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Ingosu hq english

  1. 1. ingosu
  2. 2. innovation is teamwork Multicultural and multidisciplinary settings offer new perspectives to lead towards success. innovation is not random State of the art in research combined with proven methods and consulting experience will lead you towards innovation. Discoveries, inventions and improvements can be generated systematically.
  3. 3. your innovation specialists ingosu We offer you our expertise in innovation consulting. You will benefit from our strategic approach in the development of new products, services and processes. Helping you to create a culture of innovation within your organisation and rediscover the fun and fascination of your field are our utmost goals. ingosu 1. We will help you to turn challenges into chances and opportunities to grow your business. 2. Our human-centered innovation process will deliver creative solutions to wicked problems. 3. You will get tangible results instead of boring concept papers and won‘t waste time in meetings. analytical intuitive 4. Your company will benefit from access to our pool of creativity methods and our process knowledge. strategic explorative
  4. 4. As consultants with an academic background, we keep in touch with the scientific community and transfer the latest insights into the field. We believe in constant self-improvement and love to pass our knowledge on. As teachers of the HPI School of Design Thinking, we have been instrumental in the foundation of the first D-School in Europe. Since 2007, we have accompanied over 40 innovation projects in a variety of industries and educated over 100 students.
  5. 5. meet the team ingosu founders Each one of the founders has over ten years of experience in a variety of industries such as: IT and internet, gastronomy, tourism, event management, education and science, media, health, building and construction. Because of our multicultural heritage, we are able to offer our services in English, German, Russian, Korean, Spanish and Turkish. extended team and network Diversity is key in our project teams. Our specialists have formal training in Design Thinking as well as years of experience. In case you require expertise in a field that is not covered by our team, we draw on our network of scientists, engineers, artists, business people and many more fascinating personalities who have touched our Maxim Schnjakin Ahmet Açar Daniel Rother lives over the years. Dipl. Computer Science M.A. Communication Dipl. Ing. Industrial Science Engineering
  6. 6. focus on people Impulses for innovations can be hidden in unexpected places. Whether it is employees, users, suppliers or other stakehol- ders, great ideas are hidden gems, waiting to be uncovered through digging in human needs and values. We start with people because we believe that those who create, deliver and use products and services are the ones with the experience to make them better.
  7. 7. our philosophy ingosu we start with the people Putting the interest of users first always leads to the best solutions. Our goal is to reconcile the desirability of a solution with its technological and organizational feasibility as well as its financial viability. To be able to do this, it is important to us to dive deep into a problem and understand what moves people. desirebility we are biased towards action Taking action leads us faster along the way to great solutions. To see something happen right away, we take that first step on the spot and move forward in a rapid pace. Action leads to feedback and gets results. That’s why we approach problems with a playful feasibility and explorative trial-and-error mindset. viability we deliver tangible results Organizations need tangible deliverables beyond the typical output of consulting. We have seen that analysis reports, strategy papers and other written results simply illustrate the disconnect between clients and consultants. We bridge that divide by creating innovation prototype solutions which already lead towards implementation.
  8. 8. a new take on consulting Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day - teach him to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. Although this proverb is well known, typical consulting firms will simply throw their advice and solutions your way. We open up our work process to get you and your customers involved in a shared experience.
  9. 9. how you can benefit ingosu expertise in innovation ? We offer consulting in the initiation and execution of innovation projects and attend you in the realisation of solutions. Our consulting expertise is not limited to any one field. As experts on the process of innovation, we use a wide network of specialists to complexÊproblems access various technologies, materials and procedures. method knowledge We provide a systematic innovation process accompanying leading you from user and market research to idea generation and solution Ingosu finding. Expand your knowledge and skills with our workshops and seminars on creativity methods and human-centered problem new new solving. Transforming your company culture by adapting Design products services Thinking will increase your innovation potential and grow your business. new businesses
  10. 10. a culture of innovation In your daily business, you‘ll rarely have the time to lean back and reflect on your own company culture. We understand that companies and organizations thrive through activity and that taking time off for introspection is difficult to do. That‘s why we are offering a way to foster a culture of innovation without coming to a standstill.
  11. 11. for companies ingosu We create environments that engage, inspire and support people to connect with their values and realise their potential to make things happen. Helping organizations to take on and solve challenges is at the core of our services. Connecting different stakeholders to each other by creating meaningful interaction enables us achieve solutions with positive impact. consulting services • innovation consulting: product and service development • strategic consulting: internal processes & workflows • research: user needs and trend analysis notice know creativity services • idea generation and visualization • storytelling and idea communication world • service, product and process prototyping training services • knowledge toolkits and methods feel do • workshop design and facilitation • workflow and process training
  12. 12. evolution as your model Ideas may look great on paper and they can really be convincing if presented well. However, whether a concept will really work or not will only show itself in its implementation. That‘s why we are putting them out into the real world and use evolution as a model to test and improve business ideas.
  13. 13. for investors ingosu You are an investor looking for great ideas and excellent teams? We can support you with the selection and business model generation during seed stage and early stage investment. Our prototyping and testing methods can help you to judge the demand of new products and services and evaluate the team dynamics of start ups. You will be foster an innovation culture in the invested companies right from the start. seed lab • business model generation • competitive team evaluation • idea visualization and testing early stage action • user and market research • product and service development • training and facilitation of start-ups innovation environments • building creative workspaces • establishing innovation workflows
  14. 14. gaining insights in the real world We interview customers and extreme users, observe people in their daily lives and discover what motivates and moves them. How people interact with products and services within their social context provides us with information about their physical, psychological, social and cultural needs regarding existing solutions. Using the insights we gain, we create new ideas.
  15. 15. how we work ingosu analysis ? By diving deep into the challenges of our clients, we find new opportunities. Using interviews with experts and users, by including ? external information and recognizing trends, through observation of users, we are able to define the essence of the problem at hand and 1 thus gain insights to hidden needs and wishes. ideation Building on insights and a strong problem definition, we use various creativity and association methods to generate a huge number of ideas for possible solutions. By working with your users and experts as well as our own network, we are able to benefit from a multidisciplinary, 2 multicultural setting that can provide a rich and exciting spectrum of impulses. visualization and testing Ideas are nothing without action. We put our ideas to the test without overthinking them. By turning ideas into tangible experiences, we are able to rapidly test for their desirability. We find out what works and what doesn‘t. Only ideas that make sense to users are then regarded under feasibility and viability viewpoints to be put into implementation. 3
  16. 16. strategic innovation Innovation can be generated reliably with the right systematic approach. Design Thinking has been cultivated during the last twenty years and has proven to be effective. We merge the practices of ethnographers and designers with the analytical thinking of engineers and business people to deal with wicked problems. By overlapping three aspects of a question - desirability, feasibility and viability - we provide the foundation for innovative solutions.
  17. 17. our approach ingosu interviews synthesize ideate test prototype data research ? observe understand empaTHize iterate Design Thinking is the foundation for D-Schools, which are considered the next step in the evolution of business schools. The in Stanford has set a new standard in the education of engineers and MBAs and inspired the establishment of further d-schools around the world. The success of this approach and its importance for organizations has been widely featured in various high-profile business publications. At the very core of design thinking is an open culture of problem solving with a strong focus on people. Users are involved at various points of the process, thus generating solutions that are highly attractive.
  18. 18. reaching innovation Tell us your story and let‘s take the journey to innovation together. In an initial free consultation, we can discuss your problems and goals and introduce you to our approach. You will then receive our offer customized to your needs. To get an introduction into our methods and deliverables, you can also receive a special workshop package.
  19. 19. how to reach us ingosu ingosu Daniel Rother & Açar GbR Krausnickstrasse 22 D - 10117 Berlin +49.157. 71 46 27 92 +49.177. 69 23 778 Would you like to know more? Visit our website for further information about us, our approach and use cases on Design Thinking. If you happen to be in the area, you can drop by for a drink and some engaging conversation. We would love to hear from you.
  20. 20. your innovation specialists