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Kogteneva presentation

  1. 1. Executed by: student of the 12th groupKogteneva L.S.
  2. 2. Russia Things in common USAMy first name is Lyubov.I am a student of theKrasnoyarsk stateTeacher-training university. Mymajor is pedagogics andpsychology. I am afreshman. I have 4lectures aday.The same thing betweenme and Chloe is that ourfavorite color is red.Her name is Chloe. Sheis 14 years old. Shestudies five hours everynight for school. Shespends seven hoursevery day at school. Herfavorite season is winter.
  3. 3. Russia Things in common USAMy country is dividedinto different regions.We livein Siberia and in springthe sunshines. Today’stemperature is 15degrees of Celsius.Russia and Americahave got 4 seasons:winter, spring, summer,fall.Climate changes fourtimes a year here insummer, spring, fall, andwinter. The hottesttemperature everreceived in Georgia is108 degrees.Nevertheless the coldesttemperature is 12degrees below zero.
  4. 4. Russia Things in common USARussia is one of the largestcountries in the world. Thevast territory of Russia lies inthe eastern part of Europeand the northern part ofAsia. Russia is washed bytwelve seas and three oceans.The capital of the RussianFederation is Moscow, withthe population of about 10million people.In America and Russia thereare basins of the rivers andnumerous lakes. In Americaand Russia all natural zonesare presented.On continental platforms of eastpart of North and South Americabasins of the biggest rivers ofAmerica – Amazon andMississippi, and as numerouslakes are located: Great Lakes,Big Bear and others.A variety of natural resources ofAmerica is explained by the bigextent of the continent from theNorth to the south. In Americaalmost all natural zones arepresented. The flora and fauna ofAmerica is very various andchanges depending on the region.
  5. 5. Russia Things in common USAPower branches in Russiaaresubdivided into Legislature,Executive and Judicial.Federal Assembly it is theRussian parliamentcomprises 2 chambers theState Dumaand The Federal Council. -The head of executivebranchis the Russian president. Thename of the Russianpresident is Putin V.V.In the constitution theprinciple of division of theauthorities is put. Thesupreme body of executivepower is the president. Thesupreme body of legislatureis two-chamber.In the constitution of the USAthe principle of division of theauthorities by which the federalgovernment consists of thelegislative, executive and judicialauthorities operatingindependently from each other isput. The supreme body oflegislature — the two-chamberCongress of the USA: the lowerhouse — the House ofRepresentatives; the upperhouse — the Senate.
  6. 6. Russia Things in common USARussian people prefer toeat at home. We like toeat baked potatoes,cakes, meat, salo,pelmeni and differentsoups.In America and Russiathere are buffets. At anyrestaurant or buffet thefood can be ordered oncarrying out.American people do noteat potatoes and soups.They prefer to eatbarbecues, other fastfood and hamburgers.Americanslike different vegetables,lasagna and cheese. TheAmerican women in themajority arent able toprepare. For them a feat— to fry eggs.
  7. 7. Russia Things in common USASignificant events in thehistory of Russia: 1 .Formation of the OldRussian state; 2 . Serfdomcancellation; 3 . Fightagainst mongolo- tatarconquerors; 4 . Ivan theTerrible era; 5 . Era ofpalace revolutions.Russia and Americaparticipated in WorldWar II, in cold war.Significant events in thehistory of USA: 1.Colonial period (1607 —1775); 2. War forindependence (1775 —1787); 3. Formation of theAmerican state (1783 —1865); 4. Civil war (1861— 1865); 5. World War II(1939 — 1945); The USAduring cold war (1945 —1989).
  8. 8. Russia Things in common USAIn 2008 there was afinancial crisis afterwhicheconomy growth inRussia made 7%. On thesecond half of2010 experts predictedstrong economic growthat theexpense of growth ofhousehold consumption.In 2011Russia was recognizedas the leader onproduction ofoil, having bypassedthus Saudi Arabia.In Russia and Americathere is such currency asdollar. Russia andAmerica are engaged inmining.The economy of the USAis one of the mostdiversified nationaleconomies of the worldand holds leadership inworld economy the last100 years. The structureof economy of the USAdiffers a pronouncedpostindustrialnost. Themost part of theAmerican grossdomestic product (79,4%in 2004) is created inservices sector branches.