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Bez tytułu 1

  1. 1. Christmas in Poland
  2. 2. Preparations
  3. 3. Period of Advent <ul>A time of expectant waiting and preparation for the celebration of the Nativity of Jesus at Christmas. It starts on the fourth Sunday before December 25th </ul>
  4. 4. <ul>Children prepare typical Advent Calendar, where put some sweets or chocolates, and can eat just one each day . </ul>
  5. 5. Building Christmas cribs
  6. 7. Christmas tree <ul>On Christmas Eve, sometimes the day before, coniferous tree is dressed by the whole family, which will ensure prosperity in the coming year. </ul>
  7. 8. The story of a star placed on the tops of trees <ul>During the communist regime tried to replace the gold star on red, and sometimes in the shape of domes spiers Kremlin Orthodox churches, but the tradition has proved stronger </ul>
  8. 10. Saint Nicholas in the kindergarden
  9. 11. As a every year tradition, we organise school christmas Eve for the students community
  10. 13. We give each other presents. 2 weeks before draw is organised, and everyone choose one person by lot and make present for him with his own hands.
  11. 14. It could be Christmas card
  12. 15. Some weird thing?
  13. 16. Homemade cakes
  14. 17. <ul>We also organise concerts in our school, there people present their music skills singing and playing carols. </ul>
  15. 18. Christmas Eve for all of the teachers and the rest of the staff.
  16. 20. <ul>In Poland there are three days of Christmas: Christmas Eve Christmas Day Second Day of Christmas </ul>
  17. 21. Christmas Eve
  18. 22. Cooking <ul>Carp is definitely the king of the table </ul>
  19. 23. To commemorate the 12 apostles we prepare 12 dishes
  20. 24. Kutia - a mix of soaked wheat, raisins, nuts, honey and spices
  21. 26. Vegetable salad
  22. 27. Herring <ul><li>With cream
  23. 28. With olive oil and onion
  24. 29. „under the quilt” with beetroot, eggs, carot, mayonnaise
  25. 30. With cream and apples
  26. 31. With tomates, onion,
  27. 32. raisins </li></ul>
  28. 33. Compote from dry fruits -apples, plums, pears, honey, cinnamone stick, cloves, lemon, orange...
  29. 34. Bigos
  30. 36. <ul>W leave one place empty for an unexpected guest. Some people belive that there is sitting the spirit of close friend already death. It cause an impression of his presence. </ul>Some families invite to this day a poor person, needy, or a child from an orphanage
  31. 37. <ul>The table is covered with white tablecloth and hay is spread under it as a remainder that God was born in a manger... </ul>
  32. 38. When the first star appears <ul>We share Oplatek- a thin wafer and wish one another whatever the hard dictates:happiness, money, good job, good health etc... </ul>
  33. 39. At First and Second Day of Christmas guests, usually family, visit us or we visit them
  34. 40. <ul>Meals on the 1 st day of Christmas are different. Depends on family tradition and tastes of the household. The most popular is roast duck or goose. </ul>
  35. 41. In a lot of families there's a tradition of smoking the ham.
  36. 42. <ul>Cheese cake Apple cake Poppy-seed cake </ul>
  37. 43. Groups of young people dressed in traditional costumes walk along villages and sing carols wishing all the best for Christmas.
  38. 44. 2 nd day of Christmas <ul>This day is usually continuation of the first day. We meet our families. Sometimes in the evening we invite friends to our flats and enjoy the time with them. </ul>
  39. 45. superstitions
  40. 46. Is believed that if a man with a woman stand under the mistletoe they will fall in love with each other.
  41. 47. <ul>It's good to put the carp's scale into the wallet. It will ensure well-being in the following year. </ul>
  42. 48. <ul>During the Christmas Eve you should neither argue nor cry because discord and sadness will exist in your home the whole new year untill the next Christmas... </ul>
  43. 49. <ul>Women who is pregnant should neither sew nor do the washing because her child could be born ill. </ul>