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Todinova's presentation


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Todinova's presentation

  1. 1.  American people are friendly,sincere and responsible. Russian people are brave, stubbornand generous. American people and Russianpeople like to play computer games.
  2. 2. Peculiarities in Russia Peculiarities in the USA I n Russia climate is continental The Lowest winter temperature is 25degrees of Celsius below zero. Theaverage summer temperature is 20degrees of Celsius. In the USA climate issubtropical The Lowest wintertemperature is 15 degrees ofCelsius below zero. Theaverage summer temperature is30 degrees of Celsius.
  3. 3. Peculiarities inRussiaThings common isRussia & the UsaPeculiarities in theUsaRussia is the largestcountry in theworld.Russia is dividedinto 83 federalsubjects.The United States isthird largestcountry in theworld.The United States isdivided into 50states.Their territories arewashed by oceans.They compriseplains, rivers andlikes.
  4. 4.  Russian people natural food as borsch,okroshka and shchi Russian cuisine includes different dishes ofwestern and eastern cuisines American people favorite food as hot dogs,hamburgers and French fries American cuisine consists of a mix of differentcuisines such as Mexican, British and NativeAmerican cuisine
  5. 5. Peculiarities in Russia Things common is Russia &the UsaPeculiarities in the UsaThe President of the RussianFederation is Vladimir PutinRussian president is elected for6 yearsThe government of Russia isdivided up into three branches:legislative branch, executivebody and judicial body. Thelegislative branch isrepresented by the FederalAssembly. The FederalAssembly comprises twochambers the Federal Counciland the State Duma. Thejudicial body is represented bythe Supreme Court.They are democracyrepublics.The head of state ispresidentThey have threebranches of authority.The President of the USA isBarack ObamaAmerican president is electedfor 4 yearsThe USA they have threebranches of authority. Such as:Legislative Executive JudicialbranchThe Legislative branch isrepresented by the Congress ofthe USA, which consists of theSenate and the House ofRepresentatives.The Executive branch isrepresented by the president.The Judicial branch isrepresented by the SupremeCourt
  6. 6. The Russian economy is the sixthcountry in the world economyThe U.S. economy has been a leader inthe global economy for the last 100 years.The Russian economy has market systemThe USA economy has mixed system