Lecture #2, 9 11-12


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Lecture #2, 9 11-12

  1. 1. Sports Public Relations Class Lecture Notes September 11, 2012 Jackie Reau Adjunct Professor
  2. 2. In-Class Editing QuizPress Release Assignment
  3. 3. $ocial Media & $ports:Social Media Strategies MonetizingJackie Reau, Game Day Communications By for Sponsorship By Jackie Reau, Game Day Communications
  4. 4. Social Media Strategies for Football Bowl AssociationAbout Game Day Communications•Founded in 2002 by former ESPN Anchor Betsy Ross and JackieReau as a sports & entertainment communications firm•Capabilities include: strategic communications, mediarelations, event marketing, social media strategies and sportsfan research•Clients include: Akron Marathon, Cincinnati Ballet, CincinnatiFlying Pig Marathon, LPGA, University of Cincinnati, Western &Southern Open, among others
  5. 5. Social Media Strategies for Football Bowl AssociationSocial Media Scan amongCollege Football Bowl GamesOverviewAs part of its annual sports research program, Game Day Communications conducteda social media scan among the 35 College Football Bowl Games in November andagain in January to determine growth in advance and after the 2011-12 Bowl Season.Top Line Research Results•All Bowl Games have a Facebook Fan Page•23 out of 35 have a Twitter account•33 out of 35 have a YouTube presence•Activity among total impressions on social media platforms from November 2011 toJanuary 2012 ranged from -14% to 3,675% (includes Facebook, Twitter and YouTube)
  6. 6. Social Media Strategies for Football Bowl AssociationSocial Media Scan: Facebook Results•Among all Bowl Games, the average number of “fans” on Facebook is 3,885•Allstate Sugar Bowl has the most “fans” on Facebook with 16,440•Many Bowl Games have multiple renegade Facebook pages
  7. 7. Social Media Scan: Twitter Results•Among all Bowl Games, the average number of “followers” on Twitter is 3,301•AT&T Cotton Bowl has 6,197 “followers”•The average score on Klout for all Bowl Games is 28/100(overall influence on social media networks)
  8. 8. Social Media Scan: YouTube Results•Discover Orange Bowl has uploaded 106 videos for 327,063 views•Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl has uploaded three videos for 4,445 views buta search reveals 209 videos from the Bowl Game
  9. 9. Social Media Strategies for Football Bowl Association Determine Your Social Media Network Value and Influence•Conduct a chart analysis with other events/organizations within your competitiveset, reviewing #s of Facebook Fans, Twitter Followers, YouTube views, smartphone applications and additional social media efforts
  10. 10. Social Media Strategies for Football Bowl Association Create Your Social Media Strategic Plan•Create your social media strategic plan and editorial schedule so it aligns withyour business goals, i.e. # of tickets sold, dollars raised for charity•Elements of the plan may include: •Objective •Target audience(s) •Key messages •Keywords to tag content •Timeline of activity by platform (weekly, monthly) •What content you will share on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. •When you will launch or update your smart phone application •Monthly or quarterly scorecard to chart your growth on all platforms
  11. 11. Social Media Strategies for Football Bowl Association Valuating Your Social Media PlatformsOur sponsorship valuation for social media platforms includes the following:•# of current impressions (Fans, Followers, Views, Downloads)•Influence among your competitive set as determined through analysis•Frequency of content updates, photo/video sharing•Exclusivity of the sponsorship deal•Activation opportunities•Add traditional sponsorship opportunities to the mix We recommend one exclusive social media partner who is a resource to your fans across all platforms to build trust and consistency.
  12. 12. Social Media Strategies for Football Bowl Association Valuating Your Facebook Fan Page Your Facebook Fans are valued for sponsorship at $1.33 per personSources for Valuation:•One Fan of your Facebook Fan Page is valued at $3.60 per person *•A recent study estimates that 37 percent of your fans are interested indeals/discounts offered on your Fan Page **Sample Sponsor Benefit Analysis:The Flying Pig Marathon has 11,650 Facebook Fans and has been averagingmonthly growth of 240 fans (2,880 annual growth) or 14,530 fans @ $1.33/personfor an exclusive sponsorship value of $19,325.*http://www.adweek.com/news/technology/value-fan-social-media-360-102063**http://www.emarketer.com/Report.aspx?code=emarketer_2000694
  13. 13. Social Media Strategies for Football Bowl Association Valuating Your Twitter Profile Your Twitter Followers are valued for sponsorship at $.24 per personSources for Valuation:•One Follower of your Twitter Profile is valued at $.24 per person*Sample Sponsor Benefit Analysis:The Flying Pig Marathon has 6,300 followers on Twitter and is averaging monthlygrowth of 200 new followers (2,400) or 8,700 followers @ $.24 for an exclusivesponsorship opportunity valued at $2,523.*http://kluriganalytics.com/2010/04/15/social-media-roi-value-of-a-twitter-follower/
  14. 14. Social Media Strategies for Football Bowl Association Valuating Your YouTube Channel Your YouTube video views are valued at $2.50/thousand viewsSources for Valuation:•YouTube videos are valued at $2.50 per thousand views *Sample Sponsor Benefit Analysis:The Flying Pig Marathon has 70,000 views on its YouTube channel and is averagingmonthly growth of 2,500 new views (30,000) or 100,000 views @ $2.50/thousandfor an exclusive sponsorship opportunity valued at $2,500.*http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JkV1YgKHfuo
  15. 15. Smart Phone/Tablet Application•Before launching a smart phone application, use your social media networks toconduct research among your fans to determine the need and their smartphone/tablet usage to validate your initial thoughts•Craft your content and engagement strategy to position your social mediapartner as a resource rather than a sales source
  16. 16. Gaming Experiences•Gaming and social media are great opportunities to engage your fans and toextend the length of stay on your social media platform.•Gaming examples gaining popularity included open sourced: SCVNGR orFourSquare or those developed exclusively for the event or organization
  17. 17. Provide Your-Round Coverage of Your Bowl Game•Use your “social media network” to share/control your own news beyond Bowl Week•Create an editorial schedule to ensure year-round content capturing/sharing with fans•“Organically” grow your search engine optimization efforts
  18. 18. Build a Passionate Fan Base with “Share-Sexy” Content•Draw upon the “halo effect” of your host teams’ fan bases•Create engaging content (contests, questions, behind-the-scenes)•Engage coaches and players with your social media platforms
  19. 19. Develop New Revenue Streams•Valuate and sell exclusive sponsorship to your social media network•Sell tickets via your Facebook Fan Page with a special tab•Create and sell socially-connected areas within your event
  20. 20. Create a New Customer Service Channel•Create a “concierge” approach during Bowl Week to answer questions, concernsvia social media•Create a Social Media Command Center to capture/share immediate,behind-scenes content•Use social media platforms to conduct fan and sponsor research
  21. 21. In-Class Group ProjectCreate an iPhone application for USA Rugby with thefollowing:*One gaming idea*One sponsorship idea to build revenue*One interactive idea with a rugby player*One idea to connect with a social media network*One idea to encourage Rugby fans to check the application on a weekly basis
  22. 22. Next Week’s AssignmentRead chapter 13 for Current Events Quiz