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Shevtsova presentation


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Shevtsova presentation

  1. 1. Similarities and differences betweenAmericans and Russians
  2. 2. Russia USAI want to tell you about myself. My name is Polina.My surname is Shevtsova. My patronymic name isVladimirovna. I am 19 years old. I am a student ofthe Krasnoyarsk state Teacher-training University.1)My favorite food is meat and fish.2)I do my homework for about two hours.3)I spend 3 to 8:00 at the University of4)My favorite subject at school was physicaleducation and social studies, and now I am studyingat the University and my favorite subject here iseducation of children.5) the most difficult grade at school wasthe 9th Grade.6)My favorite sport is volleyball7)in my spare time (it depends on weather and mymood) I walk, I go shopping, but mostly I do myfavorite thing - nail design.8)in my spare time I do my own thing9)I love all kinds of music (it depends on my mood), butmost of all: dance & club type.10)We have neither the school uniform nor theuniversity uniformoverall I &Stephany areonly ones thathave no singlecommon shapeHi!! My name is Stephany! Im your partern from the U.S.A!-My favorite food is pasta!-On my freetime, I go out with friends, or watch tv, or I justlay on my couch with my computer, haha.-By the time I get home from school, its like 4 when I gethome. So from 4 through 6 or 7 is when I study.- We spend about 6 hours in school- My favorite subject is lunch! ;)haha but I actually likeFrench. Im learning how to speak French, and it is veryyhard.- The hard class for me is Biology, and World Gegraphy- My favorite sport is basketball <3- My favorite type of music is hip hop, and latin pop (Imhispanic)- We dont wear uniforms here at my school. I go to a publichigh school. But in middle school, I went to a private schoolthat I miss a lot, and we did wear uniforms there. But it wasnice, you could wear high skirts, and the shirts were reallycute.
  3. 3. Russia USAClimate in Russia is temperate.Climate in Russia is temperate.The lowest winter temperature is 35 degrees ofCelsius, but in the place where I had lived the lowestwintertemperature is 62 degrees of Celsius below zero. At theend of May, all blooms, the grass isgreen and cherry trees are also in bloom.average summer temperature is 30 degrees of Celsiusin Fall it rains more often and closer to the end ofOctober, when temperatures drop and snow falls. InNovember we wear winter coats and warm boots.Our countries are located inalmost all climatic zonesSince the country is located in the vast area,there are almost all climatic zones - from theArctic climate in the northern Alaska to tropicalin Hawaii and the southern Florida.
  4. 4. Russia USAFrom the point of view of the geological structureand relief of the Russian territory can be dividedinto two main parts, east and west, the boundaryof which runs roughly along the Yenisei River. Thewestern part of - mostly flat, with low hills anduplands, in the eastern part is dominated by themountain (although there are several largelowlands). Taking into account these topologicalfactors Russia is divided into six major torographicparts: Fennoscandia, the East European Plain, theUral Mountains, the West Siberian Plain, CentralSiberian Plateau, the mountains south and east ofRussia We both love maps and geographylessonsWithin the United States there are several majorphysiographic regions. In the east, along the Atlanticcoast stretches Appalachinskaya mountain range. Tothe west and south of this area is aligned to form low-lying areas along the major rivers which flow theUnited States. Further to the west the terrain becomesvast plains and prairies, called the Great Plains,which precede the mountainous areas of theCordillera. Mountain ranges occupy the entirewestern part of the country and quite abruptly cut offthe coast of the Pacific Ocean.Most of Alaska occupy the northern Cordillera. TheHawaiian archipelago is a series of volcanic islandsup to 4205 m
  5. 5. Russia USAI want to tell you about "Government inRussia".Government in Russia is composed of threebranches ofgovernment. Legislative body branch FederalAsembly (itis the Russian parlament), which comprisestwochambers: the State Duma and the FederalCouncil.Executive branch: the head of executivebranch is theRussian president. The name of the RussianpresidentPutin Vladimir Vladimirovich. The executivebranchcomprises chairman of the government,deputies andministers.Judicial branch: the main body of the judicialbranchis the supreme court. The judicial branchdoesntdepend on other bodiesRussia and the United States are a republicThe federal government has only thosepowers that are spelled out in theConstitution.The federal government is working on thebasis of the principle of separation of powersand is divided into three independentbranches of government: legislative,executive and judicial.Higher federal agencies of the U.S.government (English US government,Federal government of the United States,Government of the United States) - UnitedStates system of government, formed withthe adoption of the U.S. Constitution in 1787.Form of government - federal republic. Thefederal government has only those powersthat are spelled out in the Constitution.The federal government is working on thebasis of the principle of separation of powersand is divided into three independentbranches of government: legislative,executive and judicial.
  6. 6. Russia USAI want to tell you about Russian cuisine, tablemanners, and my favorite dish.Sitting at the table, pay attention to your ownposture.Linen napkin put on his lap.Serve dishes start with the ladies sitting at theright hand of the hostess or host.Before leaving, do not forget to thank the hosts forthe tasty treats and a nice time.The Russian cuisine has incorporated elementsof French cuisine and specialties from the formerSoviet Union and the various peoples of Russia.A distinctive feature of the Russian peasantcuisinedishes can be hardly found.Typically, the food was prepared in the oven,so it was widely cooked by boiling & braising.Do not talk with your mouth full.Napkins should be placed on your lap,folded in half if they are very large.If you eat with your hands, do not lickyour fingers. Be careful.Table manners are important in America, and may bedifferent from those in your country. In general,Americans try to eat carefully, without making a lotof noise. If there is something on the table is out oftheir reach, they will politely ask someone to give itto them.North American table manners:Do not talk with your mouth full. Napkins should beplaced on your lap, folded in half if they are verylarge. If you are in a small group, politely wait to starteating until the host sits down and starts. With largegroups, you can start seeing a few people began toeat. You can also start if the host calls upon you. Useyour fork, knife and spoon for eating.There are some exceptions, such as lobsters and cornon the cob, biscuits, shrimp, fried chicken and otherproducts. It is better to see how other people eat it. Ifyou eat with your hands, do not lick your fingers toclean them. Use caution napkin.
  7. 7. Russia USAthe country is going through a serious crisis.The country was trying to live at the expenseof the accumulated wealth, primarilythrough the sale of fuel and energyresources. Russia is in a transitional stage inthe development of a marketeconomy. Transformation towards a marketeconomy are carried out in several ways: theremoval of restrictions on the economicactivity, the transition to marketprices, stabilization of the financial andmonetary system of the country, thedevelopment of entrepreneurshipand privatization of enterprises, therestructuring of the economy. Now in Russiacurrency is ruble. $ 1 is about 31 rubles. Forthis money you can buy a loaf of bread or abottle of soda.I couldn’t find any similarities in theeconomies of Russia and the U.S.The U.S. economy is the largest economy inthe world, as well as PPP, in nominal terms,of not less than a quarter of global GDP sincethe end of World War II.The U.S. economy is one of the most diversenational economies in the world and holdsthe leadership in the global economy the last100 years. However, since the early 2000s, asindicated, as a result of globalization andaccelerate the growth of developingcountries, its influence in the global economydeclines.GDP (PPP) of the country for 2012 was $15.811 trillion
  8. 8. The War of 1812 (Fr. Sampagne de Russie pendant lannée 1812 -The war between Russia and Napoleonic France in Russia in 1812.The causes of the war was the refusal of Russia to actively supportthe continental blockade, in which Napoleon saw the mainweapon against the United Kingdom, and the policies ofNapoleon against the European states.In the first phase of the war (June to September 1812), the Russianarmy fought retreating from the borders of Russia to Moscow, toMoscow giving the battle of Borodino.In the second phase of the war (October to December 1812),Napoleons army first maneuvered trying to go into winterquarters in non war-ravaged areas, and then retreated to theborders of Russia, pursued by Russian army, hunger and frost.The war ended with almost complete destruction of Napoleonsarmy, the liberation of the territory of Russia and the relocation ofmilitary action on the ground of the Duchy of Warsaw andGermany in 1813 (see War of the Sixth Coalition). Among thereasons for the defeat of Napoleons army Russian historianNikolai Troitsky calls nationwide participated in the war and theheroism of the Russian army, the French army not ready forcombat operations over large areas and the climatic conditions ofRussia, Russian military leader talents chief Mikhail Kutuzov andother generalsThe American Civil War (War of the North and the Southand the English. American Civil War) - the civil war of1861-1865 between the compound 20 non-slave states andfour slave states of the North with 11 slave states of theSouth.The fighting began with the shelling of Fort Sumter April12, 1861 and ended in the surrender remains theConfederate Army under Gen. Stand Waite June 23, 1865.During the war, there have been about two thousandbattles. In this war, the U.S. citizens killed more than inany other of wars involving the United States.