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Zvereva presentation


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Zvereva presentation

  1. 1. Prepared by: Zvereva Nadezhda
  2. 2. I want to tell you about thedifferences between Russia andUSA. Differences are thefollowing: In free time Russians like to read books andhang out with friends. In free time Americans like blogging. Russian and American students are lazy abouthomework.
  3. 3. Climate. In Russia the lowest winter temperature is 35degrees of Celsius. It’s very cold. In the USA the lowest Wintertemperature is 6-10 degrees ofCelsius. Similarity: we’ve got fourseasons: fall, winter, spring andsummer.
  4. 4. Maps. Russia is the Biggest country ofthe world. Sizes of regions arevery different. The USA is the Third largestcountry of the world. Similarity is Varied topography:rocks, seas, plains, lakes.
  5. 5. Government. The President of the Russian Federation isVladimir Putin. President of the USA is Barack Obama. Similarity is the both countriesare Democratic republics.
  6. 6. Food. Russian people prefer to eat home-madefood. It is borscht (it is red soup with meatand beetroot). American people do not eat soups. Theyprefer to eat hamburgers and other fast food. Russian and American people like to eat saladand pizza.
  7. 7. Economics. The currency in Russia is ruble. Today thedollar is very popular in Russia. The currency in the U.S. is the US dollar.Dollars are popular all over the world. Similarity between Russia and the U.S.: bothcountries had the financial and economiccrisis in September - October 2008.
  8. 8. History. In the 9th - 12th centuries the AncientRussian state was founded. The name"Russia" were taken into use in the 15 - 16thcenturies. America was discovered in the 15th centuryby Christopher Columbus. Similarity: Participation in both world wars.