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ramesside yr 12

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  1. 1. Ramesside Egypt: Tales
  2. 2. Contenting of Horus and Seth • P. Chester Beaty I – Thebes during Ramesses V • “episodes concerning the struggle of Horus and Seth for succession to the throne of Osiris within the frame of an endless litigation” ABD II p. 381 • Originally separate tales • The offending and reconciling of Re • The ruse of Isis in guise of a beautiful girl to have Seth proclaim his own judgement • Horus and Seth combat as hippopotami • The binding and healing of Horus • The homosexual episode
  3. 3. Tale of Two Brothers • P. D’Orbiney – scribe Ennana (19th Dyn.) • Folk tale • Setting: village, valley of cedars, palace • False accusations are exposed and innocent vindicated • NB portrayal of pharaoh as unprincipled dallier with wives, courtiers and appetites • Anubis and Bata points to 17-18th Dynasty Upper Egypt • Resemblance to Joseph and Potiphar's wife (Genesis 39)
  4. 4. Report of Wenamun • P. Moscow 120 – end of Dyn. 20? Dyn. 22? • MK precedents: Story of Sinuhe and Tale of the Shipwrecked Sailor • “may be a true account” Lichtheim, Ancient Egyptian Literature II p. 197 • Set during 21st Dynasty – “pretention and impotence of this regime are most amusingly ridiculed by the diverse failures pf the hero to acquit himself of his commission.” (ABD II p. 381) • Reflects on theme of an Egyptian away from his homeland and divine intentions