Google+ Social Spotlight

Strategist, Speaker, Educator & Author of Get Scrappy; Chief Brand Strategist of Brand Driven Digital
Sep. 27, 2012

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Google+ Social Spotlight

  1. nick westergaard | social spotlight BRAND DRIVEN digital Google+What to Do When the Search Giant Goes Social
  2. not google’s first rodeo …
  3. too big to fail? (at social) Photo via Flickr user Robert Scoble
  4. Google+ social spotlight ‣ By the Numbers ‣ How Brands Engage ‣ Things to Remember
  5. By the Numbers 1
  6. consider their mission To organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful
  7. 100 millionmonthly active users in its first year in the beginning …
  8. 2.2 billionregistered users as its integrated 
 with YouTube & Gmail today Source: Simply Measured
  9. 540 millionactive users Source: Simply Measured but only
  10. 62%of users are b2b marketers Source: Simply Measured
  11. 90%of profiles never posted to the network Source: Simply Measured
  12. 22%of adults that are online, use Google+ 
 at least once per month Source: Simply Measured
  13. accessibility 
 & discovery google+ is FOCUSED ON
  14. -16%google+ activity is down 16% 
 Year on year Source: Simply Measured
  15. still ahead of linkedin in brand awareness
  16. overall usage isn’t horrible
  17. use among 12–24 beats linkedIN
  18. and it’s daniel radcliffe’s favorite social network
  19. How Brands Engage 2
  20. 87%of top brands use google+ Source: Simply Measured
  21. 50%of top brands using google+ actively 
 post each month — down 24% YOY Source: Simply Measured
  22. anatomy of a profile
  23. started out very different …
  24. now very similar to Facebook – who copied who?
  25. circles & Hangouts Circles are more intuitive than facebook, twitter lists; hangouts provide easy collaboration key features
  26. circle segmentation
  27. hangouts = convenient collaboration, research
  28. beacons across the social web Photo via Flickr user cordiaz2000
  29. effectives uses abound Cadbury
 Visual content ESPN
 Conveys emotion Destinology
 Maps, virtual tours Christian Dior
 Exclusive offers
  30. in 2014Google discounted the popular & powerful 
 Google+ authorship feature
  31. google my business profile — this connects you with customers searching on google, Google maps, or google+ google+ Tip:
  32. no adson google+ 
 (but don’t forget about adwords) today
  33. driving searchand collaborating with customers and team best uses for Google+:
  34. Things to Remember 3
  35. google+ required
 a google+ account is now required 
 for commenting on youtube
  36. Google+ measurement ‣ Number of users that have you in a circle ‣ Number of +1s on posts (via Google Analytics) ‣ Total brand mentions ‣ Profile views ‣ Referring links on site
  37. ‣ The Economist ‣ National Geographic ‣ ESPN The Magazine ‣ Time ‣ Discover ‣ Popular Science ‣ Forbes ‣ Elle ‣ Vogue ‣ Glamour Top 10 Brands on Google+ Source: Statista
  38. would you bet against google? Photo via Flickr user brionv
  39. #UIMKTG @nickwestergaard
  40. nick@WESTERGAARD.COM Slides at @NickWestergaard on Twitter, Instagram, and more