3E Holiday Traditions


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3E Holiday Traditions

  1. 1. Holiday TraditionsMs. Endres’s Third Grade Students
  2. 2. Matthews’s holiday traditions I bake lots of cookies and give them to neighbors. I stay up very late , watch movies, and eat junk food.
  3. 3. Arias’s Holiday Traditions I bake cake and cookies and have abig party and invite my cousin. Then we go to the Navy Pier.
  4. 4. Garcia’s Holiday TraditionsMy family celebrates Christmas andwe buy presents. We bake cookies on Christmas eve for our family.
  5. 5. Castro’s HolidayI go to my friend’s house and we play x box 360 and wii and we have lot of fun. And we eat too.
  6. 6. Panos’s Holiday traditionsI bake cookies. I bake cookies with my mom for a big Christmas party at our house. That is what we do for Christmas.
  7. 7. Rodriguez’s Holiday Traditions Every Christmas I make cookies. And play with my Gifts.
  8. 8. Valente’s Holiday Traditions In Christmas I help my mom bakecookies for my neighbors.I also help my mom decorate the house.
  9. 9. Flores Family Holiday Traditions I wake up on Christmas morning and I get new pajama’s . Then I go to church and I go to my abuelita’s house and get more presents.
  10. 10. Alonso’s Holiday Traditions Every year I bake cookies. Me and myfamily always go shopping for presents for each other for CHRISTMAS.
  11. 11. Perez’s holiday TraditionsI bake cookies. We bake cookies on Christmas Eve. We bake delicious cookies.
  12. 12. Medel’s Holiday Traditions Every Christmas me and my family go to California Long Beach with my dads family . InCalifornia we bake cookies andwe go to the beach and collect seashells to bring to my two best friends Maria and Melannie.
  13. 13. Guzman’s Holiday TraditionsThis year me and my family are going togather around and celebrate Christmas. Then the next day we open our presents.
  14. 14. Saenz’s Holiday traditionsI and my family get ready for Christmas by raping presents and when it isChristmas we open our presents in our warm homes.
  15. 15. AGUILAR’S HOLIDAY TRADITIONS Me and my family play snow ball fight .We bake cookies we go and buy the wii, buy video games for the PS3.
  16. 16. Castillo’s family traditionMy family goes shopping for presents My family bakes cookies
  17. 17. Rodriguez’s Family TraditionsWe watch family movies together like kung fu panda 2,Mr poppers peinguins,AndDophintale.We also make food with each other .My favorite is when we make orange cake ,mmmmmmm.
  18. 18. Avile’s Holiday Traditions In Christmas I go to parties. andwatch the night before Christmas. I visit my cousins .
  19. 19. Dominguez’s Holiday Traditions Every day me and my mom buy cookies. Then me and my dad buy gifts for our family.
  20. 20. Caceres’ family traditionsMy family goes shopping for presentsMy family plays the Wii for Cristmas
  21. 21. Villega’s Holiday traditions In Christmas I go to my aunt’s to open the presents. I also help my mom bake the cookies.