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Oracle Software on Oracle Hardware money, save time, save resources.

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Oracleonoracle dec112012

  1. 1. <Insert Picture Here>Simplify IT. Drive Innovation.December 11, 2012
  2. 2. 70% of IT Costs Spent on Operations….30%on InnovationHardware and Software Ongoing Build From Scratch Patching/Testing with Components Testing and Validation Installation and configuration Acquisition of components Pre-implementation System sizing Complexity = Risk and Cost Weeks to Months
  3. 3. Simplify IT Operations…..Drive Innovation"Our Goal is to accelerate the progress of our ITtransformation by delivering increased innovation andspeed of delivery to our GM business partners, and reducethe cost of ongoing IT operations, changing the mix so moreemployees are focused on innovation rather thanoperations. Transforming our internal IT operations will give us theresources, tools and flexibility we need to provide betterservices and products to our global GM customers.“Randy MottChief Information OfficerGeneral Motors (GCM)
  4. 4. = Oracle’s Strategy System Characteristics:Engineered & Tested togetherCertified & Packaged togetherDeployed & Managed togetherSupported & Upgraded together Customer Benefits :• Faster Deployment ….and easier• Simplified patching/operations• Faster….Improved Performance• Lower TCO
  5. 5. The Un vs Build from Scratch Hardware and Software Build From ScratchHardware and with ComponentsSoftware VS. IT Made Simpler….Much Faster Deployments
  6. 6. Engineered Systems – Much Faster DeploymentsBuild From Scratch with Components Hardware. Software. Complete. Testing and Validation  Faster Installation and Deploy up to 4x faster deployment configuration than IBM or HP  Lower Risk Acquisition of  Pre-configured components Pre-implementation System sizing Take delivery of an Engineered System Days Weeks to Months
  7. 7. Retail Customer Case Study – Time to DeployRAC Comparison...ODA vs. Std Server (days)50454035302520151050 Setup Post-Deployment Total ODA Std. Server
  8. 8. Customer Case Study – Simplify IT Operations….Reduce CostsReplaced: 2 different storage arrays, 6 physical db hosts, 4 fiber switchesFrom two Full Racks (84U) to two ODAs (8U) • Two Oracle Database Appliances
  9. 9. Simplify IT. Drive Innovation with Oracle- on-Oracle• Much faster deployments• Reduced operational costs • Simplified patch management • Simple to implement, manage and maintain• Dramatic performance gains• Reduced software licensing costs• Bottom line = Significantly lower TCO
  10. 10. Oracle’s Complete Solution Portfolio – Standalone to Engineered Systems Engineered Engineered and deployed as a complete system Optimized Pre-tested and pre-certified SPARC and x86 Oracle solutions Exadata Exalogic OracleTraditional - Standalone Database Appliance Industry leading compute, storage, network, software SPARC SuperCluster Oracle Optimized Configurations Best of Breed SPARC and x86 servers, ZFS/Pillar storage and STK tape + Highly Available Hardware
  11. 11. Best of Breed Standalone Servers - SPARC T4 Unheard of generation to generation acceleration – 1 to 4 Sockets – 8 to 32 Cores – Database optimized – OLTP, DW and Batch – Starts at $16K – Virtualization and Security included! – Up to $160K – 1 TB of memory included! T4-1 T4-2 T4-4 T4-1B T4-1 T4-2 T4-4 T4 Processor• 3.0 GHz with OOO execution T4 Systems• Dedicated L2 128KB cache • Up to 1 TB of memory • Built-in, no-cost virtualization• Shared L3 4MB cache 9 World Records• 8 Cores with Private L2 Cache • High-bandwidth and high-capacity I/O• Dynamic Threading • Integrated 10 GbE• Enhanced Built-in Encryption • Solaris binary compatibility• Built-in Virtualization
  12. 12. Simplify IT. Oracle Engineered SystemsPortfolio Database ApplianceExadata Exalogic Exalytics Big Data SPARCDatabase Appliance Elastic Cloud SuperClusterMachine • Reduced change management risk • Expedited time to value • Better reliability and one-stop • Easier to manage and upgrade support • Lower cost of ownership • Extreme performance
  13. 13. Oracle Engineered Systems - Database Systems Family NEW Oracle Database Appliance HIGHER 4 to 24 Cores Cores can be disabled Exadata QuarterPERFORMANCE 12 TB Storage Rack Exadata 1/8 292 GB Flash for Redo Logs Rack 32 Database Cores One button deployment, patching, and support 16 Database Cores 1 TB Memory 1/2 TB Memory 108 TB Storage 54 TB Storage 4.8 TB Smart Flash Oracle DB Appliance 24 core 2.4 TB PCI Flash Cache Hybrid Columnar Smart Scan Compression Hybrid Columnar Oracle DB Appliance Capacity on Demand Compression 4 core – Software Upgrade to Fully Expandable ¼ Rack Fully Expandable CAPACITY
  14. 14. Oracle Database Appliance...Under the Hood! Server A Server B 292GB FlashSwitch A Switch B 12 TB Storage
  15. 15. Oracle Database ApplianceSimple to Deploy, Manage and Maintain
  16. 16. Oracle Database Appliance - Pay As You Grow Software Licensing Option 1: Build Your Own Option 2: Buy Database Appliance License 24 Cores for Anticipated Growth License as You Grow and Save Significantly24 Cores Pay-As-You-Grow16 Cores OR Savings12 Cores8 Cores 4 Cores Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Pay It All Now Pay As You Grow
  17. 17. Pays to Run Oracle S/W on Oracle ODA - TCO Analysis • Pay As You Grow for High Availability HP Dell Oracle Unbreakable Database ApplianceSystem 2 x DL380 G7 2 x R710 & OracleConfiguration & SAS Array SAS Array Appliance w/20HDDs & w/20HHDs & (24 cores total, 4 SSDs 4 SSDs 2X2 cores (6X6 cores) (6X6 cores) active)HW Price ~$76K ~$70K $50KDB EE + RAC $423K $423K $141KLicenseTotal Cost $499K $493K $191K
  18. 18. Oracle Exadata X3 Engineered System…. What’sUnder the Hood Exadata X3 Full Rack 128 Database Cores 2 - 4 TB Memory 500 TB Storage 22 TB Smart Flash Cache Smart Scan InfiniBand Switches Hybrid Columnar Compression
  19. 19. Full Rack Exadata X3 Database In-Memory Machine = Extreme Performance 26 Terabytes of DRAM & Flash per Rack • X3 Heuristic Hierarchical Mass Memory: X3H2M2 4 TB – Flash Cache: Automatically keeps all active data in memory DRAM – Flash Disk: SSDs do not adapt with every read and write Hottest Data • DRAM memory expanded to 4 TB for hottest data – 40 TB of compressed user data22 TB PCI • Flash memory expanded 4X to 22 TB per rack FLASH – 220 TB of compressed user data – 1.5 Million SQL random read I/Os per second for OLTP Active Data • Comparable to 15,000 disk drives in 150 array frames – 100 GB/sec SQL data scan rate for reporting and warehouses • Comparable to 1,000 disk drives in 10 array frames 500 TB DISK Cold Data
  20. 20. Oracle on Oracle: Pricing Advantage
  21. 21. Pays to Run Oracle S/W on Oracle T4 H/W – TCO Analysis (Assume All Cores being Used) IBM Oracle IBM OracleSystem IBM 730 with T4-2 Server IBM 750 with T4-4 ServerConfiguration 2 sockets & with 2 4 sockets & with 4 16 cores sockets and 32 cores sockets and (2X8 cores) 16 cores (4X8 cores) 32 cores (2x8 cores) (4x8 cores) ~$60K ~$45K ~$120K ~$120KH/W PriceDB EELicense $800K $400K $1.6M $800K($50K percore)Total Cost $860K $445K $1.72M $920K
  22. 22. Pays to Run Oracle S/W on Oracle x86 H/W – TCO Analysis (Assume 6 Cores being Used) HP Dell Oracle x3-2 x86 • Pay As You Grow for High Availability with Server Unbreakable Oracle LinuxSystem DL380 G7 R710, with 2 X3-2 ServerConfiguration with 2 sockets sockets & 12 with 2 sockets & 12 cores cores and 12 cores (6X6 cores) (6X6 cores) (6x6 cores)HW Price ~$12K ~$12K $15KDB EE License $600K $600K $300K($50K per core)Total Cost $612K $612K $315K
  23. 23. Oracle Optimized Storage Best of Breed and Best for Oracle-on-Oracle Database NAS SAN Tape Applications Middleware Database Operating System Virtual Machine ServersOracle Software Runs Faster and More Efficiently on Oracle Storage
  24. 24. Oracle Runs Best on Oracle Storage - Hybrid Columnar Compression Performance Store Less Data AND Run Faster Oracle Database Retail Data Warehouse ExampleHybrid Columnar Compression With Hybrid Columnar Uncompressed Compression• 10x to 50x space reduction• 3x to 5x better than non-Oracle storage• Only available on Oracle storage 94% – Sun ZFS Storage Appliance Less 38G 735GB B – Pillar Axiom Storage – Exadata Storage Servers• Increases performance for most data warehouse and data protection 0 0 16x 3 1 Faster 3 1 Query 2 2 2 Hours, 22 Min, 44 Sec 16 Min, 50 Sec
  25. 25. Oracle’s Hybrid Columnar Compression (HCC) Customer Runs Command against their Oracle Database that will tell them how Exadata much their own HCC database can beCompresses Databases compressed! Run Compression Advisor See live customer example of compression utility at work. v=rXMmh0foYmE Pillar Axiom ZFSSA
  26. 26. Only Oracle’s Sun ZFS Storage Appliancesdeliver market-leading performancein all workloads. 2x Faster 3x Faster 10x Faster 1/2 the price 1/5 the price of NetApp 1/20 the price of NetApp of NetApp OLTP OLAP Data Warehouse With Oracle Database
  27. 27. Simplify IT. Drive Innovation
  28. 28. <Insert Picture Here>Thank You
  29. 29. Retail Customer Case Study – ODA vs. StdServer ......Much Faster Time to Market• Main Reason for choosing the ODA - Time to Deployment requirement of 2 weeks, which included ordering and shipping the hardware• Major Tasks Avoided – Equipment specing and integration testing – Building private interconnect networks – IO virtualization setup – Server and SAN setup, OS installs – Clusterware and DB installs