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Scherbakova presentation


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Scherbakova presentation

  1. 1. Russia & North AmericaScherbakova Oksana
  2. 2. Social AspectDifferences inRussiaThings in common Differences in USAThe most popularsport in Russia issoccer (football).Basketball,volleyball, hockeyare very popular.The most popularsport in America isrugby.Russian childrendo not go by theschool bus toschool.American childrengo by the schoolbus to school.Russian andAmericans like totravelNot all people respectand observe lawsPeople respect andobserve laws.
  3. 3. ClimateDifferences inRussiaThings in common Differences in USAThe dominate climate iscontinental.The dominate climate is atemperate climate.We have fourseasons.The average wintertemperature is about 25-30C below zero.The average summertemperature is about 25-30C above zeroThe average wintertemperature is about 5Cbelow zero.We get a lot of snow andrain we dont have verymany sunny days.`
  4. 4. MapDifferences inRussiaThings in common Differences in USAThere are 83 subjects inthe Russian Federation.Russia and the US aredivided into some parts.States and regions.United States include 50states.There are 11 time zones. There are 6 time zones.Russia is bordered bythe Pacific and Arcticocean.US border three oceans:the Pacific, Arctic oceanand Atlantic.Varied topography:rocks, deserts, plains,lakes and seas.
  5. 5. GovernmentDifferences inRussiaThings in common Differences in USALegislative branch ispresented by the FederalAssembly: State Dumaand Federation Council.Government consists ofthree branches: judicial,executive, legislative.There are 3 levels ofgovernment:federal,state,local.Legislative branch ispresented by parliament -the U.S. Congress: theU.S. House ofRepresentatives and U.S.Senate.The head of governmentis the Chairman.The head of governmentis the president.President is elected for 6years.President is elected for 4years.
  6. 6. FoodDifferences inRussiaThings in common Differences in USAPopular Traditional dishesare smashed potatoes,borsch, meat .Fast-food such as:pizzas, hamburgers arepopular.Americans dont likesoups.Main process is boiling. Main process is frying.Russians and Americanslike Chinese and Italianfood.
  7. 7. EconomicsDifferences inRussiaThings in common Differences in USASlow growth of economy. Russia and the USAseconomy is growingsteadily.Fast growth of economy.Main products of exportare raw materials: oil,wood, metals.Main products of exportare cars,computers andfood.Imports exceed exports. Export exceed imports.Russia exports someproducts in the US andthe US exports a lot ofproducts in Russia.
  8. 8. HistoryDifferences inRussiaThings in common Differences in USARussia is about 1100years.Russia and America hasa very rich history.The US are about 200years.Participation in both worldwars.Presence of revolutions inhistorical process.