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Miro guarantees our clients will realize an overall cost savings and/or cost avoidance benefit equal to, or better than our net fees.

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  • What Does Extreme Performance Mean?Provide customers with the products they want, when they want it, where they want it. Grow the business into new global regions.Retail Performance Improvement with Oracle ExadataReduced store replenishment order processing batches to meet daily store delivery schedulesAbility to grow number of stores locations and serve more customersFaster order processing times enable retailers to set more efficient store delivery schedules with suppliers and distribution centers.Reduce invoice matching errors and recover more trade management funds
  • Miro Consulting Oracle Exadata Database Machine Offering

    2. 2. Oracle Exadata Database Machine One architecture for… • Data Warehousing • OLTP • Database Consolidation Exadata is Oracle’s strategic database platform for ALL Oracle Database workloads Copyright © 2011 Oracle Corporation
    3. 3. Complete Family of Database Machines Oracle Exadata X2-2 Oracle Exadata X2-8 2, 4, and 8 (12 core) database nodes 2 (80 core) database nodes - 4 TB DRAM Quarter Half Full, Multi-Rack Full-RackExadata models and configurations span the full range of enterprise Multi-Rack database deployments Copyright © 2011 Oracle Corporation
    4. 4. Exadata Architecture • A complete system: compute, storage, networking • Database Cluster – Intel-based database servers – Oracle Linux or Solaris 11 – Oracle Database 11g – 10 Gig Ethernet (to data center) • Storage Grid – Intel-based storage servers – Up to 504 terabytes raw disk – 5.3 terabytes Flash storage – Exadata Storage Server Software • InfiniBand Network – Internal connectivity ( 40 Gb/sec ) Copyright © 2011 Oracle Corporation
    5. 5. Extreme Data CapacityExadata10x compression EMC VMAX 3x (Oracle) Competitors require compression multiple racks of Netezza TwinFin storage to equal 1 rack 2-4x compression of Exadata storage* Teradata 2650 1.4x compression * Using largest disks and best compression for each vendor Copyright © 2011 Oracle Corporation
    6. 6. Exadata Delivers Extreme Consolidation • Large Memory – Many of Mens’ Wearhouse’s databases can be consolidated • Extreme Performance – OLTP, DW, data mining, batch, reporting, loading, backups, files in the database – Encryption, compression • Workload Management – Manage SLAs via Quality of Service (QoS) – CPU and I/O resource management – Instance caging center costs, increase Shrink data system utilization and promote application integration Copyright © 2011 Oracle Corporation
    7. 7. SQL Query Throughput Query Throughput Gigabytes per Second 50,000 1,500,000 (I/Os per second) IOPS IOPS * Undisclosed by vendor Copyright © 2011 Oracle Corporation
    8. 8. The Exadata Difference Custom Exadata DB Machine Configuration Storage scans & filters Storage just ships data blocks 168 CPU Storage offloads DB* DB-unaware storage cores in storage Flash caches relevant No DB-aware flash data management 40 Gb/sec network 8 – 10 Gb/sec network Pre-built for DB Assembled by workload customer Redundancy built-in Build-your-own HA Compression built-in Compression optionalExadata is not a general-purpose system, It’s a Workload mgmt Database Machine Workload mgmt built-in optional Copyright © 2011 Oracle Corporation * Backups, compression, decryption, data mining
    9. 9. Natural Foods Grocer: OLTP Consolidation Faster Uniform Simplified Data CenterBenefits Applications HA/DR Support Cost Savings Up to 20X“One number for me to call; no more forwarding phone calls and email between vendors when we are digging into an issue.” - DBA Team LeaderBusiness Objectives Pre-Exadata Exadata X2-2 Exadata X2-2 DB Consolidation Dev/Test• Standardize the environment• Provide uniform HA/DR Data Guard• Simplify support model 2011 Data Guard• Ensure future scalability • 14 Legacy Servers • PeopleSoft HRSolution • 3 O/S Versions • Ordering• 2011: Consolidate14 servers • 18 Oracle Databases • Timekeeping onto two Qtr-rack Exadata • 5 Oracle DB Versions • Decision Support X2-2 • 12 Application Teams • Many other applications Copyright © 2011 Oracle Corporation
    10. 10. Softbank Replaces 36 Teradata Racks 3 Exadata racks • Billions of CDRs processed in 7 hours 150% more data capacity (from 25 with Teradata) • Power, cooling, space savings • Maintenance charges slashed • Up to 8x faster 12:1 advantage 36 total racksTwice the operational cost of Exadata Copyright © 2011 Oracle Corporation
    11. 11. Oracle Engineered Systems Portfolio Purpose-Built for Specific Workloads General PurposeExadata Exalogic Exalytics SPARC Supercluster•OLTP/Data Warehouse • Middleware Upgrade • General Purpose Multi-or Mixed Workloads • Business Intelligence Tier Applications • Mainframe • Financial and• x86/Linux Platform Modernization Operational Planning • SPARC/Unix Platform•Data Center Consolidation • Middleware Platform • Data Center Consolidation Standardization•Database Upgrade • Virtualization Copyright © 2011 Oracle Corporation
    12. 12. Oracle Engineered Systems The Best Platforms for Retail Analytics, eCommerce, OLTP and Data Warehousing • Run faster Extreme • Accelerated query response with flash diskPerformance • Fast read/update on compressed data Improved • Accelerated I/O and network 2x to 3x • Integrated compute nodes and storage • Highly efficient data storage Engineered System • Balanced for performanceReduced time to • Simplify IT Management deploy up to • Easily scalable 90% • Integrated security • Single vendor supportTotal Cost of • Reduce costs Ownership • Fewer pieces to buy, deploy and maintain Reduced up to • Significantly less disk to store data 50% • Less software to buy and support • Less datacenter resources Copyright © 2011 Oracle Corporation
    13. 13. What Does Extreme Performance Mean for? Ability to handle more customers without degradation in response times Retail Scalability Improvement with Oracle Engineered Systems 500 3 450 Near perfect scalability Average Response Time for Increasing user count 2.5 400 350 2 300Throughput 250 1.5 200 Throughput 1 Average Response Time 150 100 Near flat response time 0.5 50 With increasing user count 0 0 2150 2635 3225 3516 3870 Concurrent users Copyright © 2011 Oracle Corporation
    14. 14. Oracle Applications Exalogic / Exadata Standard Hardware ON EXADATA / EXALOGICE-Business Suite E-Business Suite PeopleSoft Siebel Order to Cash Self Service & Order Self Service HRMS, FIN Customer Hub Management3x better Response Time 8x better Response Time 3x better Response Time 8x better Response Time2x better Scalability 2x better Scalability 5x better Scalability 4x better Scalability Response Time Response Time Response Time Response Time 11.94 s 200 ms 2.23 s 1.18 s 0.74 s 0.39 s 1.42 s 25 ms Copyright © 2011 Oracle Corporation
    15. 15. Oracle Applications Exalogic / Exadata Standard Hardware ON EXADATA / EXALOGICJD Edwards Utilities Communications ATG Web CommerceOrder Management Meter Data Management Billing Revenue Commerce Reference Store Management3x better Response Time 2x better Response Time 2x better Response Time 3x better Response Time2x better Scalability 7x better Scalability 2x better Scalability 3x better Scalability Response Time Scalability Scalability Scalability 10 4000 20 million 0.51s 2027 3.1 0.71 s 2.75 million Copyright © 2011 Oracle Corporation
    16. 16. Oracle ExalyticsOracle Exalytics is the industrys first in-memory BI machine that delivers the fastest performance for businessintelligence and planning applications Benefits • Speed-of-Thought Interactive Visual Analysis • Scales to many thousands of business analysts Unique Features • In-memory Analytics • Runs BI and EPM Apps • Fits with existing data sources, infrastructure • Optimized with Exadata – InfiniBand • Optimized BI Foundation Suite – OBIEE and Essbase More: http://www.oracle.com/exalytics Copyright © 2011 Oracle Corporation
    17. 17. Customer Success Story #1• Who: Name-brand restaurant chain• Challenges • To increase restaurant traffic and average bill value, this chain of family-friendly steakhouses needed to improve targeted marketing and tailor menu options based on regional buying patters and preferences.• Solution: Oracle Exadata for Mixed Workloads• Benefits • By implementing the Oracle Retail Data Model on Exadata, along with Oracle Data Mining and OBIEE, this customer is better able to tailor menus regionally based on store performance and regional buying trends. • Resulted in improved store-by-store profitability by driving up average bill value. • Leveraged competitive differentiation by serving menu items reflecting customer buying patterns. Copyright © 2011 Oracle Corporation
    18. 18. Customer Success Story #2• Who: National small-box discount retailer• Challenges – Processing store replenishment orders in time to meet delivery schedules for stores – Aging ordering system struggled to efficiently process stock orders as the number of retail stores increased at a rate of 500-600 new stores every year.• Solution: Oracle Exadata for OLTP• Benefits • New Retail ERP system can be used effectively for inventorying, merchandising and supply chain management. • Performance and availability goals are met and surpassed • Able to consolidate other Tier 1 applications onto Exadata for cost-savings Copyright © 2011 Oracle Corporation
    19. 19. Customer Success Story #3• Who: Global food mart & convenience store chain• Challenges • Processing store replenishment orders in time to meet delivery schedules for stores • Aging ordering system that struggled to efficiently process stock orders as the number of retail stores increased from 5000 to planned 8000.• Solution: Oracle Exadata for OLTP • Benefits – Reduced daily order processing time from 65 minutes to 8 minute – Improved Legacy Application performance by 500% – Faster order processing times have enabled more efficient delivery schedules with the logistics center and consumer product manufacturers. Copyright © 2011 Oracle Corporation
    20. 20. MIRO’S PERFORMANCE GUARANTEEMiro guarantees our clients will realize an overall cost savings and/or cost avoidance benefit equal to, or better than our net fees. If not, the client will only pay Miro for the cost savings and/or cost benefit it does achieve. MIRO MAKES THE DECISION A “NO-BRAINER” The Worst That Happens is You Break-Even
    21. 21. Call or email me: Gary Coleman W: 732-738-8511 Ext. 1293 C: 732-979-9968 gcoleman@miroconsulting.co mwww.miroconsulting.com