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Umanify- Company General Overview

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Umanify - we make it "uman"

  1. 1. Umanify the new face for customer digital interaction a 360 degree approach
  2. 2. The world is changing, technology is changing, customer interaction is evolving people&technology = emotions&interactions
  3. 3. People are changing People are: • finding there is too much information to cope with (including too many choices in products and services) • moving up Maslow’s hierarchy of needs toward fulfillment and meaning as they look for deeper connections in their everyday experience • more actively and more conciously participating in the design of products and services – they are co-producing • finding that interactions with technology are complex and Source: McKinsey and own superficial, not user friendly, unnatural, not human
  4. 4. Technology is changing Towards a real time user centered technology: • Direct • Real time • User friendly • Multidevice • Multi language • Unified and aligned • Intelligent&Assistive • Collaborative Customer is no longer a mere spectator, customer wants to interact
  5. 5. Umanify vision: People first, then technology. Innovation always. • Interact in real time, naturally talk, see and listen. • Automated They should help us achieve more by doing less. • Individualized Access to Information It allows us to obtain the information that most interests us at the right moment in a direct way. • Collaborative Facilitate communication and collaboration among people, no matter their physical distance. • Customizable That learns from our interests, preferences and habits to get to know us in order to serve us better. Ubiquitous Almost “invisible”, so natural that we can use it without thinking of it.
  6. 6. The world is changing, technology is changing, customer interaction is evolving interaction&technology = humanize&now
  7. 7. Our 360º technological approach to customer interaction Multiplatform application Traditional Call center development technologies technologies Gesture, visual recognition technologies Internet IP, Video, VoiP Speech technologies (TTS/ASR/Voice ID…) Intelligent User Interface technologies Natural Language technologies
  8. 8. Umanify adopts 360º interactions p2m person to machine me & my device (phone, pc, mobile…) p2p person to person me & my agent m2m machine2machine my digital agent to virtual agents
  9. 9. The world is changing, technology is changing, customer interaction is evolving people&interface = natural&intelligent
  10. 10. Rich User Experience: The key to the new channels You can have innovative engines for natural language, ASR, TTS, etc…. and join all of them in a powerful contact center solution for new channels like mobile, iTV, ATMs, etc. but… all of this will fail if you don’t have the right user INTERFACE Our silver bullet is the interface!
  11. 11. Rich User Experience: The key to the new channels “A multimodal user interface will be required, as users will expect to use a blend of speech and graphical interface in every Source: Gartner kind of device or channel” Our silver bullet is the multimodal interface!
  12. 12. New user experience, much richer on interactivity: Umanify introduces the IDA Umanify’s innovative intelligent user inteface combines photorealistic and dynamic digital persons speak more than 20 languages and interact directly with the users in real time and in natural language, eliminating the barriers to information and services access. We have created a new user experience, much richer on interactivity: the IDA, Interactive Digital Assistant For all digital channels, like mobile phones or web applications and in sectors like customer service (auto service, contact center, helpdesk, etc.), citizen help, e- commerce, e-learning, e-banking, home automation, etc, an IDA assists in an effective and continuous way to your customers, cutting down on costs since the first day, increasing customers loyalty, increasing their satisfaction and improving your business image.
  13. 13. IDA gives you one intelligent multimodal user interface for all channels IDA: Interactive digital assistant
  14. 14. IDA: innovative technologies that merge in one new multimodal interface Our technology allows the creation and development of Interactive Digital Assistants (IDAs) capable of helping in a direct and easy way through natural language and speech technologies, allowing people to interact with the IDA using a multimodal interface. These assistants have a physically realistic human aspect, with emotional expressions and facial gestures based on human anatomic models. Umanify’s facial animation technology is an unique and innovative technology developed in our R&D lab. The IDAs physical aspect and user interface look&feel are completely customizable and adjustable to any style. We only need a picture or 3D/2D drawing of the character and our animation engine will do the rest. Our digital agents are capable of creating a new user experience, much richer in natural and direct interactivity: Talk, listen, gesticulate with your hands and the IDA will look after you, answer and serve at all times thanks to its assistive technology.
  15. 15. Our message: One personalized solution for every customer Choose your IDA look&feel, language, voice and content. It’s that easy. Umanify will take care of the rest for you. Umanify IDA unified interface is homogenous across channels…
  16. 16. The world is changing, technology is changing, customer interaction is evolving business&technology = customer&satisfaction
  17. 17. To be successful in customer interaction solutions we need to work from a 360º perspective simultaneously… Business Technology Experience - value - usability - efficiency/productivity - reach - responsiveness - robustness - analytics - flexibility / customization / uniqueness - standarization/reuse - differentiation - transparency - scalability - enjoyment - reliability - satisfaction - on-demand - real time business, technology and user experience
  18. 18. How Umanify can benefit traditional contact center solution customers: inmediate ROI • Provides a way to new client interaction channels: mobile, web, atm, ikioscs, iTV, etc • It can be installed seamlesly inside current technological platforms as a complementary software component • Actual customers can see a new opportunity to improve their customer relations without collision with past tech investments or if needed it can even replace traditionals IVRs • Call&Contact Center revenue in near future is going flat and down so Umanify provide new added values and new opportunities for upselling in your customer base • Also Umanify will open new customers where you are not the CC supplier • Umanify is on the top of end customer relationship with companies so you will open as key technology supplier new relationships on top of organization allowing top executive and management access in business areas. • End customer satisfaction in actual Call&Contact Center relationship is really bad, Umanify provides a new user experience where we can provide what the customer wishes.
  19. 19. Umanify covers actual & emerging sectors Umanify consolidate all e-government Car, Home interactions, business e-citizen Automation rules, knowledgebases, e-care workflow, integrations Press-Media and analytics in one Outsources platform, enabling a "joined up" customer service experience Umanify across new digital interaction channels by Distribution ensuring consistency Services and context retention across channels, while Banks Telecom curbing customer service Insurances costs and total cost of ownership
  20. 20. Cooperation. Coopete. Coogrow. At Umanify we know that in this new globalized environment, no business, no matter its size, can satisfy each and every aspect of their clients needs. This is why here at Umanify we give strategic importance to the synergy that alliances between companies provide. When a new opportunity of creating a solution for the client is presented that exceeds our knowledge and expertise, we immediately establish cooperation with third parties that complement us, contribute value, knowledge and the necessary experience. We establish solid, efficient and transparent cooperation for the end user with a win/win philosophy that makes the success of projects possible. Our alliances are the key to the success of our business, our partners and our clients. Our commitment is to continually increase collaboration with businesses and organizations that share our same principles of complementarity, synergy and win/win strategy. Types of cooperation currently developed: System integrators, Mobile and Web developers, Technological partners, Highly specialized vertical specialists win/win always WIN
  21. 21. See our IDAs in action! Web ADI Demo Mobile ADI Demo Umanify – we make it “uman”
  22. 22. Contact with us! Fran Martin B. - Mobile: +34 647 39 37 52 Skype: fmartinb_umanify Office + 34 93 492 27 00 Fax + 34 93 228 78 99 Diagonal 640, Planta 6 - 08017 Barcelona – Spain web: Umanify – we make it “uman”