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Inteli Wise Answer Now Contact Centers 1.71


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InteliWISE Self Service Agents that increase customer experience and optimize customer support costs. see at

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Inteli Wise Answer Now Contact Centers 1.71

  1. 1. InteliWISE Self Service Agents Virtual Agents with business language recognition for Contact Centers !   Superior multichannel customer experience !   Leveraging live agent productivity !   Lowering cost of interaction Marcin Strzalkowski +48 506 66 33 22 1
  2. 2. InteliWISE Corporate Overview !  Founded in 2005 with the vision of changing the way business websites communicate with millions of customers !  We are a Next Generation/ Web3.0 Conversation Agent solution provider, in SaaS platform integrating AI, Video, Audio !  Focusing on Virtual Agent technologies to grow online businesses !  Silicon Valley company (Sunnyvale, California) with development in Europe (Warsaw/Poland) !  Funded by Asseco Group, but largely by Founders, strategic support from Intel Capital !  Executive Management all veterans of the Software Industry with a combined experience of over 50 years with a track record of building successful companies Intelligent Customer Care across all platforms, improving satisfaction, increasing sales and reducing operating expenditures 2 INTELIWISE | Next Generation Self-Service Platform
  3. 3. More and more Clients are realizing the benefits of this Platform…. 800 business clients, including: Food and Small Technology distribution Transportation manufacturing !   InteliWISE have created one of the most interesting avatars on the AI market – Newsweek Media & !   Best Website, WebStarFestival Awards !   Award at Technicon Innovations Fair !   ComputerWorld „The Most innovative Broadband Service” INTELIWISE | NEW USER EXPERIENCE WITH VIDEO AVATARS 3
  4. 4. Why Virtual Agents are getting on popularity? 3 challenges to overcome Business challenges !   68% of online users are most frustrated if cannot interact with a knowledgeable ‘Hi there! I need support consultant right now, right here!’! !   Great deal of support is a ‘must’ when migrating clients to self service tools !   On average 90% of all customers ‘How the heck can I find queries are calls this ???’! !   The average cost of live/call contact with customers is $5 – $35. !   In 2008 users viewed 140M video files ‘C’mon, it’s a YouTube era !   Difficulty of cutting through information now’! clutter - Traditional enterprise content not engaging anymore Source: Forrester 2007, Harris Interactive Report CER 200, Jupiter (Media Metrix), McKinsey 2005, PBI 2008 Customer Care Report INTELIWISE | NEW USER EXPERIENCE WITH VIDEO AVATARS 4
  5. 5. Challenges for Contact Centers in the media convergence era !   Improving customer experience while controlling customer service cost !   Maintaining agents skills & response quality at high workforce rotation !   Providing convenient, consistent service across all channels !   Meeting all this metrics: number of interactions handled by agents (e.g. contacts per agent-month), First-Contact Resolution (FCR), Average Handle Time (AHT), Total Handle Time (THT), call wrap-up time, Average Speed of Answer (ASA), call abandonment rate, IVR completion rate, number of escalations, service level compliance rate, etc. INTELIWISE | NEW USER EXPERIENCE WITH VIDEO AVATARS 5
  6. 6. Natural Language Processing is one of the leading BP automation technologies !   Innovative internet technology– that more and more companies are using globally !  Users are using their own language and more of its voice and sounds, instead of keyboards !   InteliWISE delivers award – winning solution that combines !   AI technologies to help understand users’ intention when they ask questions their own way !   Interactive video and voice - to build great customers experience INTELIWISE | NEW USER EXPERIENCE WITH VIDEO AVATARS 6
  7. 7. InteliWISE Self – Service Agents, with rich video, innovative technology that more and more companies are using globally !   Avatar: active invitation for user interaction This is the video “person” that interfaces with the web user (hundreds to choose from) !   See what is said: web knowledge presented through dialogue and text — based on best- in-class Artificial Intelligence technologies !   Query communication box: user can input questions in natural language, then the Virtual Agent displays and speaks the correct answer INTELIWISE | NEW USER EXPERIENCE WITH VIDEO AVATARS 7
  8. 8. Behind these Conversational Agents is… Rich Technology Patented technologies comprise: !   Artificial intelligence analysis engine, based on the semantic web concept and neural network algorithms; !   Natural language processing engine, based on multi-source knowledge bases; !   Text to speech technologies; !   Dynamic, context-based video animation engine. Integration with an external speech-recognition module. INTELIWISE: PUTTING CONVERSATIONAL AGENTS TO WORK FOR YOU
  9. 9. Enterprises use Agents For key enterprise areas, where user’s engagement is the key INTELIWISE | NEW USER EXPERIENCE WITH VIDEO AVATARS 9
  10. 10. InteliWISE Contact Center We deliver tools for improving live agent productivity !   AnswerNow™ Call Center Search Technology !   Available to Contact Center agents, our Semantic Search immediately help finding answers to customers questions, that are on the phone now !   Contains intelligent scripts, that contextually prompt answers !   Can be integrated with current intranet CC portals or script tools !   Virtual Trainer for Call Center agents !   eLearning video – rich application that shortens employees learning curve !   Rich reporting statistics help collecting feedback from new employees !   Can be integrated with current eLearning applications COMCAST | INTERACTIVE CONTENTS & SERVICES GUIDE INTELIWISE  |  THE  INTELIWISE  DIFFERENCE   PROBLEM  WE  CHALLENGE     10
  11. 11. Statistical Reporting & Analytics, that help to capture employees intentions !  Users satisfaction ratio !  Number of conversations (time/ user breakdown) !  Number of questions responded / redirected to helpdesk !  Number of unrecognized queries !  Number of answeres redirected to Google / Other search INTELIWISE | NEW USER EXPERIENCE WITH VIDEO AVATARS 11
  12. 12. Talk with our Agent: 12 | Next Generation Self-Service Platform