Christmas Traditions In Australia!


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Christmas traditions in Australia

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Christmas Traditions In Australia!

  1. 2. In the morning mum does some cooking and I help her a little bit. During the day we wrap the rest of the presents for our relations. On Christmas eve my family and I go to church. The children that are under 13 years old perform a play and sing some songs like We Wish You a Merry Christmas . After church is finished we stay and talk to other people and then we go to my Grandma’s house. We have supper and then we give out some presents. We do that because we are not able to catch up with them all on Christmas day. Around 11 O’ clock we go home and go straight to bed.
  2. 3. A Christmas tradition in our house is to put beer and milk and Christmas cake and some Christmas treats out on the table for Santa and carrots for the reindeer. Sometimes we put out hay for the reindeer. We have lunch at home and then we go to a relative’s place for tea. It is a tradition at our house to open our presents together.
  3. 4. People get Christmas trees and usually place them somewhere inside their house and they decorate them so they look very nice. Another Christmas tradition in Australia is to have Carols by Candle Light. That is where people sing Christmas carols and people hold candles. They sway them in the night light and it is done at dusk.
  4. 5. W e put up some Christmas lights out the front of our house. We put signs in the garden that say Santa please stop here . We also hang all six of our Christmas stockings on the hearth. We put our Christmas tree up and decorate it by putting tinsel on it and other nice decorations like baubles.
  5. 6. On Christmas day for lunch we have roast turkey, roast beef, ham and roast vegetables. For sweets we have plum pudding, fresh fruit salad and special ice cream cake that my mum makes for special occasions.
  6. 7. This year my family has decided to do a Kris Kringle amongst the six of us in my family. We put all six of our names in a hat and we all got to pull one out. We have to keep it a secret who we have. We are also doing that in our classroom.
  7. 8. Santa Claus delivers presents to many people on the 25 th of December. Santa wears a red coat, red pants, black belt, black shoes and he has a white beard and he wears a hat. Santa delivers his presents in a slay with twelve reindeer hooked up to it.