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Christmas Tradition


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different christmas traditions in other countries

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Christmas Tradition

  1. 1. Christmas tradition My name is Victor and I’m from Portugal. In my country Christmas traditions are similar to Spain, but there is something different. We always gather together with family and friends. In the middle of December I always set up the Christmas tree and sometimes the nativity scene, but this is no very popular in Portugal. I never sing Christmas Carols because I don’t like them. At Christmas Eve we usually eat seafood. The typical dessert in this day is “torrija” and “bolo rey”. Torrijas are made of bread, milk, eggs, sugar and cinnamon. Bolo rey is made of flour, eggs, sugar nuts and fruits. I always hand up stockings and I never eat grapes in the new year’s eve. I hope to receive a lot of presents on the 6th of January. Even in my Country are more popular Father Christmas than the Tree Wise Men.
  2. 2. Different Christmas traditions My name is Asiya, I’m from Morocco, and in my country we don’t celebrate the Christmas. How I live in Spain I use to gather together with my family. But I never set up the Nativity Scene and the Christmas tree. I never send Christmas cards. We always eat the same that others days, we don’t have special food for these days. This year near Christmas time we celebrate “Aid Al-Kebir” that is Islam's biggest holiday. For the holiday, to honor Abraham's sacrifice of his son Isaac to show his faith in god, every family buys a live sheep and kills it and eats the meat all weekend.
  3. 3. Christmas tradition in Bulgaria My name is Sara and I’m from Bulgaria. I usually gather together with my family. In the middle of December I always set up the Christmas tree bur I never set up the Nativity scene, in my country you can see the nativity scene in churches. We decorate the tree and the house. I write and send Christmas cards. In Christmas eve all the family meets and put the food on the table. We usually eat chicken. The typical dessert in this day is called “torta”. We receive gifts in this day. We put the gifts under the tree. In new year’s eve we eat 12 grapes together.