Letter to spain


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Letter to spain

  1. 1. St Josephs RC Primary School 5 Queens Road Aberdeen AB15 4YL Scotland 12/12/13 Dear Friends, In Scotland we have very short days at the end of December. It is dark until around 8:30am and again about 3:30pm in the afternoon. The shortest day is the 22nd December. At Christmas we celebrate Jesus being born and go to church on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. We also put up decorations and Christmas trees. The Christmas trees look lovely with all their lights and baubles. You see a lot of colours at Christmas like white, purple, green and red. Santa Claus visits all the good children on the night of Christmas Eve. He leaves us presents if we have been good through the year. We leave a glass of milk or sherry and a mince pie or cookie for Santa. We leave a carrot for Santa’s reindeers. On Christmas Day we eat a roast dinner with turkey and small sausages wrapped in bacon with vegetables and potatoes. We eat Christmas pudding or “clootie dumpling”, which are fruity puddings for desert. We pull Christmas Crackers which have a toy, joke and Christmas hat inside. Smoke comes out the cracker when we pull it. We are off school for 2 weeks and if it snows we have great fun playing outside, sledging and making snowmen. Christmas is a time of year for being with your family, being happy and having fun. Yours, Cole Truscott