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C2 esther guggenheimmarkokneppermappingmetadata

pdf file with part A of the presentation by Esther Guggenheim and Marko Knepper: Mapping Jewish Metadata Schemata to EDM and Europeana at the:

EVA/Minerva Jerusalem International Conference on Digitisation of Culture,
Jerusalem, The Jerusalem Van Leer Institute, 12-13 November 2013
Presentations available at:

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C2 esther guggenheimmarkokneppermappingmetadata

  1. 1. Mapping metadata from Judaica collections to Europeana Metadata Scheme (EDM) Part 1 Esther Guggenheim National Library of Israel, Europeana and Metadata Coordinator Marko Knepper Frankfurt University Library, Head of IT
  2. 2. Judaica Europeana
  3. 3. Europeana Judaica Partners Alliance Israélite Universelle, Paris Jewish Museum Berlin American Jewish Distribution Committee (JDC) Archives, New York Jewish Museum, Frankfurt/Main Amitié, Centre for Research and Innovation, Bologna Ben Uri Gallery, The London Jewish Museum of Art Bibliotheca Rosenthaliana, Amsterdam Brandeis University Library British Library, London Center for Jewish History, New York Leo Baeck Institute YIVO Institute for Jewish Research Central Zionist Archives, Jerusalem Jewish Museum in Prague Jewish Museum London Jewish Museum of Greece, Athens Jewish Theological Seminary Library, New York Leopold Zunz Zentrum, Halle-Wittenberg Ministerio de Cultura, Madrid Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali, Rome National Library of Israel, Jerusalem Paris Yiddish Centre, Medem Library Centre français des musiques juives, Paris Royal Library: National Library of Denmark and Copenhagen University Library Hungarian Jewish Archives, Budapest Salomon Ludwig Steinheim Institut, Essen Institute for Jewish Policy Research, London Sephardi Museum, Toledo Jewish Historical Institute, Warsaw Universitätsbibliothek der Goethe Universität, Judaica Sammlung, Frankfurt/Main Jewish Historical Museum, Amsterdam
  4. 4. Metadata schemes partners Dublin Core EAD MARC21 METS/MODS TEI Private schemata (Open source software and/or SQL databases)
  5. 5. Aggregators Judaica Europeana (2010 – 2012) Digital Manuscripts to Europeana (DM2E) Athena Plus
  6. 6. Europeana Metadata Schemes Europeana Semantic Elements (ESE) Europeana Data Model (EDM) • • allows to use linked data URI from provider or automatic enrichment hierarchy (is part of)
  7. 7. Mapping for specific projects DM2E extensions • allow for annotations on a page level and within page to be shared Athena Plus ingestion via LIDO • delivery format for museum objects
  8. 8. Challenges • analyze source data • vast amount of EDM fields – find most appropriate for each element in source data • avoid data loss (including structure of original data) • functionality vs. appearance in Europeana
  9. 9. Thank you