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USA (Todd's Global Project 2012/2013)


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Published in: Education, News & Politics
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USA (Todd's Global Project 2012/2013)

  2. 2. To Whom It May Concern(by Omid Schwartz / Germany)3 years ago, I started an e-pen-pal on the project of Mr. Kellaher-USA withone of his students. Her name was Samar and she attended the 6th grade of amiddle school in the United States at that time.Samar and I wrote each other very much. She told me a lot about her family,her school, and her daily life in the United States. I found out that we hadmuch in common. We both shared many common hobbies, such as soccer, thesame kind of music, hanging out with friends, playing the same computer games,and so on. Samar and I wrote about one and a half years. Then the contactunfortunately stopped, because both of us were under a lot of stress and timepressure at school at that time. Me in Germany and she in the U.S.Except Samar, today Im in contact with 4 different guys in the U.S. One inIllinois, 2 more in Massachusetts, and one in Oregon. We chat a lot, and findthat we often watch the same TV shows and sitcoms, (I usually several monthslater in Europe). We mostly hear the same songs, and we all love to eat atMcDonalds or the like. (Sorry mom, I know you dont like to hear.) Anyway,there is one big difference: 3 of them play American football while I play
  3. 3. soccer (which is common for boys and men in Europe.) For American guys, thisis a girls sport. So, we sometimes tease each other about it.What I generally think about the U.S.? Hey, its a cool country with greatstuff and also some problems, just like you find in my country too - sometimessimilar, sometimes different.If I want to live there? Why not, at least for a limited time, just as a lot ofAmericans live in my country for some time. However - if I just think about – Ionly would do under one condition: if I dont need to play American footballover there, but may continue to play soccer all the time, ha ha ha ha.Au revoir from France at the moment (hey guys, also a very cool country!!!!)Sincerely,OmidSamar /USA , as well as Omid/Germany in 2010
  4. 4. Student:Madalina FloreaClass:a VIII BSchool:Scoala Nicolae IorgaTown/Country:Ploiesti - ROMANIATeacher:Mrs. Cerassela Anghel
  5. 5. Student:Nicoleta NituClass:VIII BSchool:Scoala Nicolae IorgaTown/Country:Ploiesti - ROMANIATeacher:Mrs. Cerassela Anghel
  6. 6. Student:Madalina AntonescuClass:VIII BSchool:Scoala Nicolae IorgaTown/Country:Ploiesti - ROMANIATeacher:Mrs. Cerassela Anghel
  7. 7. Student:Andreea SanduClass:a VIII BSchool:Scoala Nicolae IorgaTown/Country:Ploiesti - ROMANIATeacher:Mrs. Cerassela Anghel
  8. 8. Why I’d like to see AmericaI’d like to see America because of all thecelebrities from there but this wouldn’t the singlereason, I would go to America,for another reason:there are things that can’t be seen in Romania onother countrues.Every country is important ,havingtheir own originality ,even if some countries haveborrowed some inventions from other countriesbecause they are successful and they are helpingthe people in every country to live moreconfortable.If you go to visit America ,you will meetextraordinary people and you will seeextraordinary things.People are working hard forwhat they want and they are successful ineverything they do, almost everytime.In conclusion, I’d like to go America because there“dreams come true” and from there I would havesomething to learn about.Student: Sanu Andreea
  10. 10. ILLYA(Dnipropetrowsk)UKRAINE19 yearsAs a person, who was born and raised in a post-Soviet country,completed an 11-month long educational program in the U.S., andcurrently lives in Canada, I may give you a slightly different from whatyou’ve heard before response.Unsurprisingly, the first thing that springs into my mind is fast-food.Unfortunately, the following way of thinking can hardly be calledgroundless. The territory of USA as a whole is packed with all kinds offast-food starting with a good-old McDonalds and ending with newlyestablished Wendy’s. However, on the other hand that doesn’t implyobesity, which one would believe to be an inevitable consequence. WellI meant not among all the age and social groups.And now we slowly reached another thing that I personally associatewith USA. It is sports. A country created and raised by power isgenuinely reliable upon that power in peacetime as well as wartime. AndI can hardly think of any better warfare replacement other than sports.The assertion that American high-school athletes are among top-3 in theWorld might be a safe guess. Sport is everywhere. It is evenbroadcasted in the fast-food restaurants we mentioned earlier. What anirony, ha?Although realizing I might get blamed for not mentioning dozens anddozens of matters that may characterize USA in a better way, there isone thing I totally can’t miss. It is a concept of a road. An endless roadgoing to where the sun sits down and where dreams begin. The entireAmerican nation is a car on a highway. The route shall not be changedand the stop shall never be an option. Nobody knows where the car isgoing, nobody knows what is waiting for it at the end. All we know isthat this way has a special name. It is the American Way.
  11. 11. Alexey(Dnipropetrowsk)UKRAINE15 yearsWhen I am thinking about United States I imagine how huge America`scontribution to politics, economy, science and information technologiesis. The nation had brought a personal computer to the whole world whatcaused incredible IT revolution in the mid-1980s. United States dollar isan international currency being used in almost every financialtransaction for over fifty years now. For me, as well as for other peoplein other countries, it is very hard to imagine today`s world without theUS. Americans are the nation I truly admire.
  12. 12. Dimitry(Dnipropetrowsk)UKRAINE16 yearsWhen I think about the United States I image its symbols: its stars andstripes of the country’s flag, the American eagle on the coat of arms andthe national anthem. In addition I associate America with a famous"Uncle Sam", the Statue of Liberty in New York and the White House.And of course America is in such national sports as American footballand baseball; fast-food - burgers and hot dogs and apple pies. The USAfor me is also New Yorks Broadway, the Philadelphia Liberty Bell,Washington museums, Harvard University, Boston, Miami, sunnyresorts, a fabulous Disneyland, a bright Las Vegas and the capital ofthe world film industry and show business Los AngelesThe United States is considered as the “land of great opportunities”.Any of the fifty American states can be compared to European countriesin terms of population and the size. The territory of the US includeseverything: snow, desert, wild prairies and forests, agricultural areas,and cultural and economic center. And, of course, it is the home countryfor different nationalities.I like history very much, and the history of the US is unordinary. It is fullof exciting events, different important dates, which are connected withthe development of the whole big country. Since the founding of theyoung state (1776), the most advanced in all bright, motivated anddesperate global minds, who dreamed to break the stereotypes set intheir centuries-old powers, to try to realize the most daring ideas andconcepts in a new young country came here. Thanks to such a desire,the modern U.S. stands out from the rest of their economic, political,educational and industrial systems, proclaiming the motto «In God wetrust! »
  13. 13. Robert(Dnipropetrowsk)UKRAINE14 yearsWhen I am thinking of the USA, I remembered about wars andrevolutions.The USA’s people initiated many wars. These wars killedmany good people and their families.And also I think about the USA’s scientific achievements. They gave theworld different kinds of cars, much kinds of food (for example, cacao,tomatoes, corn, potatoes). Their scientists made news machines, founddrugs against diseases.Besides Americans are very busy people. They don’t have much timeand they buy semi-finished food. So fast food aooeared in the USA forbusy Americans. Billions of people every day eat in these restaurants.Because of this people are very fatVadim(Dnipropetrowsk)UKRAINE14 yearsAmericans are good people. They are clever, because they builtskyscrapers. These people did a lot of things such as computers,programs. When I think of the United States, I think about the computergame Diablo 3. The game is interesting and exciting. I remember theStatue of Liberty, the Pentagon, Hollywood, the company Ford andGeneral motors, McDonalds, Fanta and Coca-Cola.They have a special holiday such as Thanksgiving Day, Halloween andIndependence Day.
  14. 14. On Thanksgiving Day, they eat a turkey and all give thanks foreverything good they have. Americans celebrate Halloween in October,31. Many people make jack-o-lanterns and children wear costumes andgo trick-or-treating. On Independence Day in 4 July Americans’ peoplehave a rest. They play baseball. They have picnics.Kirill(Dnipropetrowsk)UKRAINE17 yearsFirst of all, the US for me is the country of freedom and opportunity forprosperity and success. Every citizen wants the American Dream, whichcontains these values, to come true. The names of Founding Fathersare inseparably linked with the United States Declaration ofIndependence. Other distinctive feature of the US is Mount RushmoreNational Memorial . One more idea which appears in my head is aboutNew York – the world financial centre – and, of course, Wall Street withthe New York Stock Exchange. Last but not least, the US has a greatnumber of high-tech companies, which produce computers andcomponents for them,such as Apple Inc., Google and Intel.
  15. 15. RUSSIA ---> USA_____________________________________________A very interesting and cutepuzzle-piece on this project______________________________________________
  16. 16. From: Светлана Ровенских <>To: schwartzilse <>Sent: 3:46 Moday, 5 November 2012Sub: What do we know about the USA?Hello, dear Ilse (Germany),The students participating the activities of the project are 10-11 years old.When I asked them "What do you know about the USA?" they were a bitpuzzled, but when I asked " What do you know about Walt Disney?", theycouldnt stop ennumerating their favourite cartoons and charachters.All in all, our youngest students( 6-7 years old) agreed to draw pictures oftheir favourite Disney cartoons and name them.The elder students( 10-11 years old) were happy to help them in drawing.They also made a list of their favourite Disney cartoons and we agreed to seeDisney cartoons in English after the holidays.Our project about the USA is still on.Svetlana (Russia)________________________________________________________________________Dear Svetlana (Russia),Thank you so much for the beautiful photos and drawings of your students from Russia!Of course I can not speak for Todd in the United States. But when I read your emailthis morning, my first thought was:This definitely must be answered and commented by Todd in the United States, aswell.Dear Todd (USA),what are the most important criteria (3, 5, or so) for 10-11 year U.S. American children, ifthey had to explain their home land, the United States of America, to 6-11 year old Russianchildren in South Siberia today?Believe it or not, I myself am really looking forward to your reply, too. Another question is:What do your 10-11 year old kids in the U.S. classroom know about Russia in general? (Ohyes sir, I love the present day, which allows a free exchange of ideas also between very youngU.S. and Russian kids, without the Cold War and insuperable ideological barriers, as in thetime when I was a 10-11 year old child in divided Germany at that days ;-)Happy to get your answer,Ilse (Germany)
  17. 17. Student:Miruna DumitracheClass:VIII BSchool:Scoala Nicolae IorgaTown/Country:Ploiesti - ROMANIATeacher:Mrs. Cerassela Anghel
  18. 18. The funny thing about America is that I already visit it…. In my dreams.Seriosuly,America is an amazing place I would really like to visit because when I hear„America” I think about a lot great and interesting things.America makes me think about:• Western style- I think America is distinguished by western style. I’d loveto spend a “western day” .I’d wear a plain shirt ,short jeans and longrubber boots and I would run of after cows to catch’em with a lasso. Iwould spend all my day in the garden taking care rmy harvest and myanimals but I’d also ride my beautiful horse.In the evening I would cookham and fired eggs ,even if I do not think that I would eat them…but ofcourse I would cook and I’d eat a cherry pie… and in the night I wouldsleep in the barn on bales of hay:D.Inspiration sources-I think that in America great persons lived and arestill living,persons that remain in history for their works, OprahWinfrey,Steve Jobs,Walt Disney ,Bill Gates are only some of them.These people are an example for me and I admire them because theymake me work harder to reach my dreams.MUSIC-Now all the artists from everywhere sing in English and that’s whyall the music makes me think at America.But that’s not the onlyreason.America makes me think about music because a lot of good musicis sung by Americans.My favorite singers are ChristinaAguilera,Beyonce,Fergie ,Nicole Scherzinger,Bruno Mars and manyothers but I am a great fan of Christina.I think that she teaches usdifferent lessons like trusting our own instincts,to love ourselves by hermusic. Even if I often listen younger singers I love the old and legendaryones like James Brown,Whitney Huston, Michael Jackson,ElvisPresley,Prince,Michael Bolton and many others, too because they are aare kind of parents of music.•ThoughtsaboutAmerica…
  19. 19. Great movies and great actors-There are some movies that are a part of my lifebecause they marked me somehow.”Titanic”,”A walk to remember”,”Lovestory”,”Home alone” ,”Pride and prejudice”,”Dirty Dancing”,”Ghost”,”Chocholat”and many others.I really love these movies and I want to thank the movie directorsand the actors for making golden movies.I also love the new series of movies andserials “Pirates of the Caribbean”,”Twilight Saga”,”The Lord of the rings”,”Thevampire diares”,”Pretty little liars”,”Grey’s Anatomy” etc.In America there aresome actors that I really really love for their work and I really really would liketo meet:Johnny Deep,Brad Pitt,Angelina Joilie,Kate Hudson,LeonardoDiCaprio,Eddie Murphy and others .Thank you .Americans did someexcellent animation movies too.Disney movies are part of my childhood andI think that every child in the world love legendary animations like CinderellaThe little mermaid,Snow white and the seven dwarfs,Aladdin,Bambi etc.:)• Football-everybody loves american football• Happiness,unity and craziness-In America there are some funny holidayslike Chocholate day ,Pancakes Day or some serious days likeIndependence Day and others and that makes me think that in Americathere are happy and crazy people:D [but not in a bad meaning] I also thinkthey are united because they all celebrate these days with a lot of joy andinvolvement.• Statue of libety-this statue is one thing that makes me belive that Americais a powerfull place and people from there are very united and they fightfor their country and for their freedom and I think that I would be a littlebit crazy when I visit America because I think that I would feel too free.• Hamburgers-I think America is a kind of mother for hamburgers andCoca-cola.:))• Niagara Falls-i think that American Niagara falls is a little bit of heavenand I’d like to visit it.•• “ Old McDonald had a farm, hiahiaho…” –this song is something thatabsolutely reminds me of America• Big Cities-Hollywood-the capital of the movies.-New York-I would die for a week in New York . I really love it andI wish I will visit it until I am 30 years old.(I have a list with things to dountil 30-L.A baby-The city of the angels. It is awonderful place-Texas-Ihaaa –western style:>-Florida and Hawai
  20. 20. These are only some of the great cities that remind me of Americaand I hope I will visit some of them…. It is one of my dreams:dAmerica is a wonderful place and I would really like to visit it.I wish it would becloser but I am sure that one day I will arrive on an American airport and I will sayto myself”Finally America” and I will spend some great time there and I do notknow how but I will take a little pice of America at my home in Romania ,mycountry that I really love.
  21. 21. GREECE -----> USAMelahrini PapardelisElementary School StudentsH A L K I D I K I / G R E E C E :
  22. 22. Imaginations of yery youngGreek students aboutthe USAMap of the USA
  23. 23. Student:Simona ZazuleacClass:A VII BSchool:Scoala Nicolae IorgaTown/Country:Ploiesti - ROMANIATeacher:Mrs. Cerassela Anghel
  24. 24. SPAIN -----> USAMontse Valdés studentsI.E.S. Bernaldo de QuirósMieres / Spain
  25. 25. Todds students in Massachusetts / USA were thrilled by thebeautiful images of their Spanish friends in Mieres / Spain.