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Unknown presentation 1


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Unknown presentation 1

  1. 1. The project. Russia andAmerica.
  2. 2. Social aspects.Differences in Russia Things in common Differences in theUSARussia is a country withhigh moral values​​. Weappreciate culture and thearts.Both countries are highlyenlightened.Americans have strongcompliance with laws,pragmatism - thats whatthere is in America.
  3. 3. ClimateDifferent in Russia Things in common Different in USAThe climate in Russia isvery severe. Winters arecold. Summer is short.Fall and spring are veryrainy.As in all countries, in theNorth America andRussia there are fourseasons: winter, spring,summer and autumn.The climate in America:is characterized by highhumidity, the lack ofsnow and frost.
  4. 4. The mapsDifferences in Russia Things in common Different in USAIn Russia the movementof vehicles goes in theright lane, the streets arenarrow.In Russia and in Americathere are a lot of cars.Americans drive on theleft lane. Accidents arevery rare, street areproperly swept.
  5. 5. GovernmentDifferent in Russia Things in common Different in USAThe government ofRussia is the RussianPrime Minister, DeputyPrime Minister of Russiaand Federal Ministers.Multiparty system.The highest legislativebody is a bicameralCongress: the top - theSenate, the lower - theHouse ofRepresentatives.
  6. 6. Food.Different in Russia Things in common Different in USANational dishes arepancakes, fried potatoes,dumplings, pickledcucumbers.Fostering fast foodeating habits fromAmerica we all enjoy fastfood meal.Fast Food.
  7. 7. HistoryDifferent in Russia Things in common Different in USAThe history of Russia ismuch longer and morebloody than theAmerican one.In Russia and in Americathere were civil wars.American history isshorter. A civil war.