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The Social&Creative Community featured by TALIA project


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Intervento di Crescenzo Antonio Marino, dirigente sezione Ricerca Innovazione e Capacità Istituzionale Regione Puglia, al Mediterranean Forum of Creativity and Social Innovation, Bari 15-16 ottobre 2019

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The Social&Creative Community featured by TALIA project

  1. 1. The Social&Creative Community featured by TALIA project Crescenzo Antonio Marino, Apulia Region
  2. 2. TALIA horizontal project November 2016 – October 2019 1.499.040 € 6 partners from 5 European countries with the support of
  3. 3. The S&C Community - MPs
  4. 4. The S&C Community - Topics
  5. 5. TALIA project - Objectives Demonstrate that a specifically Mediterranean Model is emerging as a result of the culturally grounded integration of social and creative innovation with the more traditional levers of technologic and industrial advancement. Engagement and support Discovery and Communication Capitalization and impact
  6. 6. TALIA project - Actions Engagement and support • Liaison and interaction with modular projects and their local and transnational networks, with the purpose of community building, as well as helping them to interact with each other and their target audiences Communication • Web spaces for interaction and dissemination among researchers, practitioners, and policy makers • Regular events at the local, national and international levels Attaining impact • Identification of opportunities to extend the most prominent results across the MED space and the EU thematic policy agendas
  7. 7. Tangible results – Semantic framework
  8. 8. Tangible results – Thematic mapping
  9. 9. Tangible results – Learning toolkit
  10. 10. TALIA project - Outcomes Methodological • TALIA Semantic Framework (TSF) • Thematic mapping • E-learning Toolkit Communication • 13 Newsletters • 7 International events • 6 Study visits • 12 Network dissemination events Policies • 12 Policy Briefs • 3 Yearbooks • 3 Project cases collections
  11. 11. TALIA project – Impact level Local and regional Project partners communities National, EU, Global ENoLL, CoR, World Bank, UNESCO, … Regional and national RIS3, National OPs, MED Axis 4 TALIA
  12. 12. Thank you