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  1. 1. Christmas
  2. 2. Christmas: general information In my town from 8th December people start preparing Christmas decorations . We do a native scene , we buy a lot of presents for our family and friends, we write a letter to Santa Claus with our requests , we decorate the Christmas tree with lights and even the city is decorated with Christmas lights of all colors and we buy a particular cake: panettone. A special atmosphere is created. Almost every year it snows and when it happens we are very happy and it creates the true Christmas atmosphere; this year unfortunately it has not snowed yet but hopefully it will happen soon.
  3. 3. The Christmas Day Christmas is a religious feast and it is very important for Catholics because it is the day when Christ was born, so you go to church in the morning or at night to celebrate him. For Christmas every family usually meets up and has a lunch with typical dishes of the region in which you are located, for example, cappelletti in broth, roasted, boiled meat and a special cake: the panettone (is a sort of bread with dried fruit). On that day people exchange presents and it is said that on the day of Christmas Eve (the day before Christmas) Santa Claus passes to give toys to all the good children that asked in the letter.
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