Ordatronics credentials Rory Panetta June 2011


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Ordatronics credentials Rory Panetta June 2011

  1. 1. Ordatronics Digital Communications Credentials June 2011Copyright © Ordatronics Pty Ltd -2010
  2. 2. Selection of our CustomersCopyright © Ordatronics Pty Ltd -2010
  3. 3. Our ClientsEngage our services to create connected experiences so they provide more value than their competitors,build a sustainable competitive advantage and deliver financial benefit to their business. Copyright © Ordatronics Pty Ltd -2010
  4. 4. Our Business A digital communications company, enabling leadingretailers and brand marketers to connect with theircustomers and staff via dynamic displays, touch screen kiosks, web and mobiles. A leader in deploying and managing digital retail networks. Copyright © Ordatronics Pty Ltd -2010
  5. 5. Connected Customer ExperienceConnected Customer Pre Digital AgeCustomer Experience is no longer just about aphysical card that can track points, an online Few Touchpointsbanner campaign – or great digital signage in your Touch Points, the way we interactbranch, store or commercial space. We with companies are limited tounderstand the new connected customer. We look analog only. In person, on theat smart ways to distribute or extend a contextual phone and in store or branch wereexperience across as many touch points as the primary ways the customerpossible – including at the point of purchase. touched the company’s brand or serviceCoordinate Multiple TouchpointsOrdatronics works on the basis that there is a needto facilitate, coordinate and integrate to what youare doing elsewhere to facilitate a connectedonline and offline experience, with commonthemes and language. Digital Age 2.0Beta – Pilot – Rapid Deployment Multiple TouchpointsWe will work with you, your partners and There are now multiple ways forsuppliers to test new concepts, where you can people, business and brands tolaunch, test, relaunch vs costly big budget engage, interact and transact withinitiatives. This approach allows us to work each other. Analog and digitaltogether and test, measure, tweak, re-tweak, touch points are connected toevolve, relaunch. create a single experience.We focus on what customer, member or shoppingaudiences think and need and connect with themon their “turf”.
  6. 6. Experience 12+ 1500+ 7500+ Connected devices Connected individual RetailersBlue Chip Customers under management 98%+ 10 10 Uptime Industries Years in Business Copyright © Ordatronics Pty Ltd -2010
  7. 7. Snapshot Creative Hard/Software Content Helpdesk & Maintenance Experience & Solution Design Manage & Control Your Digital Retail Reports National Network 98% Coverage Uptime Factory & Tech Field Force Hosted Solutions & App Dev True Blue Aussie Company , launched late 2001 Offices in Sydney and Melbourne, manufacturing facilities in Victoria, services globally Services geared to single store owner to corporations with scaled operations comprising 1000+ stores/branches Blue chip service in all States & Territories Creating and maintaining connected customer environments for clients since 2001 Profitable campany Procurement & Project Management
  8. 8. Industry Partnerships Ordatronics is product and technology agnostic. In addition to our products, we have also established sound value add partnerships with leading organisations. This combination allows you to source the optimal solution from a single vendor. We recognise that no single company has a monopoly on great ideas, great technology, or delivery of solutions. To ensure we can bring the best of breed end-to-end solutions to our customers, we have very close partnerships with some of the most advanced digital merchandising companies in the world. These partnerships provide Ordatronics with world class solution development and delivery, along with priority access to support routes and early access to new solutions and technology that facilitate improved delivery of a connected customer environment. Our alliances allow us to deploy interactive and digital display solutions that interface and service complex transactional back end systems. Ordatronics has extensive experience in creating user experience interfaces and working with systems and applications that manage enterprise wide business processes. Our expertise ensures our customers can quickly and cost- effectively deploy proven and flexible interactive and display solutions. With our partners we consult, design, build and operate services for Windows, Android, as well as Apple based infrastructure and mobile devices.
  9. 9. Customer Voice “I was not so sure at the beginning about the impact of the kiosk in my store. But once installed, I saw how my shoppers were engaged and using it in a regular base and then saw how it improved the sales at the categories featured in the kiosk, I would not hesitate to highly recommend this marvellous sales tool to any store owner” Hi Ant, “I was not so sure at the beginning about the impact Just a quick note to thank you and your team Malcolm van Yssel Dyk of the kiosk in my store. But once installed, I saw in particular Tony Dagger for going not only Store Owner how my shoppers were engaged and using it in a "the extra yard but the extra miles" literally regular base and then saw how it improved the Supa IGA to get the replacement screen installed and sales at the categories featured in the kiosk, I would Doonside, NSW running at Bondi and to support the I Phone 4 not hesitate to highly recommend this marvellous launch last night. sales tool to any store owner” Great effort, thanks Glenn Earl-Peacock Store Development “Tabcorp engaged Ordatronics as part of a major project to assist in the design, Telstra Retail |Telstra Consumer development and implementation of the Retail TAB of the future. Ordatronics Telstra Head Office, Sydney, NSW brought to the table significant skills and experience in the management of electronic content and display that Tabcorp has found to be invaluable in delivering this project. Ordatronics are an innovative company who are committed to supporting and directing its clients for the best competitive and commercial outcome, responsive to their needs and underpinned by a team ofprofessionals with a "can do" attitude. Ordatronics have established themselves as a partner of Tabcorp and we look forward to working with them on future projects” Dean Clarke General Manager Retail Sales Development Tabcorp Sydney, NSW
  10. 10. Recognition
  11. 11. Customer Sites
  12. 12. Brisbane Queen St Branch
  13. 13. QSR – Recipe Procedure Guide Client: Guzman Y Gomez Client Pain: Kitchen staff forget recipe ingredients and procedures. Staff had to refer and browse through a physical binder with pics and text. Difficult to manage and control consistency of content across network of restaurants.  Touch Tablet App (iPad/Windows/Android compatible)  Concept/Solution Design  Staff GUI Development/Design  Search  Video  Images  Procurement  Installation  Support Black silicone skin protects the Vesa Standard mounting holes for  Usage Analytics & Reporting tablet inside ruggedised unit quick swing-arm installation Secure, HTTPS login access to easilyCables can be routed via side or update tablet content across the back openings network of restaurants
  14. 14. Automotive/Banking – Member Kiosk Client: GM Holden/Westpac Holden required a rewards redemption solution that eliminated the need for a call centre to order and issue printed paper-based coupons. A stand-alone kiosk solution was developed, fitted with a high capacity thermal printers (approx. 3500 tickets) and a wireless modem for secure remote monitoring. The solution was developed and delivered within 4 weeks to meet a crucial deadline and has been running successfully, with close to zero downtime, for almost 5 years.  Concept development  Solution design and execution  Deployment  Maintenance and support
  15. 15. 10 reason why companies choose us1 6We know what were doing because weve done this before. We stream content 24/7 to thousands of devices across Australia for some of Australia’sWhen you do something over and over again - you become good at it. We are in our largest corporations.tenth year. The people behind, systems, and operations that founded Ordatronics Concerned about scale? Dont be. With 98%+ uptime, dedicated teams for each account,have amassed a team of industry veterans to ensure the companys success. and 24/7 national operations support, we designed this company to support businesses like yours.2We built our products & solutions from scratch to do exactly what they do now. 7Often companies start down a path, see success elsewhere, and shift focus. Not us - We continue to hire the best and the brightest.we add functionality and expand the roadmap. When we identify a need in the Scaling a company with the same focus on intellect and culture is a challenge. Even as wemarket, or a client presents a new requirement - we develop and seamlessly add offices and scale teams, preserving the quality of our people is priority #1.integrate a solution, and tout the same mission as when we were founded. 83 We help you manage and control assets to reduce environmental impact and cost.We help you develop, manage and control your display or interactive content - on We can help you develop an asset management strategy so you have a clear asset valueLED, mobile, PC, internal TV, or kiosks monitors- yes, we support it. recovery process and can recover value from end of life and end of lease assets or assetsYour message may need to meet your audience wherever they go - on a LED display that do not meet new requirements. We work with a network of recovery specialists that isin your branch or store, on the mobile, on the laptop, on internal TV, or on a kiosk unrivaled in the industry today and can help you plan;screen. Our products were built to be ubiquitous and publish content to these  De-installation Servicesdevices to meet relevant customer, employee or member audiences on their turf.  Data Destruction  Environmentally-Sound Recycling or Remarketing4 We can provide you with real time analysis of your network of connected devices and loadYour business is our business - and we take our business very seriously. states across large and distributed fleets of hardware and monitors. We will provide youWe are dedicated and committed. Don’t take our word for it. Ask any of our with a composite picture of infrastructure utilisation and efficiency in correlation withcustomers. Our team works closely with your team and wont rest until your bottom energy consumption, costs and carbon footprint based on your actual energy rates;line is growing or other KPI’s are met. We are technology agnostic which allows us to  produce asset life-cycle specific reports which provide analysis of this data onmake the best use of your existing software and hardware infrastructure. a granular basis by categories, locations, machine manufacturer, models, and5 SOE instances  Estimate likely e-waste outcomes from fleet renewal activitiesWe are pervasively integrated throughout the digital display and interactiveecosystem. 9If your current operations structure requires that we integrate with players, We are already thinking about five years from now.technologies, multi vendor systems, back-office applications or servers, odds are Todays world of convergence, cross-platform integration, and content anywhere isweve already done the leg work. Check out our partners. downright daunting. We continue to innovate against current and new products to keep you years ahead. 10 Were a good laugh. At least, we think we are. All joking aside, we joke a lot. The challenges we solve for are serious, and our business is highly complex - but youll be surprised at how much fun well have working together.
  16. 16. CONTACT Rory Panetta Hans de KrakerOrdatronics Pty Limited ABN 98 098 945 469 Ordatronics Pty Limited ABN 98 098 945 469M: 0416 123 222 Level 6, 141 Walker Street M: 0410 598 053 Level 6, 141 Walker StreetT: +61 2 8908 3416 North Sydney NSW 2060 T: +61 2 8003 5029 North Sydney NSW 2060F: +61 2 8908 3455 F: +61 2 8908 3455E: rory.panetta@ordatronics.com E: hans.kraker@ordatronics.comW: www.ordatronics.com Customer Support: 13000 KIOSK W: www.ordatronics.com Customer Support: 13000 KIOSK Copyright © Ordatronics Pty Ltd -2010