Beauty Asia: 10 insights into Asian aesthetics


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What is beauty in Asia? Why is looking good important? How are Asian aesthetics changing? And what is influencing those changes?

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Beauty Asia: 10 insights into Asian aesthetics

  1. 1. Beauty Asia:10 Insightsinto Asianaesthetics
  2. 2. Asia 5 Bringing you a flavour of business trends in just 5 minutes A Futures Coaching initiative
  3. 3. beauty mattersFor women across much of Asia, education and employmentis taking over from marriage as a means to upward mobilityHowever, womens social position is often still judged onoutward appearances: beauty, the colour of their skin andbeing dressed richlyA lighter skin colouring is perceived to be correlated withintelligence and a light-skinned, attractive person willoften receive advancement before his or her colleagues
  4. 4. defining beauty Philippine National Artist, Fernando Amorsolo rejects western ideals of beauty. He describes Filipina beauty: “a rounded face (not oval), the eyes should be exceptionally lively (notdreamy), the nose should be of the blunt form but firm and strongly marked. The ideal beauty should not necessarily bewhite complexioned, but of the clear skin or fresh colored type which we often witness when we met a blushing girl."
  5. 5. nip and tuckAfter America and Brazil, China performs the most cosmetic surgery in the World About 1.3million licensed procedures undertaken in 2010Most popular: double eyelid surgery, liposuction & nose jobs Most patients are in their 20s
  6. 6. more than skin deepDr Georgia Lee is a skin doctor for the well heeled. Asked aboutbeauty, of course she says its about glowing skin and goodphysique but she also defines it as:“being happy, [and having] charisma and class...the individualuniqueness”
  7. 7. pretty boys A traditional – but growing East Asian aesthetic - is the androgenous male. Called bishōnen in Japan and kkot-mi-nam in South Korea, these boys/men are typically slender, with clear skin, stylish hair, and distinctly feminine facial features (such as high cheekbones)
  8. 8. bikini facialsMany Asian women are wanting to wear the skimpiestswimsuitsTo avoid any self-consciousness, bikini facials arerecommended!Cleansing is followed byexfoliation, moisturizing– and, of course, skin lighteningproducts(Incidentally, foot whiteningproducts are also available)
  9. 9. hard workBeing beautiful is hard work. Actress Ayu Pratiwi won the title Putri Indonesia Pariwisata in a beauty pageant contest in 2009 For her, maintaining beauty is all about frequent massages, hair treatments, dance workouts, eatingnutitional foods, vitamin supplements, and getting enough sleep. And, of course, frequent shopping trips to Singapore & Hong Kong for must have fashion
  10. 10. beacon bloggers There is something pioneering about Asian aesthetics – as if its all to be discovered and defined Not true, of course. Modernity blends with tradition. But you have to admire the optimism and energy of a wave of bogging Indonesias fashionistaseconomy is strongly influenced by the governmentOver 164 enterprises are run by the Stateand the prices of many basic productssuch as rice, electricity and fuelare administered by thehits per month Bryanboy gets 1 million government
  11. 11. freedom The West, often talks about fashion victims and the tyranny of the catwalk The modern Asian aesthetic is almost the opposite. Its about making a statement about ones autonomy;a gesture of personal defiance in the face of domestic obligations “Kleting displayed her latest work at Jakarta Fashion Week, showcasing a complete dynamic and sporty look, using vibrant color schemes like fuchsia, orange, lime green and shocking pink.  The latest KLÉ pieces definitely showcased the spirit of fun yet fearless women”.
  12. 12. snap it up Facebooks purchase of Instagram makes all the headlinesBut one of the big stories is how Instagram is increasingly a style catalogue for many young Asians. Whats the newest cut away hairstyle? Skinny trousers tucked into socks or not? What brand of lipstick do you use? This is fast fashion, social media style
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