Marketing Yourself Via Social Media


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Presented at the 2012 KDChi East Coast Regional Conference

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  • Eric Stoller was an academic advisor and through social media use has become a full-time consultant on utilizing social media in institutions of higher education.Peter Pereira is a staff member working with SACA in the LBJSC and someone on the conference committee had remembered a blog post Peter had posted on his blog that he liked and told the committee to pick him as a speaker. He is now having all his expenses paid for and is getting paid to speak at this conference, simply because of his blog!What both of these men have done is not hard, it’s just about using social media in the proper way to get the message out about who you are and what you are good at.
  • Marketing Yourself Via Social Media

    1. 1. Marketing yourself via social media2012 KDChi East Coast Regional Conference Estee Hernández @esteehernandez #KDChiEastSoMe
    2. 2. Learning Objectives  Mastering the do’s and don’t’s of social media  Understanding why and how social media can be valuable  Motivation to contemplate and develop one’s social media brand#KDChiEastSoMe
    3. 3. Why social media?
    4. 4. Do’s  Google yourself.  Check your Facebook privacy settings.  What information from your profile is public?  Who can see what your friends tag you in?  Create a blog.  Make it unique, and showcase your talents!  Create a LinkedIn profile.  Ask for recommendations.  Connect with businesses and recruiters.  And be nice to everyone. You never know who your future supervisor will be.#KDChiEastSoMe
    5. 5. Don’t’s  Use profanity, inappropriate images/content, etc.  Overdramatize situations.  Stay positive.  Overpost everyday activities.  e.g. Facebook games, check-ins at every place you visit, retweet celebrity tweets  Use bad grammar or overlook typos.  If your a grammar expert please show off you’re skill’s by highlighting the ampel amount of errors in this sentence.#KDChiEastSoMe
    6. 6. You have the power to choose who you want to be. Eric Stoller Pete Pereira  Full-time consultant in  Student affairs professional higher education and at Texas State who was student affairs. invited to speak at a regional conference in the Midwest.#KDChiEastSoMe
    7. 7. Final thoughts: Assess yourself. Clean it up. Create a brand. Go rock social media!#KDChiEastSoMe
    8. 8. Resources  10 ways to be "socially excellent" online  50 social networking rules for college students  How to build a professional student LinkedIn profile  Lessons in Facebook stalking  What employers are thinking when they look at your Facebook page  25 Twitter hashtags that will help you get a job#KDChiEastSoMe
    9. 9. Contact information  Estee Hernández Vice President of Alumnae Affairs @esteehernandez  Permalink to this PowerPoint: