Location ~ Heaton Park


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Location ~ Heaton Park

  1. 1. Location – Heaton Park By Amanda Davidson - 0554 Centre Number - 33751 These are the photos that Sarah gathered for our group, this was done to allow us to see whether Heaton Park was the correct location for our setting in the music video filming session. Each photo will include a description of where we may use this particular area into our music video and why it is a good photo or what could be done to change it and make it better etc. This will then help when it comes to deciding the location that will best suit our song and lyrics.
  2. 2. These are really good photo’s considering the location that we have decided to look into, they show us a nice colour to the sky as well as a great place for filming situations. The first photo shows a grass area with a little path this could be good to film with as we would be able to capture good lighting as well as a pleasant view. The second photo is the same allowing us to show a long walkway where we could film our characters at a distance as they come into view more clearly. We could use a number of camera shots from using a master shot or a long shot and when they appear closer switch to a close-up and a mid-shot allowing us to view their expressions and body language within the meaning of the song’s lyrics.
  3. 3. The three photos on this page show another area to Heaton Park, they show a really great spot for shooting a video as it has the reflection of the sunlight and trees on the water. I believe as well as my team mates that this could be a perfect spot to shoot some of our video from. The top photos are the same photo but taken at different angles although the first is the correct way round the second one gives it a bit of an edge making it look different and appears to work well with the surrounding areas. The tree being that close makes you look through the tree to see the surrounding areas – this is good making you look beyond the photo itself.
  4. 4. The three photos on this page show another area to Heaton Park, these could definitely be used in the music video. We could have the people stood under or leaning on the building allowing a shot to be produced of them. Also the path would be useful to follow the people up towards the building creating a long shot with the hand-held position. The leaf’s presented across the grass area creates a different texture and feel to the flat land. We would use this during the music video, as a main feature to the music video.
  5. 5. Of these three photos they show exact the same shot but at different depths showing how we could film this particular area in Heaton Park. Our group could use this for two of the shots that could be created for our music video – one could be walking towards the camera at the beginning of the video and walking away from it at the end of the video; we could also reserve the walk making them look as if they are walking backwards and then forwards again, creating a different affect for the music video.
  6. 6. Here, we have five photos that I have chosen to show as they would be perfect for any open space filming me and my team mates may want to do. As you can see from the photos there is a lot of open space available for us to film on, the paths and trees will add hopefully to the lyrics we have from the band and help to gain a perfect picture with both lighting and scene as well as the people being presented in our music video. This is a definite possibility of us using this scenery in the video as it helps to capture the atmosphere and the correct lighting needed for the production of the music video itself.
  7. 7. The first photo on this page shows the building from a distance allowing you to see what it looks like from a far. We can clearly see that this angle and shot makes the building look perfect for shooting as it creates a good feeling and atmosphere with the surroundings. The other two photos that have been taken show the building closer up, adding to its detail. We would definitely consider using this area of Heaton Park to film as it has a beautiful feeling towards it and the distant shot of the building could be used in so many ways within our filming session.
  8. 8. These show the rest of the building, allowing us to see the beautiful features each part has. The three photos at the bottom of the page would be used as they have steps as well as a seating area. We could definitely use this in the video as it would be a good angle to shoot a high or low angle position with the camera on the steps. The lighting here is really good as we can see the sky is a light shade of blue and also could be a really good effect for the video. We could use this in the video as a main stage to the filming as it would definitely cause the correct feeling towards the lyrics we have. Five photos showing the rest of the building – could definitely be used within the music video.
  9. 9. Main Part Of The Building That We Would Consider Using Within Our Music Video.
  10. 10. Another Part Of The Building That We Will Be Considering Using Within Our Music Video.
  11. 11. These photos are all showing the same thing, from the building to seeing the view from the building. This is a very good place to film as the views are really good from both views seen in the photos below. Here, we have six photos that give us a great impression on Heaton Park, this would be a really good scenery to have in our music video. This is because it will go with the lyrics of the song making the song more meaningful and understanding for the listeners’, getting them more involved with the music video itself as they can try to refer too it.
  12. 12. Would definitely think about using these two photos within the music video. The two photos that we have here are perfect for our style of music video we are trying to produce as they both capture the correct lighting and scenery needed for the lyrics and also they look beautiful too. We could use the first photo during any part of the music video as it has a pathway that could be used a number of times. The second photo could be used for a specific part within the lyrics having the people sat on the bench and looking onwards. Maybe having them glance back towards the camera to interact them with the listeners’.
  13. 13. Thank You For Watching! You can now see why we wanted to see if Heaton Park was the right location for us to use as it shows great potential for the music video.