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Spain famous cities


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Spain famous cities

  1. 1. MadridBarcelonaSevilleGranadaPalma de MallorcaSpain Famous Cities1
  2. 2. As a capital of Spain,Madrid offers many differentplaces to visit. You canadmire the beauty of theRoyal Palace, appreciate theart in Prado and the ReinaSofia, and indulge someSpanish tapas in one of themany cafes on the street.2Visit Spain
  3. 3. Barcelona is the secondlargest city in Spain. It ismost famous with itsextravagant architectureby Gaudi. Places to see arethe Sagrada Familia, GaudiPark, and the Olympic City.If you are a fan of art,Picasso’s Art museum iswaiting for you.3Visit Spain
  4. 4. 4Seville is famous withits Arabic Influence, aswell as with its manyflamenco dancers andbullfights.Visit Spain
  5. 5. This town is most famouswith Al Alambra – an oldarabic castle which hasextraordinary internaldesign. If you go there,be prepared to see manygypsies and smoke ahookah in one of theirmany tea houses.5VisitSpain
  6. 6. If you want to share yourexperience with acelebrity go to visit Palmade Mallorca or Ibiza.With their beautifulbeaches and luxurioushotels and restaurants,this is the place for you ifyou enjoy partying.6Visit Spain