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Power point


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Published in: Technology
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Power point

  1. 1. Pete
  2. 2. Content  In this PowerPoint you will know about  Information About Microsoft PowerPoint [p.3-6]  System Requirement [p.7]  The price of Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 [p.8]  Conclusion [p.9]
  3. 3. Info  Office PowerPoint 2007 from Microsoft helps you create dynamic and great-looking presentations using the redesigned user interface and Smart Art graphics capabilities.  PowerPoint 2007 lets you define and save your own custom slide layouts so you no longer have to waste valuable time recreating your desired layouts on new slides.  Convert files [power point] to PDF and XML to share with people using any software
  4. 4. Info  Set your presentation to new type of transition and 3D equal to broadcast graphics.  Easily access, preview, apply, customize, and replace animations, and use new animations.  Many types of Smart Art layouts to create many types of graphics such as organization charts, lists, and picture diagrams
  5. 5. Info  Divide presentation in slide for easy use, print as a one, four, eight slides per pages.  View and edit multiple presentations independently, side by side, or even on separate monitors  Access your favorite commands even more quickly by customizing tabs or creating your own to personalize the experience to your work style  Use the function, print, share, or etc quicker in just a few mouse clicks.
  6. 6. Info  Transform your images into persuasive, lively visuals by using new and improved picture-editing features such as color diffusion and temperature, brightness and contrast, and an advanced cropping tool, along with artistic filters such as blur, paintbrush, and watercolor  Create diagrams as easily as typing a bulleted list or convert text and images to a diagram in just a few clicks  Instantly broadcast your PowerPoint 2007 presentations by sending a link to where people can view your presentation on the web
  7. 7.  Processor Required 500 MHz or faster processor  Memory Required 256 MB RAM; 512 MB recommended  Hard disk 1.5 GB available disk space  1024x576 display monitor [for PC]  Operating system Windows 7, Vista, Window XP, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2003
  8. 8. Price Price $ Price Bath  -------------  About 3900  About 3190  ------------  About $135.00  About $110.00  Free [trial]  Shipping + Price  Price Alone Type
  9. 9. Conclusion Better Smart Art Better Graphics Easy customize Easy to print Easy to broadcast Add more detail background Add better animation New type of security Turn your picture better Can read all Microsoft Powerpoint previous version Convert files to PDF & XPS Better theme, easy to use So it is able to share with Other software