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Letter from america shorina


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Letter from america shorina

  2. 2. SOCIAL ASPECTDifference of Russia Common Difference of USA•My name is Alena•I’m 19 years old•I’m a student of theKrasnoyarsk stateteacher traininguniversity•I don’t have favoritesport•My favorite subject ispsychology•My favorite food ismashed potatoes•My favorite color is red•My favorite season issummer•Our favorite type ofmusic is rap•We likedrawing, hanging outwith our friends•Her name is Madeline•She is 15 years old•She is a schoolgirl•Her favorite sport islacrosse•Her favorite subject ismath•Her favorite food ishamburgers•Her favorite color ispurple•Her favorite season isWinter
  3. 3. CLIMATEDifference ofRussiaCommon Difference of USA•I live in Krasnoyarsk•The lowest wintertemperature is 35degrees of Calciumbelow zero•The highest summertemperature is 35degrees of Calcium•The average summertemperature is 20degrees of Calcium•In summer we wearshorts and tank tops•We have hot andsunny summer• She lives in Atlanta•The highest summertemperature is 40degrees of Calcium•The lowest wintertemperature is 20degrees of Calciumbelow zero•The average summertemperature is 25degrees of Calcium
  4. 4. MAPSDifference ofRussiaCommon Difference of USA•When I hear the word"map", I think of thelay of the land,locations, and a tool tohelp us find places•I like maps, becausethey make life easierby showing us wherethings are in relationto you.•I can read maps fairlywell• I also often use a citymap to find out wherea particular address•I have never usedgoogle maps to createa map•When she thinks ofmaps she thinks ofdirections•She is not that goodat reading mapseither.• She doesnt reallyunderstand all thesymbols on a map•When she sees a mapof my country, shedoesnt usually payattention to it
  5. 5. GOVERNMENTDifference ofRussiaCommon Difference of USA•The structureincludes 21 republicsof the RussianFederation•Legislative power inthe RussianFederation isrepresented by thesupreme legislativebody of the FederalAssembly•The federalgovernment is dividedinto three independentbranches ofgovernment:legislative, executiveand judicial•The president iselected for a term offour years, and can nothold office for morethan two terms (NO)•The highest judicialbody is the SupremeCourt•The structure consistsof fifty united states•The supremelegislative body of theAmerican state - theCongress of the UnitedStates
  6. 6. FOODDifference ofRussiaCommon Difference of USA•Russian people preferto eat home-madefood: plov, borsch,salo.•Russian andAmerican people liketo eat salad, pizza.•Some people keep ondiet and count calories•American people donot eat meat, potatoesand soup•They prefer to eatbarbecues,hamburgers and otherfast food•Americans likemacaroni, cheese,lasagna and Italianfood
  7. 7. HISTORYDifference ofRussiaCommon Difference of USA•In 862 Rurik ofNovgorod and Kievunited into one stateRussia•In 1861 Russia wasreformed, theabolition of serfdom•Russia is divided intosubjects•In Russia abolishedthe death penalty•USA and Russia tookpart in the SecondWorld War•Russia and America isa multinationalcountry•USA was formed in1776 by ​​combining thethirteen Britishcolonies that declaredtheir independence•In America was notserfdom•America is dividedinto states•in America is not allstates have abolishedthe death penalty
  8. 8. ECONOMYDifference ofRussiaCommon Difference of USA•Currency of theRussian Federation isruble•Russias economy isthe sixth among theworld economy interms of GDP•By nominal GDP for2012 Russia occupies8th place•Russia has a state ofthe central bank•Currency Russia andAmerica is not only inone country•Currency of the USAis dollar•The U.S. economy isone of the mostdiverse nationaleconomies in theworld and holds theleadership in theglobal economy thelast 100 years•By nominal GDP for2012 America occupies1st place•The USA has not astate of the centralbank