Kids Parties in Nature


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Kids Parties in Nature

  1. 1. Everythingyou need toparty withnature
  2. 2. The audience…Under 10’s & their parents Core target is 8 yr olds – young enough to retain the power of wonder &old enough to get involved on their termsStill open to stuff that isn’t mega branded Less worried about being seen with their parents The thinking… Can’t boil the ocean – we’ve got no budget need to focus + start a localmovement that can grow into somethingJust want to try to spark more kids into getting hands on with nature"Concentrate on an area and make something happen there that we canthen transfer to other places Need something to pull kids into nature but can’t be worthy + musthave some attitude Enable kids to discover it for themselves on their terms individually ingroups Create something that local organisations can get involved with
  3. 3. Kids parties happening indoors when they could be happening outdoors
  4. 4. The PropositionThe best 2 hrs in the outdoors for a bunch of 6+ year oldsSimple ideas to make your kids’ party naturally wicked Download a basic toolkit or use the app Places, games, recipes, ideas you can share
  5. 5. Lots of kids stuff happening in localparks, but nature only plays a passive role
  6. 6. Interesting kids nature engagement initiatives happening, but they feel quite scientific and ‘dry’
  7. 7. Where stuff is happening it is local andnot necessarily as social as it could be
  8. 8. For many nature is somewhere else –need to encourage people to get stuck in on their own patch Urban , suburban and rural
  9. 9. Need something simple, fun and lowmaintenance – grass roots and ground up vs. top down An inspiring, easy to use toolkit. Something like a PechaKucha for kids parties in the outdoors…
  10. 10. Our mission Make nature exploration part of every park partyPull more kids out of non-natural party spaces into the outdoors Make natural wonder the glue for great kids parties
  11. 11. The Benefits For ParentsHealthy – Exercise, Vitamin D Cheap Fun, Quality time Ideas + social currency
  12. 12. The Benefits For KidsIt’s a laugh getting messy in the park with your mates Play your way Do something with your parents that’s fun
  13. 13. The Toolkit – for sale in supermarkets, online etc.
  14. 14. Nature party on a page - winter 9+..-)*"<-5,"()" !"#$%& :7+"<+.!"#$%$#& Venturing out in cold and wet is an excuse to enjoy getting dressed up in ridiculous outfits to help everyone stay warm and dry. Have fun dressing up. There is plenty of fun to be had outside even when the sun ()*+ isn’t shining. ()*&+,-+)./ Somewhere wild near you 5-10 kids age 6+ Snow or rain Some natural nosh 0)$1"2%34+&/ Loosely pack piles of snow in a series of hurdles along a course for kids to race each other, the curvier the course the better. For added fun, have them run backwards. #+5.+&607+5.+&/ Using vegetation around you, challenge kids to create umbrellas, shelters, hats or other contraptions to keep the rain off your head. 8%*"9$.":;5+)./ Slugs, snails and worms love to come out in the rain. Have a competition to find the fastest slug, prettiest snail or the longest worm. Kids will have fun exploring to find their competitor and creating and staging the show.
  15. 15. Nature party on a page – summer in the woods ;<&-=288%$-- /-012$) ;11&)->9$(,- Woods are magical, mysterious places full of natural wonder for kids. Have fun letting kids roam and create with the trees and the beasties. !"#$%&%"()* Somewhere woody and wild near you (see http:linktbc) 5-10 kids age 6+ Some sun (if you are very lucky) Some magnifying glasses +%)(,-.%)(,* Split into teams of 2, grab as many sticks as you can & build yourself a nest. Sit in & sqwawk like a bird. 34%-5%#%"&-67-5%##,-5%#81$%* Grab a magnifying glass & hunt out the leggiest beastie you can. 5%97-:%-62(-67-!(* Pick one person as the finder. The rest have to make leaf camouflage and hide. The last leaf head left wins.
  16. 16. Nature kit
  17. 17. More nature kit
  18. 18. Facebook to build community
  19. 19. WebFind and share "kids parties in natureDownload and upload "party ideas
  20. 20. Web
  21. 21. Party onnaturedudes!