plan Intercontinental Hotel, Shanghai Pudong AGENDA DAY 1 Each workshop module consists of powerpoint presentations, interactive discussions, and participant worksheets. Approximately 1/2 of the time is spent in interactive team activities with high interaction, dialog, and personal conclusions and action planning for participants. The workshop leader engages in detailed Q&A discussion throughout the workshop to assure thateach participant has ample opportunities to raise all their questions, and the implications for the participants are fully understood. Day 1 Morning Session 9:00 – 12:00 1. The Innovation Master Plan Framework Objective of Module: Provide an overview of the innovation process. Discussion of strengths and weaknesses of the existing innovation process for each participant’s company, and targeting the key areas for improvement. Topics to be Trained: The Innovation Master Plan Framework, including why/strategy, how/ innovation funnel process, what/innovation portfolios, who/innovation culture, and where/ infrastructure of innovation Interactive Activities: Self assessment in teams concerning each of the five major elements of the framework. 2. Innovation & Strategy – The linkage between innovation and strategy Objective of Module: Explain the linkage between innovation & strategy using case study examples of IBM and Google; Topics to be Trained: Role of strategy in defining innovation process and portfolio; four types of innovation, how companies reinvent themselves and achieve higher performance through innovation; Case Study: IBM, Google Interactive Activities: Exponential change, s-curve, IBM and Google case study insights, competitive challenges; Day 1 Afternoon Session 13:00 – 17:00 3. Business Model Innovation – How to develop innovative business models Objective of Module: Provide many examples of how companies use business model innovation for success, and how to apply this thinking to innovate in its markets Topics to be Trained: Role of business model innovation Case Study: Microsoft Lock-in vs. Open Source: Microsoft vs Linux/Mozilla Xerox– How Xerox struggled to develop new technology and new business models. Interactive Activities: Value matrix model, Business Model Analysis, case studies insights. Thanks so much for having supporting us so well 4. Key Learnings and Action Planning in that journey ! Objective of Module: Participants close the day by assessing It was both a success, and a learning experience for me in particular on collective innovation and discussing their key learnings from the day, and they work processes! on their personal and organizational action plans. Interactive Activities: Innovation Priorities, Innovation Project Thierry Bonetto Design Group training & development director, Danone Tel:400-628-8980 Fax:86-21-55663190
  5. 5. Innovation Manager Certification Basic The Innovation Master Plan Intercontinental Hotel, Shanghai Pudong AGENDA DAY 2 Day 2 Morning Session 9:00 – 12:00 5. The Innovation Process – The 9 steps in the innovation funnel Objective of Module: Make sure that everyone understands the innovation funnel concept and each of the 9 steps. Topics to be Trained: innovation funnel, strategy, portfolio, metrics, research, ideation, insight, targeting, innovation development, market development, sales Case Study: Apple Computer Interactive Activities: Innovation process assessment, innovation process improvements 6. The Innovation Portfolio – Managing innovation risk by adopting the portfolio model. Objective of Module: Provide an overview of innovation portfolios Topics to be Trained: Innovation portfolios, risk and reward, investment portfolios Interactive Activities: Strategic innovation portfolio Day 2 Afternoon Session 13:00 – 17:00 7. The Innovation Culture – How to create the innovation culture Innovation Leaders – The unique roles and responsibilities of innovation leaders. Innovation Champions – How to empower effective innovation champions. Innovation’s Creative Geniuses – How creative geniuses find & develop ideas Objective of Module: Provide a detailed understanding of the innovation culture model; Topics to be Trained: Roles of innovation leaders, innovation champions, innovation & creativity, innovation geniuses, tacit knowledge research, needfinding, new innovation opportunities Case Study: NASA, Southwest Airlines The workshop was very positive experience for us. We learned a lot about our own organization Interactive Activities: Innovation obstacles and enablers, tacit and how we need to evolve to be more innovative. knowledge observation, case study insights. We’ve already implemented many changes in our approach as a result of our workshop, including changing how we exchange information, the way 8. Key Learnings and Action Planning we interact, our resource allocation strategies, Objective of Module: Participants close the workshop by and we’re working to engage a much broader community of people in the innovation process. assessing and discussing their key learnings from the day, and they complete their personal and organizational action Dr. Sicco Popma, Johnson & Johnson plans. Interactive Activities: Innovation Priorities, Innovation Project Design Tel:400-628-8980 Fax:86-21-55663190
  6. 6. Innovation Manager Certification Basic The Innovation Master Plan Intercontinental Hotel, Shanghai Pudong ABOUT US InnoEnterprise China is leading in systematic innovation rating and consulting services. We realize our ideals by helping enterprises and organizations establishing innovation systems.Our success is built on our customers’ successes. Innovation is the key that unlocks your true potential for success. As a leading professional knowledge-based company, we are special for: An exceptionally high caliber of expertise; Outstanding innovation experiences, tangible process and practical tools applied to thousands of projects, services, products and business systems; Thinking globally, acting locally; Aggressiveness in achieving more values for our customers. I think very highly of the work of you and your team, and consider it one of the best group facilitation processes in which I've ever been involved. David Gibbs, Director, Milwaukee Foundation Recent Clients: Alcatel Shanghai, ASP, Bayer, Li-Ning Sports, Cadbury, C-Bons, Changhong, Conexant, DSM, Emerson Climate, EPCOS, GE, Gemalto, Grammer Automotive, Haier, Huntsman, Intel Shanghai, Invista, Johnson & Johnson, Kohler, Kone, Kraft, Lenovo, Nokia, Packetfront, Pan Asia Technical, Philips, Perfect, PRTM, Putzmeister, Roechling Automostive, Saint-Gobain, Schneider Electric, Shanghai Ericcson, Tencent, Verigy, etc. Upcoming Events: Innovation Project Management Workshop Leader: Ray Sheen April 14-16, Shanghai Speed thinking Workshop Leader: Ken Hudson June 21-22, Shanghai Hands-on tool-box for innovation Workshop Leader: Ken Hudson June 24-25, Shanghai Tel:400-628-8980 Fax:86-21-55663190