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  • Nebraska beat Oklahoma State, 51-41
    UNLV's home schedule features five teams that played in last season's NCAA Tournament - Wisconsin (Nov. 20), UC Santa Barbara (Dec. 15), BYU (Jan. 5), New Mexico (Jan. 22) and San Diego State (Feb. 12).
    Cyclones at Kings Island
    UCLA hosts Arizona this Saturday
  • 11.2.10 lecture

    1. 1. Sports Public Relations Lecture: 11.2.10 University of Cincinnati By Jackie Reau
    2. 2. QUIZ •Excused from the quiz: –Team #4: Buckley, S. Johnson, McCalla, Steinmetz, Wright
    3. 3. Current Issues in Sports Communications •Randy Moss cut: how was it handled with media? •What’s going on the with the Florida Panthers? •What going on with hockey: Pens, Blackhawks, Cyclones, Blue Jackets? •Who from the Reds won the Hank Aaron Award for the NL? •What happened at Notre Dame this week?
    4. 4. The Media Interview FIVE FACTS FOR INTERVIEWS The primary way you will deal with media, is through the interview. Most of the time, the interview topic will be about an issue, event or the mission of the organization. Interviews should be looked at as an opportunity to share your key messages and represent your organization. There are five basic points to remember as you’re doing interviews: •Be accessible •Be brief •Give credit where credit is due •Talk about the ‘greater cause’ •Be yourself
    5. 5. The Media Interview: Advance So you’ve been asked to sit down with a reporter and do a lengthy interview. Don’t look at it as an inconvenience; look at it as an opportunity! But listen to the Scout motto and “be prepared” before you face the cameras and microphones. So, here are some points you need to review before you give the interview: What point do YOU want to get across? (Who is the audience? How can you turn a negative subject/question into a positive answer? You can’t control the questions, but you can control the answers Anticipate the tough questions before you sit down with the reporter In dealing with those tough questions, NEVER say “No comment.” That implies guilt, or that you’re hiding something. Just say, “I’d rather not talk about it,” or “I’m not qualified to discuss that.”
    6. 6. The Do’s of a Media Interview Do •Prepare •Be positive •Keep your head up and smile •Look at the person interviewing you •Be on time—or preferably, early •Be presentable—no gum! •Repeat the question in the answer •Be enthusiastic •Be personable •Be available and cooperative •Be polite in difficult situations •Pause and think before your interview •Talk in ‘soundbites’
    7. 7. The Do’s of a Media Interview Don’t •Criticize anyone, including other reporters or outlets •Joke or use sarcasm—it doesn’t come across that way to the media •Say anything ‘off the record’ •Wear all-white tops to a TV interview—a little is OK, a lot is deadly to the lens •Use verbal fillers (‘um, yaknow, like…”) •Use slang •Lose your cool •Wear inappropriate logos •Avoid an interviewer •Forget that you are always ‘on’ •Be afraid! It’s a great opportunity—use it to your best advantage
    8. 8. Don’t Do This… Jim Mora Rant http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tie0tz7jGDI Mike Gundy Press Conference http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aoMmbUmKN0E Kevin Borseth Press Conference http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jvo5XO1kH1c
    9. 9. This Week’s In-Class Assignment •Teams –Team #1: Gantzer, Flynn, Buckley, Bell, Balough, Bachman –Team #2: Kendall, Jones, S. Johnson, N. Johnson, Hunter, Goldberg –Team #3: Mitchell, McLaughlin, McCalla, Marvine, Rosenberg, Marshall –Team #4: Sudow, Stratton, Steinmetz, Smith, Totten, Poole –Team #5: Toelke, Seebohm, Wright, Watson, T. Totten, Wilmes
    10. 10. This Week’s In-Class Assignment •Teams for Media Conference Prep –Team #1: Coach Brian Kelly re: Declan Sullivan death –Team #2: Coach Brad Childress re: Randy Moss cut –Team #3: Carson Palmer on Bengals season –Team #4: LeBron James on first Miami Heat win –Team #5: Coach Chris Mack on the season-ending injury of Brad Redford
    11. 11. Media Conference Prep •Who is your audience for the media conference? •What are your key messages? •Who will be the spokesperson? •Will they read a statement/take questions? •Where, when (date/time) will the media conference be held? •What handouts, if any, will you provide? •List anything else of importance.
    12. 12. This week’s assignment Assignment: Draft a one-page overview for a press conference to be held by your assigned team due at class on 11/9 You pick the topic or issue, spokesperson, date/place Each student will present their overview in press conference format to the class (each will be videotaped)
    13. 13. Next week’s class Apprentice-like promotional contest with players from the Cincinnati Kings Indoor Soccer Team Each team will be given a task to build buzz for the team Visit their website, become familiar with indoor soccer www.KingsIndoor.com