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Presentation kolokolova


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Published in: Travel, Business
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Presentation kolokolova

  1. 1. RussiaandAmericaKolokolova Katerinа
  2. 2. Social aspects.Differences in Russia Things in common Differences in the USARussia is a great power, thegreatest country in theworld according to theoccupied territories! It is acountry with a greatspiritual and culturalheritage!Both countries havesignificant experience!America: its a shame whenyou throw out a piece ofpaper on the street.America: this is when youare 16 and it’s a shame ifyou’ve got no driverslicense.
  3. 3. ClimateDifferences in Russia Things in common Differences in USAIt’s cold for Six months athe year, and sometimeslonger. Summer is shortand rainy.In each country, thereare four seasons. But theair temperature stilldiffersAmerica: this is whenyou can wear sandals inthe winter.
  4. 4. The mapsDifferences in Russia Things in common Differentces in USAIn the Russian federationpolice stations with a staffstand at every turn.Both in Russia and inAmerica there are a lot ofroads, highways, andeach person have gotseveral cars ...America is when on theroad there is no policebaton.
  5. 5. GovernmentDifferences in Russia Things in common Differentces in USAThe government of Russia isepresented by Putin,Medvedev and federalministers.A multiparty system The highest legislative bodyis a bicameral Congress.The highest executive body isthe president of the UnitedStates.The highest body of thejudiciary is the SupremeCourt of the United States.
  6. 6. HistoryDifferences in Russia Things in common Differentces in USAThe history of Russia ismuch richer with variousevents, it is more colorfuland eye-opening.The Cold War American history dims inthe comparison of ours.
  7. 7. Food.Differences in Russia Things in common Differentces in USAIn Russia, there is a largevariety of dishes: soups,cereals salads, Okroshkaand more.Russia and America havefast food ...... filled withall your favoriteMcDonalds stuff.The presence ofnumerous fast foodeateries leads to the factthat Americans are fedwith cola and sandwiches.