Unit 5 5th grade a


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Unit 5 5th grade a

  1. 1. Zaragoza Zaragoza is modern city. Popular places to visit in Zaragoza are bus stop, Los franceses bridge, Virgen del Pilar Cathedral ,Puerta del Carmen. there are towers, the Ebro river, museums,... popular places.BY Juan Jimenez Navarro.
  2. 2. San Francisco. San Francisco is a big city. It´s in The USA. there are chinatown popular places to visit are: zoological park ,the san francisco south park, shops,restaurant, golden bridge ,By alvaro.
  3. 3. Name of city Mánchester.What is it like? Its large.Where is it? Its in EnglandThere are offices, football field etc...Popular places to visit football field and cathedral.Mánchester is a city. its large.It is in is it EnglandThere are offices,football field.Popular places to visit are football field and the cathedral. By RAUL
  4. 4. HOLLYWOOD Hollywood is a small town It is in California, in the USA.there are the famous cartel the HOLLYWOOD,Chinese theatre and crossroads of the World Popular place to visit is famous film stars houses By Juan Carlos
  5. 5. HUELVAHuelva is a beautiful old city.It is in Andalucía.There is a cathedral.Popular places to visit are Santuario de la Cinta. By:Alba Aguayo Hernández 5ºA
  6. 6. LisboaLisboa is beautiful city and it has much talent artistic. It is in Portugal. Popular places to visit are San Jorge castle, convent do carmo and Lisboa cathedral. By Alba.
  7. 7. MOSCOW Name of city Moscow, what is it like? Big where is it? InRussia, There are gardens, parks, big cinemas.Popular places to visit are Red Square and Lenins Grave BY Ana Herrera Jumillas
  8. 8. PARÍSParís is a big and modern city. It is in France. There are restaurants, cinemas, theatres, shops and museums. Places to visit the Eiffel Tower, the triumph arc, the Seine river and Louvre museum. By Aroha
  9. 9. Santiago de Chile Santiago de Chile is in the center of Chile There are restaurants, theatres, shops. Popular places to visit are: Palace has several famous places of the coin, Petit Palais in Paris. The city has many years
  10. 10. CADIZ Cadiz is a big city. It is in Spain there are cathedral, Church of San Francisco, Cadiz land door,castillo de Santa Catalina. Popular places to visit are By: José Castañeda Rodriguez. Roman theatrethe oratory of the holy cave
  11. 11. Los Angeles (LA) The Angeles is a big city. It is in USA. There are cinemas,long beaches and shops.Popular places to visit are Wharf of Holy Monica,the skyscraper US Bank Tower and the Zuma Beach. By Lázaro
  12. 12. MALAGAMalaga is a big city. It is in Andalusia. The are beautifuls gardens,port and coast.Popular places to visit are Picasso Museum. By María
  13. 13. CORDOBA Name of city: Cordoba What is it like?: Its old Where is it?: in Andalusía There are: La mosquePopular palaces to visit: La mosque and San Rafael bridgeBy Paloma
  14. 14. GRANADAGranada is a big, and very old cityIt is in Spain.There are lot of old building churches, lots of hotelsand lot of restaurants.Popular places to visit are neighbourhood the Realejo, the monastery, the Alhambra Palaceand the Albaicin By, Sara.
  15. 15. ROME Rome is a wonderful and big city. It is in italy. There are colosseum, vatican city...Popular places to visit are colosseum, foro.... BY AZAHARA
  16. 16. BERLINName of city is Berlin.It’s in Germany, in the center of Europe.Popular places to visit Berliner Fernssehturm, Branderburger Tor, Rates Rathas, Reichstagand Berliner Dom.There are forests, parks, gardens, rivers and lakes. Daniel de Dios Espinosa.
  17. 17. MADRID Madrid is a big. It is in Spain.There are templo de Debod. Popular places to visit are the Prado museum. CLARA GARRIDO ALMAZÁN 5ºA