SEO Tricks and Tidbits Using Google+ and Google Webmaster Tools


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Using Google Products to increase SEO. Google Plus and Google Webmasters Tool for search engine optimization and to help your site get ranked quickly.

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SEO Tricks and Tidbits Using Google+ and Google Webmaster Tools

  1. 1. SEO Tricks and Tidbits: Using Google Products! Focusing on Google+ and Google Webmaster Tools By: Tori Dorsey @GlassesNGlitter
  2. 2. Google+ Matters • Most people think Google+ is a Ghost Town, not true! @GlassesNGlitter
  3. 3. Google+ 2nd Largest Social Network @GlassesNGlitter
  4. 4. Looking at the ‘Monsters’ Numbers • Twitter – in 2009 Twitter was 3 years old and highest number of celeb followers was 1 mil. • Google+ - 2 years old = Lady Gaga has 7.5 mil followers. @GlassesNGlitter • Some people believe Google+ will outgrow Facebook by 2016
  5. 5. Google+ For SEO • Google Plus content is indexed quicker by Google. Index = included in search results. • All public shared post can appear in Google search results for anyone. • Google Authorship is tied to content authority. Picture on post = more clicks. • Links from other websites to Google Plus content can PASS PAGE RANK TO THAT LINK!!! @GlassesNGlitter Let me REPEAT myself
  6. 6. Google+ Profile Tips @GlassesNGlitter For maximum SEO benefits
  7. 7. Complete your ‘Story’ @GlassesNGlitter • Links in the introduction of your ‘Story’ are “DoFollow” links. • You can embed your “Dofollow” links with the anchor word of your choice. (Hint Hint, use keyword) • You can have as many keywords or links as you like.
  8. 8. Connect your Social Profiles @GlassesNGlitter • Social Signals are increasing influence SEO and page ranks. • Engagement – let your Google+ followers know where to find you elsewhere in the web. • Adding your link under the “Contributor to” is the 2nd step to setting up Google Authorship.
  9. 9. Piece of Cake @GlassesNGlitter
  10. 10. Google+ sharing tips @GlassesNGlitter For maximum SEO benefits
  11. 11. Right Way to Share Link for SEO @GlassesNGlitter WRONG RIGHT Note: You can still share with the link in the body, for instance on photo post, but make sure you link it once in the correct ‘link’ category.
  12. 12. Always “Post to Public” @GlassesNGlitter Google’s own Mark Traphagen says the #1 Google Plus for SEO tip is to ‘Post to Public’ Why? 1. seen or found by anyone in Google+. 2. indexed by Google Search to be found by the general public. Posts only sent to Your Circles or Extended circles will not be indexed by Google. GOOGLE+ IS GOOGLE
  13. 13. Title Your Post @GlassesNGlitter Title Tags will help you rank in Google Search. I’m currently page 3, number 3 for Google+ for SEO, which is not bad for someone who’s first SEO post was 3 weeks ago!!
  14. 14. Give and Ye Will Receive!! • Google+ actually REWARDS you for liking or sharing other posts. The whole point of “engagement” is hammered home here. @GlassesNGlitter
  15. 15. Google Webmaster Tools @GlassesNGlitter
  16. 16. Understanding GWT • Google Webmaster Tools is a free service that provides a wealth of information directly from Google. • Can help identify/fix errors, keywords, index status, and inbound links. @GlassesNGlitter
  17. 17. Ways I Use GWT • Fetch as Google @GlassesNGlitter • Sends Googlebot to your site. • Submit to index feature, directly tells google to index page.
  18. 18. Ways I Use GWT • Sitemap Index @GlassesNGlitter • Using Sitemap created by Yoast, I add it here to GWT to tell Google how to read my site.
  19. 19. Ways I Use GWT • Spam Notification • Preferred Domain Setup @GlassesNGlitter • If your site gets spammed and is shut down by Google, they will email you and let you know. • You tell Google how to show your site. • vs
  20. 20. Setting up GWT • Sign up for GWT using the email tied to your Google Analytics • Add a site to get started • Verification – click Google Analytics • REPEAT for @GlassesNGlitter
  21. 21. Setting up GWT • Sitelist should include both domains • Set domain preference @GlassesNGlitter
  22. 22. Setting up GWT • Add sitemap. Use the one optimized by Yoast. @GlassesNGlitter
  23. 23. Google Tidbits: Authorship @GlassesNGlitter
  24. 24. What is Google Authorship • Basically a rich snippet. Stands out more in searches. Google “authors” get more clicks @GlassesNGlitter
  25. 25. Use Google+ to Setup Authorship • Verify Email in Google+ • Link from Google+ to your blog @GlassesNGlitter
  26. 26. Use Google+ to Setup Authorship • Link your content to Google+ @GlassesNGlitter Using “?rel=author” at the end of your Google+ profile link
  27. 27. THE END @GlassesNGlitter
  28. 28. Q & A • Tori Dorsey • Simona Marie Young @GlassesNGlitter