▪ Svetislav Paunovic, on behalf of the European Forum for Urban Safety (EFUS)


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"Cities as actors of armed violence prevention and reduction (AVPR)"
Regional Review Conference on the Geneva Declaration on Armed Violence and Development
Geneva, Switzerland | 8-9 July 2014

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  • The aim of this network is to promote the role of local governments in crime prevention policies through the exchange of know-how, ideas and practices among local authorities throughout Europe.
    A common observation: Cities represent citizens better than any other level of government
    Our conviction: a just city is a safer city« Cities helping cities »
  • And our values: Sharing knowledge and best practices; Democratic legitimacy and proximity to citizens; Respect for Human Rights; International perspective
  • Ongoing projects: Security & Tourism – for a safer environment in tourist cities; Methodological tools for the definition of local security policies; Imppulse: Improving police-population understanding; Eemus : European diploma in urban security
  • Manifesto - is a political platform on urban security which brings together all the values and principles that form the foundations of Efus’ and its members’ actions. it also forms a future plan of action for local authorities that can be followed during the years to come.
  • Create a culture of prevention and safe environment for all urban inhabitants, by strengthening the capacity of local authorities, the criminal justice system, the private sector and civil society partners, to address urban safety issues and reduce delinquency and insecurity.
    6 CCTV, 4 prevention of drug abuse, one on general safety and one on reacting in crises situations.
  • rates of criminal offenses related to drug abuse in 2007 – 2008
  • Developed within the project “Citizens, Cities and Video-Surveillance”, with ten partner cities. Charters and codes of conduct are frequently referred to as forms of “soft law” or “informal” regulation, as they do not typically give rise to substantive legal rights or interests. It would be wrong, however, to assume that charters are not important forms of internal regulation. By providing a clear set of values and governing principles, they can play a pivotal role in shaping the organisational culture of CCTV schemes, and provide camera operators and scheme managers with goals that can be used to guide everyday decision-making.
  • ▪ Svetislav Paunovic, on behalf of the European Forum for Urban Safety (EFUS)

    1. 1. European Forumf or Urban Securi t y
    2. 2. 1987 – Meeting of European mayors in Barcelona 250 European local authorities in 16 countries are members of Efus Relations with 25 countries in the EU 6 National Forums (BE-DE-ES-FR-IT-PT) An association of European local & regional authorities Universities Governments and national institutions NGOs & associations International organisations European institutions Private sector
    3. 3. Promote the local level at the national, European and international levels Advocate a balanced view of security: Prevention – Social cohesion - Sanction Strengthen local crime prevention and social cohesion policies Build a Europe of cities and citizens, open to the world Our Goals
    4. 4. Exchange of practices Training Recommendations Technical Assistance What we do
    5. 5. Workshops, conferences and field visits Tools Practice sheets (around 300) Publications resulting from European programmes (around 50 so far) Website 2500 hits/month Monthly newsletter 7500 contacts Political resolutions and Manifestos Manifesto -> A European political platform on urban security, which has a purpose to support and inspire local authorities, and serve as their mouthpiece amongst national, international and European institutions.
    6. 6. Activities in Serbia -- Build capacities of Local Safety Councils in formulation and implementation of Safety Audits and Strategies… … as well as in establishing effective partnership between local stakeholders – Local Safety Councils. 12 Pilot projects implemented with total value of 250.000 USD 12 Safety Councils and one Regional Safety Group established, 6 existing reactivated example of good practice
    7. 7. Pilot Project: Stop Drugs – Čačak Safer Town 12% increase in the number of persons arrested for distrubution of drugs compared to the same period of the previous year 23% increase in the amount of psycho-active substances seized 6% increase in the number of solved criminal cases Example of the achieved results
    8. 8. Charter for democratic use of video surveillance in European cities Example from Serbia •Developed by EFUS •Translated by Safer Cities •Designed by EFUS •Printed by Safer Cities •Officialy adopted by Surdulica and Preševo •Bottom-up approach to drafting of CCTV Law in Serbia •Readiness for EU transition
    9. 9. Thank you for your attention Contact: contact@efus.eu + 33 1 40 64 49 00 www.efus.eu
    10. 10. Thank you for your attention Contact: contact@efus.eu + 33 1 40 64 49 00 www.efus.eu