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Rapid disruptive innovation


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Rapid disruptive innovation

  1. 1. We’ll be working through several phases of a disruptive innovation project in fairly short order including: - Problem Definition - Trend Spotting - Scenario Development and Analysis - Disruptive Idea Generation - Idea Evaluation and Selection - Prototyping and Interaction - Idea Presentation August 15 -17 2012 Shanghai China Rapid Disruptive Innovation Course Facilitator “ Clear strategy, management commitment, short timeframes, stretch goals and new Jeffrey Phillips techniques + 8621 6132 9897 and methods – force the team an internationally recognised to work in completely different way than innovation expert, respected author and World renowned they normally do, encouraging more Innovation Blogger disruptive ideas and better results ”
  2. 2. Rapid Disruptive Innovation Workshop Overview 10 Reasons to Attend Understand linkages between innovation, strategyIn many organizations a false dichotomy is taken as and businessinnovation gospel. The choices offered are easy, Use a proven 90 Day BHAG methodology to reduceshort, “safe” incremental innovation or difficult, time innovation risk, uncertainty, investment and projectconsuming, risky disruptive innovation. Although lengthdisruptive innovation has been positioned as a key Establish the strategic framework for a disruptiveto sustained competitive advantage and change the innovation initiative for the best chance of successgame in the marketplace, companies seem to be morewilling to adopt incremental innovation which is safer. Obtain techniques to spot unfolding and emerging market opportunities and trends before competitorsSo why organizations are reluctant to adoptdisruptive innovation? What are the factors that Gain tools that deliver greater insights into unmetmake disruptive innovation seem so difficult and or unarticulated customer needsdangerous? Learn an efficient idea evaluation process that will? First, it is risky and somewhat open ended. become the basis for finding more valuable disruptiveThat means the costs and timeframes can be hard ideas, and prioritizing them more determine. Increase the speed and quality of customer feedback? Second, disruptive innovation is uncertain. It’s to your ideas by learning the best rapid prototypingmuch harder to define the likely outcomes, which techniquesmay lead to an increased chance of “failure”. Move beyond product innovation to market and? Third, there often aren’t clear processes to business model innovationuse or maps to follow for disruptive innovation,so teams are less familiar with the process. Learn numerous disruptive innovation case studies / illustrations from leading businessesHowever our work has shown that the bestoutcomes are generated when conducting projects Over 6 hours of peer-to-peer networkingwith outsized goals (disruption, radical innovation)with appropriate methods, tools, and under tightconstraints, especially time constraints. About Jeffrey PhillipsThe 3 Day Rapide Disruptive Innovation workshop Jeffrey Phillips is a renowned innovation expert whowill provide a proven systematic 90 Day BHAG has helped businesses around the world achieve themethodology to solve the issues preventing the dream—the implementation of innovation as asuccess of disruptive innovation. This methodology consistent business discipline.helps achieve the goal of disruptive innovationin a more controlled framework, and lead to Jeffrey has led a number of innovation projects fordramatically increased profits with less risk. firms such as John Deere, GSK, Hewlett-Packard, Raytheon, AIG, T. Rowe Price,WellPoint ,U.S. BankThis workshop is a combination of lecture about the and Veolia Water. He has also led executive levelapproach and tools, and a hands-on workshop and MBA innovation programs for top universitiesmeant to impart the concepts. The attendees will including Duke University, the University of Texas,benefit by identifying a specific problem to solve or the University of North Carolina, Georgetown University,opportunity to address, and by reading some material Carleton University, the University of Ottawa and thein advance if possible. While there will be benefit University of the Pacific.gained by attending, much more knowledge is imparted He is experienced in all facets of innovation, fromif the participants are actively involved in the exercises trend spotting and scenario planning to ethnographyand have a specific problem or opportunity they wish and idea generation, to innovation processes andto address. The activities in the workshop are meant developing a culture of demonstrate how to repeat a rapid, disruptiveproject in their businesses, and can help accelerate Jeffrey is also the author of best selling books Makeexisting concepts and ideas as well. Us More Innovative and Relentless Innovation. + 8621 6132 9897
  3. 3. Rapid Disruptive Innovation Workshop AGENDA DAY 1: 15th AUGUST 2012 15:15 Idea Generation Facilitation/Techniques • The importance of planning and the LAYING THE FOUNDATION best practice08:30 Registration and Coffee • Improving the facilitation of an Idea generation session09:00 Introductions • Various tools to generate ideas with a09:15 Overview of the Workshop market demand09:30 Innovation Strategy and Definitions 16:45 Exercise • Incremental vs. Disruptive • Examining innovation types 16:15 Idea Evaluation and Selection • Reviewing strategies, methodologies, • Establishing an easy to use consistant processes that support or enable idea evaluation framework innovation • Linking Ideas back to opportunity or problem definition for selection10:30 Exercise - Strategy Definition • Using a simple but robust framework10:45 Coffee Break 16:45 Exercise11:00 Innovation Models 17:15 Problem Statements • Different types of innovation models • Role and structure of an innovation model Homework: Trends/information about the problems • Identifying the appropriate innovation noted models for your organization11:45 Exercise – Model Definitions DAY 2: 16th AUGUST 201212:00 Networking Lunch13:00 Innovation Measures/Metrics ESTABLISHING THE FRAMEWORK • The evolution of innovation metrics • Improving the accountability for innovation 08:30 Registration and Coffee • Key metrics to accelerate innovation 09:00 BHAG Overview - Big Hairy Audacious Goal13:30 Customer Insights Tools • The concept of BHAG • Introduction of various tools • Why Disruptive Innovation is a BHAG • When and how to use Voice of the 09:45 Planning a 90 Day BHAG Customer, Ethnography, Needs Based • Understanding the procedure Investigation, Jobs to be Done and lead   • Establishing the goal and scope users • Defining the measures • Understanding a Customer’s Journey, • Cost, risk and uncertainty and using a journey map to define • Aligning to corporate strategy innovation opportunities 10:30 Coffee Break • Using Strategy Canvas to identify new market 10:45 Problem/Opportunity Definition14:15 Strategy Mapping 11:15 Exercise • Factors driving organizational choice of The teams will work together to use a framework to innovative strategy ensure the problem or opportunity they’ll address is well documented, appropriately scoped and narrowly focused, so that the team can quickly move into15:00 Coffee Break valuable and relevant idea generation. 12:00 Networking Lunch + 8621 6132 9897
  4. 4. Rapid Disruptive Innovation Workshop AGENDA13:00 Trend and Scenario Planning 10:15 Idea Capture and Documentation • Identifying and synthesizing trends • Introducing a standard documentation • Finding information on trends and format for capturing and communicating competitve actions the idea • Developing skills for gaining insights into 10:45 Coffee Break new market, products and services need 11:00 Exercise • Building scenarios 11:30 Rapid, iterative Prototyping13:30 Exercise • Types of PrototypeThe teams will be asked to synthesize the info • How, when and what to prototypeon trends and use it in context of their problem or • How to use feedback from youropportunity. prototyping sessions • Enhancing innovation opportunity14:30 Transforming Insights into Actions through rapid prototype • Identifying emerging opportunities before your competitor 12:00 Networking Lunch • How do we apply insights to 13:00 Exercise accomplish strategic goals The teams can choose any method to prototype15:00 Coffee Break their ideas, from sketches to modeling clay to found objects to skits. The only important aspect here is15:15 Exercise that the prototype brings the idea to life and can beThe teams will take on the role of consumers or readily understood by others, and is constructed ofcustomers to understand the costomers’ need, and simple examine if the stated problems have addressedthe costomer needs? 14:00 Prototype Presentation and Feedback15:45 Revisite the problem statement 15:00 Coffee Break16:00 Exercise 15:15 Developing financial models17:00 Recap/Next step 15:45 Exercise 16:15 Presenting concepts to steering teams 16:30 Exercise DAY 3: 17th AUGUST 2012 17:00 ConclusionTURNING IDEAS INTO ACTIONS08:30 Registration and Coffee09:00 Disruptive Idea Generation Who Should Attend ? • Using existing tools to generate ideas • Improving your team’s ability to This workshop is designed for anyone who generate disruptive and actionable ideas wants to radically improve their innovation • Examples include traditional brainstorming, throughput, who wants to obtain a more brainwriting, guaranteed failure, analogies, consistent and transparent innovation pipeline lateral thinking, TRIZ, SCAMPER ,etc. and who wants to reduce risk and uncertainty in the innovation process as a whole.09:30 Exercisethe team will be encouraged to generate radical Especially for directors and managers of Newor disruptive ideas that achieve the problem Market/Business Development, Productstatement goals and align to trends and scenarios Development, R&D and Innovation who wantpreviously developed. to optimize their understanding and knowledge of successful disruptive innovation + 8621 6132 9897