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COMRADES EU Project Overall Presentation


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OMRADES is creating an open‐source, community resilience platform, designed by communities, for communities, to help them reconnect, respond to, and recover from crisis situations. This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 687847 This material reflects only the authors view and the European Commission is not responsible for any use that may be made of the information it contains

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COMRADES EU Project Overall Presentation

  1. 1. www.comrades-­‐  
  2. 2. Funded  by  the  Horizon  2020  Framework  Programme  of  the  European  Union     7  Richter  Earthquake     CiEzens  hunt  for  informaEon,  to  grasp   what  is  happening,  to  learn  where  to   go,  and  how  to  get  or  offer  help.   •  Phone  network  unstable     •  SMS  works   •  wifi  limited  
  3. 3. Funded  by  the  Horizon  2020  Framework  Programme  of  the  European  Union     Messages  start  spreading  about  an  online  pla1orm   called  COMRADES  set-­‐up  by  Ushahidi  ac?vists,     which  ci?zens  can  send  crisis  reports  to,     online  or  via  anonymous  SMS.    
  4. 4. Funded  by  the  Horizon  2020  Framework  Programme  of  the  European  Union     Dozens  of  responders  flog  to   the  COMRADES  plaPorm  to   help  process,  map,  and   translate  them       Thousand  reports  arrive  per  hour    
  5. 5. Funded  by  the  Horizon  2020  Framework  Programme  of  the  European  Union         COMRADES:   •  quickly  filters  the  ciEzen  reports  as  they  arrive   •  removes  uninformaEve  and  irrelevant  ones     •  points  out  unreliable  sources   •  picks  up,  and  alerts  to,  several  lone  messages   requesEng  urgent  help,  sent  by  people   trapped  under  rubble  or  in  need  of  urgent   medical  help   •  extracts,  groups,  and  monitors  unfolding   emergency  micro-­‐  events.          
  6. 6. Funded  by  the  Horizon  2020  Framework  Programme  of  the  European  Union     Project  ObjecEves   COMRADES  aims  to  empower  communiEes  with  intelligent   socio-­‐technical  soluEons  to  help  them  reconnect,  respond  to,   and  recover  from  crisis  situaEons.     •  Main  objecEves:   –  Extract  the  socio-­‐technical  requirements  for  collecEve  resilience   plaPorms     –  AutomaEcally  idenEfy,  process,  assess,  and  monitor  emergency   events  in  distributed  communi?es  and  social  media  sources     –  Measure  the  informa?veness  and  validity  of  crisis  informaEon     –  Develop  the  intelligent  COMRADES  pla1orm  for  community  resilience     –  Deploy  COMRADES  to  support  real  and  distributed  communi?es   during  live  crises  events    
  7. 7. Funded  by  the  Horizon  2020  Framework  Programme  of  the  European  Union     Work  Diagram  
  8. 8. Funded  by  the  Horizon  2020  Framework  Programme  of  the  European  Union     ConsorEum   Knowledge  Media  insEtute,   The  Open  University,  UK     iHub  Ltd,  Kenya     Universitetet  i  Agder,  Norway     University  of  Sheffield,  UK     Government  to  You,  Belgium    
  9. 9. Funded  by  the  Horizon  2020  Framework  Programme  of  the  European  Union     Contact   Dr  Harith  Alani  (co-­‐ordinator)   Knowledge  Media  insEtute   The  Open  University   hap://     www.comrades-­‐