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Only Connect GFN Brief


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Only Connect GFN Brief

  1. 1. Only Connect BriefOnly Connect is a crime prevention charity working in London with prisoners, ex-offenders and at-risk youth. Their five key programmes offer support at every point inthe crime cycle in order to reduce offending. Most of all they offer a community that ispositive, stable and supportive. the UK 47% of ex-offenders re-offend within a year of getting out of prison. This is arate which increases each time an offender returns to prison. This makes the role ofOnly Connect and particularly their preventive youth programmes, vitally important.Independent research from New Philanthropy Capital found that “Only Connect halvesthe re-offending rate” (Unlocking Value, NPC, 2011).Only Connect provides a support structure with a family ethos in the form of a members’club, which helps to support and train ex-offenders as they leave prison. They currentlysupport 132 members with training, education, advocacy, creative opportunities andtherapy. Members benefit from developing new skills that can help them intoemployment and also develop interests that on a personal level increase confidence,communication skills and encourage new forms of expression. In many cases, it is thedevelopment of these soft skills that improves members’ personal relationships,encourages more positive engagement with their community and increasesemployability.ONLY CONNECT PROGRAMMESOnly Connect offer five key programmes:1. OC Central is the heart of the organisation; the family. OC Central provides socialspace, therapeutic services, sign-posting and assistance to access other social services,and access to opportunities in the arts and music.2. OC Impact utilises the skills and experiences of OC’s ex-offender members to deliverhigh-energy, high-impact, professionally directed productions and interactive andinnovative workshops to students and at-risk-youth to address attitudes and behavioursthat are holding them back. The latest project can be found at: OC Inspire reaches offenders in custody in London prisons and Young OffenderInstitutions providing creative training, in line with accredited courses, which equipsindividuals with employment skills.4. OC Create produces high-quality art for external audiences inspired, performed orproduced by OC members, reflecting the lives, dreams and reality of Londoners at risk ofinvolvement in crime.5. My Generation is a youth intervention project working with high risk young peopleaiming to create a new generation of leaders and youth ambassadors in the community.
  2. 2. THE CHALLENGEOnly Connect is often perceived as a youth theatre or arts organisation, and the currentcommunications style is re-inforcing that. But they are so much more than that,providing a community of belonging, training and employment opportunities for at riskyouth. The key challenge is to communicate their purpose & broad mission moreeffectively to members, potential corporate partners and the wider public.The striking black and white design has been well received, the challenge is to build onthis to make the messages clearer rather than start again.1. Reframe the OC brand purpose & communications to land its work and services moreclearlySpecifically: Explore and develop a clearer point of view about the OC purpose and mission Prioritise and refine the key messages to communicate Identify the key audiences and how to reach them more effectively Create a communications strategy and tactics to get their work more widely recognised. Evolve the visual communications style using more succinct messaging N.B the black and white visual approach is liked by the organisation but they are open to how this could be developed and expanded creatively to tell their story more effectively. Revisit and refresh the website with up to date messaging, copy and expression Develop a social web strategy to effectively communicate to their key audiences, eg. Funders and potential corporate partners Create social web tactics Create a guide and principles for OC users to use the social web on behalf of the organisation2. Attract corporate partnerships and prototype other innovative fundraisingstreams/ideasSpecifically: Prototype innovative ways that Corporate organisations could get involved with OC. Explore mentoring, skillshares, training, inspiration, internships and innovative funding models e.g co-production of products and services, sponsorship of OC productions, content etc Explore co-production possibilities with social enterprise etc Create a corporate pitch document/materials tools Develop up a fundraising page on the website Identify a hit list of companies Only Connect could approach with relevant pitchWHAT WE HAVE TO WORK WITHLogo (fixed)Current marketing assets collateralShort introductory video with testimonials from members4-5 members present at the Future Youth weekend