Customer Experience Suite Townsville


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Customer Experience Suite Townsville

  1. 1. Delivering Exceptional Web ExperiencesMike HandesSocial Business Innovation Lead, A/NZIBM Collaboration Solutions @mikehandes © 2011 IBM Corporation
  2. 2. The City Sustainability Hub is an access point for all information around sustainability of the cityThe City Sustainability Hub extends the Office of SustainabilityA collaboration of public and private Townsville organizations and individualsIt aggregates contextual (from measurement) and non contextual (social media) and allows citizen to communicate to citizens in the sustainability context Healthcare Businesses Products & Services Transport Citizens CITY STRATEGY CITY GOVERNANCE Food Energy Education Waste Communication Water Biodiversity and Ecology
  3. 3. The Fifth IT Era: The era of Social Government Social Internet PCs DepartmentalMainframe What’s your Social Government Agenda?
  4. 4. With Exceptional Web Experiences That Are... Know YourBalance Form & IntendedFunction: Visual Audience: DeliverAppeal + Ease of Precisely WhatUse Equally They Need/WantImportant.Socially-infused.People AreEverywhere: Turn CustomersExplosion of Into Advocates:Mobile Means A Ensure A Reliable,Moving Target! Secure Experience © 2011 IBM Corporation 4
  5. 5. Universal Integration Hub…simplify! Hide Complexity  Role/Profile/Rule Based Consolidation  Security Self Service  Single Sign On Adoption Rates  Navigational Model Cost Avoidance  Branding App Reuse  Virtual Portals Multi-channel
  6. 6. IBM Customer Experience SuiteThe centerpiece offering in the IBM Project Northstar Vision Create Dynamic, Engaging Web Experiences that Wow Customers Target the Right Experience to the Right User via the Right Channel at the Right Time Improve Customer Loyalty by Enabling Users to Socialize Optimize the Experience to Maximize Results Realize Business Goals Reach Customers Across Multiple Channels – Mobile, Web, Kiosk, Email... Integrate Across Heterogenous Systems to Deliver New Value © 2011 IBM Corporation 6
  7. 7. Create Dynamic, Engaging Web Experiences that Wow Your Customers Increase responsiveness by empowering business users✔ New site wizard (microsites)✔ Flexible workflow engine✔ Multi-lingual support✔ Import from Microsoft Word✔ Write once – syndicate to multiple channels✔ Inline editing with rich-text editor✔ Free industry and content templates Achieve consistent branding & messaging with syndication✔ Version control✔ Robust security framework✔ WebDav support – support familiar html tools (like Dreamweaver)✔ Site management tools✔ SEO-ready✔ Robust site search © 2011 IBM Corporation
  8. 8. Improve Customer Engagement by Enabling Users to Socialize Support conversations Allow users to find the right people ✔ Wikis, blogs, ideation blogs ✔ User profiles ✔ Rating, commenting, tagging ✔ Forums and communities ✔ Integrate with twitter, facebook, youtube, etc. ✔ Shared files ✔ Shared bookmarks ✔ Instant messaging ✔ Activities Drive innovation by supporting idea contribution Enable customers to get problems resolved quicklyAllow customers toprovide feedback © 2011 IBM Corporation
  9. 9. Reach Customers Across Multiple Channels - Mobile, Web, Kiosk, Email...● Rapidly support newdevices as they becomeavailable: ● Leverage out-of-the-box tooling to create a single application that can support both smartphones and full- sized desktop browsers● Execute at the speed youneed to remain competitive: ● Leverage one common theme to deliver content through the browser to deskop + mobile © 2011 IBM Corporation
  10. 10. Make Better, Evidence-Based Decisions with AnalyticsLeverage analytics to:● Improve user engagement by measuring and then fine tuning the customer experience● Intelligently manage your marketing resources● Make better decisions faster © 2011 IBM Corporation 10
  11. 11. Target the Right Experience to the Right User Via the Right Channel at the Right Time Profile –one attribute that drives personalization. Also can be behavior, location, device, attitude, time of day, etc. Customization- allows users to change their own experience CustomizationRecommendations – Personalization – delivers content or drives a customoffers based upon who user experience you are similar to © 2011 IBM Corporation 11
  12. 12. eForms – Reduce manual, paper-based processes● Provides profound cost reduction● Accurate & complete data collection - the first time● Creates auditable, compliant records● Dramatically improves the user experience● Streamlines/Accelerates Processes 12
  13. 13. Award Winning CUSTOMERS / SITESLufthansa – Customer Site 2010 WEBAWARD - Web IBM – developerWorks 2010 Forrester Groundswell Award – ForresterMarketing Association (Best Airline Website) Research (Winner: B2B division)Brocade Communications – B2B Site 2010 WEBAWARD - Web IBM – developerWorks 2010 US SMB Social Media Marketing Award –Marketing Association (B2B & Technology Standard of Excellence) AMI-Partners (Winner: Community Development award) Boston Medical Center – Patient Site 2010 WEBAWARD - WebSaudi Shoura Council – eGovernance Portal Marketing Association (Outstanding Website)2009 Best Website for Parliaments (Winner) Tyco International – B2B Site 2010 WEBAWARD - WebDuke University Health System – Patient Portal Marketing Association (B2B Standard of Excellence)2008 Healthcare Informatics Innovator (Finalist) Finnair – Customer Site 2010 WEBAWARD - Web MarketingHSBC Bank Brazil – Employee Portal 2009 Intranet Design Association (Airline Standard of Excellence)Award, Nelson Norman Group (Recipient) International Enterprise Singapore – G2B Site 2010 WEBAWARD - Web Marketing Association (Government Standard ofUS Army Publishing Directorate – Army Action Tracking Excellence)System 2009 Army Knowledge Management Award (Winner) U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission – Electronic InformationCity of Gothenburg – Citizen Portal 2009 GT Exchange 2009 Excellence.Gov Award (Finalist)Newspaper Achievement Award (Recognized) – Customer Site 2010 WEBAWARD - Web Marketing Association (Automobile Standard of Excellence)Los Angeles County – Municipal Portal 2009 NationalAssociation of Counties Achievement Award (Winner)Bharti Airtel – Mobile Portal 2008 Strategy Analytics State of Missouri – Emergency Response InformationWireless Media Lab (Best Portal) System Portal 2008 Computerworld Honors (Laureate)Miami-Dade County – Housing Central Portal 2007 City of Helsinki – Citizen Portal 2007 UN Report: DigitalDigital Government Achievement Award (Winner) Governance in Municipalities (#1 in Europe)
  14. 14. LA County offers a consistent online experienceacross 38 departments for 10.4 million constituents
  15. 15. Miami-Dade County saved $1 million per year inlabor costs
  16. 16. NSW Land and Property Management Authority"Building this channel took one month. Prior to Premier’s Gold Award in 2008 for ‘Achieving the business vision’.SIX, such an initiative would have taken closer toa year to deploy"Business Objectives• Provide greater responsiveness• Remove barriers to find/access spatial data• Reduce paperwork between agencies• Streamline Government services• Reduce transaction timeImplementation Objectives• Merge 3 existing portals/websites into 1• Design new taxonomy, design, & navigation• Create composite applications using enterprise web services ● The Spatial Information eXchange (SIX), is the as building blocks official source of NSWs geospatial information,• Utilise Profiling capabilities to target specific audiences with possessing the most comprehensive, accurate and reliable spatial data for the State different functions and content
  17. 17. Democratisation of Data - Citizen Mashup Regional Performance  Helps citizens answer “How is my region doing in increasing recycling rates?”  Explore recycling data by region  View up to minute news on recyclingChallenge:  Built in 30 minutes Empower the community by making government data accessible via a single platform in a format which can be personalised and sharedSolution: City Performance 570+ feeds of government data  Helps citizens answer “How can available for creating customized I improve my city’s household mashups to put citizens in control recycling?”  Find local recycling centres and what they recycle  Local news on city recycling performance  Built in 15 minutesSlide 17
  18. 18. Exceptional Web Experiences Delight Citizens Providing citizens with seamless, speedy, and simple access to essential government services Business Needs  Provide Citizens & businesses with access to Government news, content, and other information & services – anytime, anywhere  Deliver capabilities to where users are – their mobile phones. (Trinidad & Tobagos extremely high mobile penetration rate is over 125% and 4th in the world) Real Results Real Results  Over 1.5 million visits (to date- June 2010) Over 1.5 million visits (to date- June 2010)  Over 36k customers served in 6 locations (to date- June 2010)  Over 36k customers served in 6 locations (to date- June 2010)  Over 27k customers via 5 kiosks (to date- June 2010) Over 27k customers via 5 kiosks (to date- June 2010) © 2011 IBM Corporation 18
  19. 19. Healthier Stronger Eco-system Relationships B2B B2C (your domain) Social Business Consumer B2E Domain Social Analytics WorkforceOptimisation & Ideation New Channels Listen, Learn, Measure, Take Action
  20. 20. Profiles Communities Blogs Bookmarks Activities Files Wikis IBM Connections is Facebook for Government! IBM Connections – empowers government users to easily connect with each other, other agencies, (NGO’s) and partners – GET SOCIAL