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Letter to america alekseenko


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Letter to america alekseenko

  1. 1. Letter to America
  2. 2. Social aspect.Difference of Russia. Common Difference of USAMy name is Irina. I live inRussia, Krasnoyarsk. I am astudent of the KrashoyarskState Teacher trainingUniversity. My favoritelectures in University areEnglish and psihology. Myfavorite sport is a rugby, Myfavorite food is the grilledchiken.We listen to rap and hip-hop.Her name is Zariah. Shelives in Marietta,Georgia.She is a schoolgirl. Herfavorite subject is Biology.Her favorite sport is Track& Field. Her favorite food isspagetti.
  3. 3. Climate.Difference of RussiaCommonDifference of USAIn winter we wear furcoats,meetens, valenki. In summer we wear T-shirt,shorts and sandals,in fall and spring wewear the same outfit: coat,rubber shoes,coat rain. Winter is freezing cold andsnowy, summer is hot and sunny, fall is rainy and warm,spring is warm and sunnyWe have hot and sunnysummer. Spring is warm and sunny in both countriesin the summer they wear t-shirts and shorts, dressesand tunics. In the winterthey wear blouses and pants.In the spring it’s warm andsunny. Summers are hot andsunny.
  4. 4. Maps.Difference of Russia Common Difference of USARussia is the huge country inthe world. It has six federaldistricts, large area. I live inthe Siberian FederalDistrict.???The USA is not a very largecountry in the area. It isdivided into 40 states.Zariah lives in Georgia.
  5. 5. Government.Difference of Russia Common Difference of USARussia is a country with a federalsystem.There is also the Federal Assembly.The Federal Assembly is the highestrepresentative and theRussian legislature.The Federal Assemblyconsists of the State Duma and theFederation Council.Executive power is exercised by thegovernment.The system of federal bodies ofexecutive power includesfederal ministries, federal servicesand federalagencies.The head of state is the President.the state has a Constitution.Form of government is afederal republic. Thehighest legislative body is abicameral Congress: the topis the Senate, the lower isthe Chamber ofrepresentatives. Thehighest court is theSupreme Court of theUnited States.
  6. 6. Food.Difference of Russia Common Difference of USARussian people prefer to eathome-made food. We like to eatbaked potatos,borsch,salo,okroshka, pelmeni.Russian and American peoplelike to eat salad,pizza. Somepeople keep on diet andcount calories.American people prefer toeat barbecues, hamburgersand fast food. Americanslike macaroni, cheese,lasayna and Italian food.
  7. 7. History.Difference of Russia Common Difference of USAPeter the Great 1He was born on May the30th, 1672. 1 Peter died on28thofJanuary 1725. It is the lastTsar of Russia fromThe Romanov dynasty ??? noPeter was appointed by theking in1682 at age of 10 and beganto rule alonefrom 1689. Peter was thefirst among Russian king,who made the long journeyto WestEvrope.America and Russia tookpart in the Second WorldWarBenjamin FranklinName of Benjamin Franklin(1706-1790), made one of​​the most outstandingrepresentatives of humanity.He was called the "firstamong civilized Americans."Americans respectedFranklin so much, that’s whyhe was taken for hisportrayal of a 100-dollar bill.
  8. 8. Economy.Difference of Russia Common Difference of USACurrency: Russian Ruble (RUB,1991-98 rubles)Russian banks are in a two-tiersystem, the upperthe level of which is representedby the Central BankRussia, and the bottom -commercialbanks.Russia is divided into elevenmajor economic regions:North-West, North, Central,Volga-Vyatka, CentralBlack Earth, Volga, NorthCaucasus, Urals, WestSiberia, Eastern Siberia and theFar East.???Currencies U.S. Dollar (USD,code 840). The U.S. economy isthe largest economy in the world,as the PPP, and in nominal terms,[10] is not less than a quarter ofglobal GDP in 50 years.