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7 great ideas for candid family photo shoots


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Many families request candid photo shoots of their family. Most don’t really like true candid photos though, because the whole point of a candid photo is to capture the subject in motion. No posing and making sure you look great. If you truly want a candid photo shoot here are some creative ideas for a great family shoot.

You can still have a few posed shots done during your shoot, if this is what makes you or grandma happy! It is completely up to you and your family! This is what is so great about candid photo shoots, they are so versatile you can do anything you want!

Also, once you find a photographer that you love, stick with them! You can grow a relationship over time and they will be able to get a sense of what you and your family likes and what will work best.

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7 great ideas for candid family photo shoots

  2. 2. 7 GREAT IDEAS FOR Take a trip to an amusement park, zoo, a CquAaNrDiuImD, FwAhMerIeL Yy oPuH cOaTnO a cStiHveOlyO hTaSve fun as a family.
  3. 3. “Something messy” - try finger painting and have all wear white so the colors can really stand out
  4. 4. Try using balloons or flying kites. These may not be completely candid but it does look like an action shot
  5. 5. Let your kids indulge in some fun eating. Go grab an ice cream cone dipped in chocolate :)
  6. 6. A closeup shot when you make your grandma feel happy :)
  7. 7. Let the kids use their imagination. Ask them what they would like to do that day.
  8. 8. Having bad weather? No problem! Use the rain to your advantage and go outside and get messy!