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E4 rabbi avikadish_freedigitallibrary_eva_minerva2013

Outline of the presentation by
Rabbi Seth (Avi) Kadish
Building a Free Digital Library from scratch
at the

EVA/Minerva Jerusalem International Conference on Digitisation of Culture,
Jerusalem, The Jerusalem Van Leer Institute, 12-13 November 2013
Presentations available at:

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E4 rabbi avikadish_freedigitallibrary_eva_minerva2013

  1. 1. Hebrew Wikisource: building a Free Digital Library from Scratch Rabbi Avi (Seth) Kadish Oranim College, Department of Jewish Thought Outline of the presentation at the 10 th EVA/Minerva Jerusalem Conference Show Hebrew Wikisource Main Page 9%D7%99 Beginnings: • Childhood: Written Torah, Oral Torah, and newspaper clippings • 2003: Wikipedia – This platform would be perfect for texts. • Especially Judaica (hypertext)! • Initial Setup. The software and support are amazing. Scope of project defined by language and free license: • Hebrew literature • World literature in Hebrew: Anton Checkov. • Related Jewish literature: Generous scope for Aramaic, Judeo-Arabic. • Yiddish Wikisource. Major Emphasis: Traditional Jewish Bookshelf • Miqra according to the Mesorah • Mishnah – Ronen Ahituv • Talmud – Be'eri Yerushalmi • Sifra and Malbim – Daniel • Ben Sira – Or Shapira Many of the above: New Editions! • Public domain (hebrewbooks . org) editions lack basic formatting. • Wikisource = amazing navigation and formatting (Arukh ha-shulchan) • Peer review: Edition guidelines • Peer review: Page ratings. • Example of critical edition based on manuscripts: Orhot Zaddikim. Wikisource and Sefaria: • Wikisource: Hebrew Language scope = Israeli Jewry • Sefaria: Bilingual Judaica scope = Diaspora Jewry